Top 6 Cartier Men’s Watches

Having created one of the world’s first wristwatches for men back in 1904, Cartier’s men’s watches are things of legends. Of course, they’ve since excelled at creating exquisite watches for women too. And much of the Cartier line wears equally well on both male and female wrists. But, for now, let’s focus our attention on Cartier men’s watches.

Cartier Men’s Watches

1: Cartier Tank MC

No list of Cartier timepieces, for men or women, would be complete without the Cartier Tank. As its name suggests, the Tank draws design inspiration from tanks. Notably the formidable ones that rolled across Europe during World War One. While many of its features have changed since the iconic watch first hit the streets of Paris in 1919, it still has the square case that was an attention grabber right from the start.

Cartier Tank

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True, quite a few of the offerings in the Tank collection go well with both male and female wrists. But the Tank MC offers a particularly masculine vibe. The case is larger than others in the line. It offers elegant Roman numerals on a face that’s crossed by sharp sword-shaped blue hands. The MC offers an air of bold elegance and is ready for a formal affair when slipped on a black alligator strap.

2: Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat

A true stand-out in the Drive line, the Extra-Flat is a slim (as you might imagine) timepiece with a cushion-shaped case that is truly unique. We’re talking 6.6mm slim. And although it does fall into the ultra-thin category, it is weighty enough that it never feels dainty. The case shape is somewhat unconventional.

Source: Cartier

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Though it is offset by traditional Roman numerals on its face that give it a classic feel. Add in a satin-brushed sunburst dial and this is one gorgeous timepiece that dresses up well for formal outings on a blue alligator strap. Like many in the Cartier repertoire, this watch works well on female wrists. The somewhat large case, at 39mm across and 38mm high, exudes masculinity.

3: Ronde Solo de Cartier

You probably don’t need to have taken French lessons to figure out that “ronde” me and “round.” Especially after taking a look at this magnificent timepiece. While the Drive Extra-Flat is built to call attention, the Ronde works in more subtle ways. As it has for over eight decades. Designed by Louis-François Cartier himself, the Ronde is one of the most discreet watches in the line, featuring a classic 42mm steel case of 8.36mm thickness.

Source: Cartier

Continuing the classic feel, the elegant face has Roman numerals on a silvery opaline dial and sword-shaped hands that add just a pop of color in blue steel. It goes well on a steel bracelet but feels truly at home in dress mode on a fine alligator strap.

4: Santos de Cartier Chronograph

Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont famously joined forces with Cartier to co-create the brand’s first wristwatch. Their legacy continues with the Santos de Cartier Chronograph, which echoes that first watch both in form and function. First, there’s the famous square case, but here beefed up to a hefty 43.3mm x 51.4mm. It has an equally large thickness of 12.5mm for a masculine feel.


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The dial is unmistakably Cartier, with the signature Roman numerals. This one bolder and tilted to lend something of a sports watch feel. It’s fitting that this watch has Cartier’s trademark Quick Switch bracelet system. The versatile watch can go from a rubber strap to an alligator to a steel bracelet with ease.

5: Ballon Bleu de Cartier

The Ballon Bleu, or “Blue Balloon,” is immediately recognizable by its blue sapphire cabochon crown tucked into the unique case shape that feels right at home at the Palace of Versailles. Many of the Ballon Bleus with 28mm or 33mm cases lend themselves better to female wrists. But the models with 42mm diameters pair particularly well with men.

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Classic Roman numerals are almost (just almost) in contrast with the convex contours of the pebble-shaped case. This watch effortlessly floats between the two distinct worlds of the traditional and the avant-garde.  

6: Clé de Cartier

The Clé collection is unisex, running from more-delicate 31mm versions that lend themselves best to female wrists, to 40mm models that feel more masculine, with 35mm watches that land right in the middle. Cartier takes something of a departure from its opulent leanings to go with a more minimalist feel with the Clé. The face on the 35mm steel offering retains traditional looks with Roman numerals, a sunburst dial, and blue sword hands. The outer contours of the case depart from the classic perfect-circle design. Though it comes with a stainless steel bracelet, put this timepiece on a fine leather strap and it effortlessly slips into a more-formal mode.

Source: Cartier

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With a refined style that crosses continents and heritage that spans centuries, Cartier men’s watches are a top choice for luxury watches. Browse the collections, immerse in the elegance, and maybe put a small piece of that legacy on your wrist.

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