Top 5 Best Selling Men’s Watches of All Time

Men’s Watches

Did you know a watch can say a lot about your sense of fashion? If you want to make a bold style statement, then your look might be incomplete without a trendy watch. Watches are multifunctional – they act as useful gadgets as well as accessories. The watch industry has grown tremendously over the years due to its dedicated customers. There is a variety of watches available from luxury to sports to daily wear when it comes to best selling men’s watches.

Picking out a watch that fits your personality can be difficult but it a process worth going through! You’ll find a range of prizes to choose from. Watches are timeless and can upgrade your appearance instantly. One watch can fit with almost every look. Hence, let that antique watch stay a part of your wardrobe.

Here are a few types that are making waves among men:

Top 5 Best Selling Men's Watches of All Time infographic

1: Tag Heuer Kirium F1

Tag Heuer has a history of selling the most distinguished luxury timepieces that can be used in this era.

front view of Tag Heuer Kirium F1 watch

Started in 1997, they replaced the mid 4000 series. The Kirium F1 is made from stainless less steel and has a soft leather band underneath. It is great for social events, sports, business meetings, and other occasions.

Its numerous features include a perpetual calendar, sapphire crystal covering, striking backlighting and analog as well as digital displays. It has been worn by celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Colin Ferrell. Kirium has water resistance, an inbuilt alarm, and accuracy of 1/100th of a second.

2: Rolex President

Also known as the Rolex Day-Date line, it is among the company’s most iconic and sought-after models.

front view of Rolex Day-Date President gold watch

The name ‘President’ was coined when General Eisenhower wore the watch in 1953. It includes a range of finishes. The watch has transformed with the passage of time since it has historical significance. Gleaming gold is a reflection of ultimate luxury. Stainless steel is more subtle and sleek.

The Rolex President is a symbol of sophistication and success. It is also available in 18-karat gold or platinum. This one is a classic embodiment of class and status. The President model even features days of the week, the date and has a self-winding mechanism. The glass is scratch proof and made of glistening sapphire crystal. Plus it is light on the wrist, highly comfortable and exudes modern grace.

3: Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso

The Jaeger LeCoulture Reverso takes its inspiration from the art deco movement. The sport of Polo has also influenced this line of watches.

front view of Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso all-white watch

The Reverso model has developed with time. It has mainly characterized by geometric shapes and simplistic design. It is manufactured in stainless steel or even platinum. The Reverso is an epitome of luxury and drop-dead elegance.

Reverso has sold successfully for years and continues to impress its buyers. The watch is particularly famous for its streamlined look. Jaeger LeCoultre even collaborated with Christian Louboutin to produce a unique avant-garde version of these watches.

4: Alpina X

Launched by Alpina, this is surely the collection of the season.

front view of Alpina X watch

The features include a barometer, temperature gauge, ultraviolet sensor, connected GPS and a compass. Powered by quintuple sensor technology, the Alpina X is a combination of beauty and practicality at its very best.

This particular model has gained a tremendous amount of popularity within a very short span of time. Available in orange, blue and black, it is most definitely an innovative piece of technology.

It even has a smart sleep alarm to record, monitor and analyze your sleep cycle.

5: Cartier Santos de Cartier

A legendary timepiece with bold aesthetics, the Cartier Santos de Cartier has gained a lot of fame.

front view of Cartier Santos De Cartier Ref.  W2SA0007 watch

With actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal endorsing the model, the watch stays true to its design philosophy. Besides that, it’s most definitely one of a kind and is perfect for those who love to take fashion-risks. Santos combines vintage with modernity. From its introduction in 1904, the Santos model has come a long way. The watch was named after Alberto Santos Dumont, a Brazilian aviator.

It serves as a true symbol of masculinity and a fearless attitude. Released in 2018, the latest style takes you back to the groovy 1970s. Its features include screw-accented bracelet, flat-style crown, attached outer bezel and sword style hands.

Which of these five best selling men’s watches do you like best?

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