Tools You Should Have for Your Watch Repair Kit

Ever want to fix your own watch, but you don’t have the right tools? Lets go over what you may need in order to have your very own watch repair kit.

One thing many watch enthusiasts experience is “tumbling down the rabbit hole” of timepiece obsession. What we mean is that a significant amount of people keep getting deeper and deeper into watch culture, and they end up become absolutely enamored with the inner workings of their watches.

One result of such a tumble is people wanting to repair their own timepieces, which can be an incredibly fun endeavor. If this practice interests you, you’re going to want to own some or all of the following tools for your own watch repair kit.

Multiple Tweezer Sizes

Another tool you need is tweezers, which let you grab hold of tiny parts for extraction and repair. This is another area in which you’ll likely want multiple sizes, as there is a diverse range of components, each with their own handling needs.


Crystal Remover

One way into a watch is through removing its crystal. Additionally, many watch repair enthusiasts like to remove their crystals to give them a polish. Either way, your best bet is using a tool to do so.

Crystal Polisher

You probably will want your watch to look brand new throughout its lifetime. While the parts inside will inevitably break down, your crystal doesn’t have to. Instead, give it a polish every once in a while, with a specialized tool, and it will look as good as new.

Miniature Screwdrivers

Just about every timepiece out there is held together by screws. Of course, manufacturers use a range of sizes for different models. What you’ll need is multiple miniature screwdrivers, which will allow you to unscrew a watch no matter what its size is.

Hand Installation Instruments

Part of watch repair is taking the hands in and out of the casing. You might do this for a variety of reasons, including repair, need for polish, or a full-on part replacement. No matter what, handling such a delicate object on your own is not in your best interest. Instead, get a hand installation tool to do the job for you.


One thing that mechanical watches often need is their handsprings winded. While you may be able to do this task by hand, you will be much more effective with a tool. The reason is that instruments allow for better grip and superior torque, which come in handy when working with such small objects.

Metal Polisher

The other aspect of aesthetics is the metal of your case and possibly your strap. Over time, it will start to lose its shine, especially if you expose it to rough conditions. You can reverse this trend through metal polishing products and tools.

Rolex GMT Master II

Oil and Oiling Instruments

When it comes to timepiece function, friction is the enemy. That’s why you should invest in some oil and oil applying instruments in your watch repair kit. Just like with a car, you need things to be slick for the machinery to work correctly. Regularly oiling a few key parts will do just that.

Band Pins and Pin Removers

Lastly, we have band pins and pin removers. One of the best things about watches is that you can substitute your strap with another one at any time. In the process, you change the entire look and feel of it. Though doing so is not difficult, it does require a few specialized tools.

Case Openers

Though your screwdrivers will help a lot in opening a watch, you’ll likely need some additional assistance. No watch repair kit is complete without a case opener. The reason is that timepieces are built incredibly well, some even to the point where they function hundreds of meters underwater. Taking apart that kind of resiliency takes much more than just a screwdriver and your bare hands.

Watch tools

Alternative for Watch Repair Kit: A Watch Repair Specialist

Many watch enthusiasts think that getting a repair kit and maintaining their timepieces by themselves will be a pleasurable experience. While the majority of them are correct, others find that this goal is simply too much work. If the latter describes you, don’t think that taking your watch to a repair specialist is a loss. Instead, realize that this endeavor wasn’t for you and let a professional use the tools for you!

Repairing your own watches comes with a variety of benefits. In our opinion, the most rewarding of them is how intimate you can get with your piece of machinery. Instead of only gazing at the outside of the watch, you get to understand and have a hand in the maintenance of the inner workings. While it may take a while to become proficient at watch repair, there is a good chance that you’ll fall in love with the process.

As far as making a purchase, your best bet is to buy a full set that has most or all of the tools you want in it. Purchasing them individually is likely not in your best interest due to expense and convenience. Once you get that perfect set, though, you can split your favorite timepiece open and see what’s on the inside.

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