Taking Care of Your Timeless Luxury Watches

Undeniably, luxury watches are beautiful. Especially timeless luxury watches.  Of course timeless luxury watches can add value to the outfit and charm in the personality. Some also associate personal memories and deep sentiments with watches. However, the thing is, watches demand to ‘handle them with care’ because of their fragility. This item is designed to last longer and can be passed to future generations if taken care of.

It’s given; anything of worth will not work well or last long if it’s maltreated. It requires maintenance and care. Enjoy your watch and wear it with confidence but that doesn’t mean to exploit them. Here are some of the tips that can make your watch last longer than you can fathom.

1: Always keep your watch clean

Cleaning your watch doesn’t at all means drenching it in soap and water and rubbing with the sponge.

Omega Speedmaster, Tag Heuer Monaco

Use a microfiber polishing cloth instead, and minimal water won’t do harm if the crown is fully secured. To keep your timeless luxury watch in its best shape, avoid getting the leather strap wet. Water is an enemy of leather straps, so instead of water, use leather oils or waterproofing products to maintain a shining leather strap. To add to it, who would like to wear dirty watches? Dirty watches don’t look good plus the probability of debris going inside the watch is high.

2: Warranty comes with a purpose

Whether it’s Rolex or Omega – use your watch’s warranty effectively. If you feel that the watch needs to go for repair, then send your watch to the warranty repair immediately. The more you prolong, the worse it will get. Whenever the watch needs some nurturing, send it to the company right away before the end of the warranty period.

3: Buy a box to store this item

It’s playing safe to keep your priceless items in a box. Whenever it’s not in use, try to keep the watch in a box. Without the box, the chances of getting the watch scratched are high so it’s way better to invest some and buy a watch box and always keep it inside it when you take it off. The watch box renders protection for the watch. To add to it, the chances of the watch dropping on the floor will be reduced since it’s safe.

4: Don’t experiment

Rolex Submariner

If you think the watch needs to be opened and cleaned, always take it to the watchmaker or someone experienced who will do it carefully. Dust and dirt can work its way through the watch which can prove to be risky.

5: Don’t throw away manuals

Make it a habit to go through or read the manual. It’s beneficial for the user. The manual is given for the reason. It is not placed in the box without reason so just skim through and get the idea of how the particular watch works. In this way, you will not screw up and use the watch as it should be.

6: Magnets are the foes

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Clumsily or carelessly, one tends to keep watches besides magnets. Remember this; keeping watches besides magnets may adversely affect the timekeeping capability of a watch so be mindful of this and avoid magnets when wearing a watch.

7: Perfumes and petroleum products are not watch-friendly

It’s better to keep your watches at arm’s length from perfumes and petroleum products. If spilled over or sprayed, the seal, strap or the case will experience heavy damage.

8: Avoid high temperatures

Talking about automatic watches, they have jewels which have oil inside them which can dry out if exposed to high temperatures for long.

9: Be careful with the glass

Regardless of the manufacture filling you in false hope about the scratch-free glass, be careful and mindful of the glass. Unintentionally, you might cause scratches on the glass by placing it upside down on a hard surface or while involved in physical work.

10: Check the water resistance

Not all watches share the degree of water resistance, and it is thoughtful to check it out. Some of the watches are designed to be water resistant while others aren’t. However, with water-resistant watches, you have to check it sporadically and renew it. It’s not a permanent condition. After all, it’s a mechanical object. Gaskets and seals must be replaced from time to time in order to maintain the resistance of water.

Timeless Luxury Watches Bonus: Service Frequently

Just like any other gadgets, watches need service too. Get your watches serviced after every few years by a reputable and known specialist. If you play it safe and keep your watch in a box and avoid its foes, then the watch needs not to be serviced that regularly. To add on it, finding an experienced watchmaker is like finding a good tailor who will not destroy your clothes. So invest some of your energy and get it serviced often.

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