Tactical Watches: Best Watches for Hiking in 2019

Adventure and travel have become a favorite pastime among the majority of people nowadays who prefer outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing or trekking. A widespread passion among the youth is hiking, guaranteeing a refreshment of the mind and soul by staying in nature’s arms. However, one may come across several problems while going for a hike. For this purpose, it’s necessary to equip oneself with the best possible devices ensuring a reliable and sound trip. The most crucial of these? Reliable tactical watches!

Wristwatches not only add to personality and style but selecting the best watch can safeguard your hiking experience. A durable and rigid watch including various features is preferable that also complies to your budget.

A lot of hikers face a dilemma while selecting tactical watches that would have all such qualities in it.

What to Look for in Tactical Watches:

Advancements in technology have induced multiple features in a watch to ease hiking trips. Tactical watches that are adequate for hiking purposes must have the following features:

tactical watches

GPS:This is the most reliable location-detecting software. Watches now have a built-in GPS system in them so that hikers can have proper access to their location and maps of their whereabouts without getting deviated from the set route.CompassCompass needles show the directions of North, South, East, and West; thus indicating the right way to your destination.Other Features: The basic features in all good quality watches include a stopwatch, date and time, timer, LED light and a power indicator. Of course you want one that’s durable too! It’s got to be strong enough to make it through adventures.

Meters to Remember About Tactical Watches:

Altimeter: Wearing a wristwatch that has an altimeter can help learn about the altitude relative from the sea level. This is best for mountain trekkers who can have an idea of their height from this tool by coordinating with the GPS present in this watch.Thermometer: A thermometer lets the person know the accurate temperature readings of the region they are passing through and notifies them in case of sudden weather changes.Barometer: A watch having a barometer indicates atmospheric pressure. It is convenient for the hiker because areas at greater height have low air pressure. This estimated air pressure gives an indication if the weather will be pleasant or if it rains or snows.

1: Garmin Fenix 3

Garmin Fenix 3

This Garmin Fenix 3 watch is equipped with all kinds of latest technologies. The silicone wristband and its modern outline enhance grace in the user; thus, one can wear it anywhere without any hesitation. The watch includes an accurate GPS tracker for finding routes and locations so that you may reach your destination safely. The GPS system can import and save data on your phone as well. This watch is waterproof and is made of robust material that can sustain all situations.

These tactical watches comprises of an altimeter, barometer, and thermometer coordinating to provide all details of the surrounding height, pressure, and temperature. An additional feature is that it also measures your heart rate activity which is crucial during strenuous exercise like hiking. It keeps an account of your sleep activity and the steps you’ve taken as well. In addition, it features a high-resolution Chroma display that enables you to read the watch screen even in bright sunlight.

2: Suunto Traverse

Suunto Traverse

The Suunto Traverse hiking watch is a light watch that can be carried anywhere for indoor or outdoor uses. It includes all time-related tools- stopwatch, timer, date and time and even an alarm clock to monitor your sleep routines in relevance to the temperature of your surroundings. It features an altimeter and a barometer in it as well that can be operated manually or automatically depending on your preference.

The GPS system linked with these tactical watches is beneficial in identifying locations by giving you the right coordinates for your destination. It also features a heart rate monitor, a steps counter and a calorie burner. One main feature in this watch is its high-powered flashlight. This may prove highly useful while traveling in the dark or at night. The Suunto Travers gives weather or storm updates so that you may find shelter in time.

3: Casio Pro Trek PRW-2500T

Casio Pro Trek PRW-2500T

This Casio Pro Trek hiking watch has its own set of features, marking it as a great facilitator for hikers. It is a solar digital watch having a titanium band in silver and black colors. It has a digital compass thus making it more accessible to the hiker for finding the direction of his way. This watch can withstand harsh cold or hot weathers and is greatly water-resistant up to 200m. A barometer, thermometer, and altimeter provide all the necessary information about changes in the surrounding.

The Casio Pro Trek watch has a solar rechargeable battery having a long battery life of 5 months, so you never need to worry about the battery dying out. This feature is responsible for the high market demand of this watch. It also features a stopwatch, timer, alarms, and hourly time signals. Also, the watch includes a moon data and a tide graph. However, a drawback of these tactical watches is that it does not have a GPS in it.

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