Sustainable Watches: 4 Great Options

It’s the year 2020 and sustainability is cool. Citizens of the world became more aware of the impacts of it. The environment is changing the way in which they shop and purchase watches. Even though most brands are aware of this, few luxury watch brands currently offer sustainable watches that are worth mentioning.

There are some sustainable watches on the market that are nothing short of incredible. Today, we’ll be filling you in with four sustainable watch options across various price points that look good, work well, and do their bit for the environment.

Sustainable Watches

1: Alpine Eagle Collection by Chopard

Chopard is one of the most sustainable luxury watch brands in existence and is a driving force that encourages other brands to follow in its footsteps—or rather carbon footprints. The brand has been using 100% fair mined gold in its watches exclusively since 2018 and invests in local Latin American mines.

Chopard Alpine Eagle

In addition to its usage of ethical gold, the Alpine Eagle collection also supports environmental efforts by raising awareness for the bird of prey it draws its name from. The model we’re focusing on today is the 298600-3002.

The 298600-3002’s Rhodium-plated dial is inspired by the iris of an eagle’s eye and the watch sports a masculine look & feel. It’s water-resistant up to 100 meters and features a stainless steel bracelet, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal & a polished finish.

2: Mike Horn Special Edition Submersible by Panerai

Panerai has stepped aboard the green train in its limited-edition Mike Horn Special Edition Submersible watch. The watch was made in collaboration with South African-born Swiss adventurer, Mike Horn. It’s worthy of going on his worldly adventures with him.

Panerai Mike Horn
Photo from Panerai official

The case, crown, bezel, and caseback of the Mike Horn Special Edition have all been made from revolutionary EcoTitanium. The strap is made from recycled PET and the watch is resistant up to 300 meters.

The perfect finishing touch to this watch is the engraved caseback with features like Mike Horn’s signature, as well as a beautifully simplistic depiction of underwater sea life picturing a whale, jellyfish, a turtle, and a shoal of tuna.

3: Iconic Edition by Baume

Baume is an eco-aware brand that focuses on the millennial market. It is the latest addition to the Richemont luxury goods group which owns brands such as Audemars-Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, and IWC Schaffhausen.

Baume Iconic Edition
Source: Baume

The brand itself is ethical and sustainable as are all of the products it produces. The watch we’ll be focusing on today is the brand’s first watch in its collection of sustainable watches: the Iconic Edition.

This watch is constructed with 100% recycled polyethylene and recycled & recyclable aluminum. It is water-resistant up to 30 meters. The plastic used to make the watch comes from our oceans. Wow, just wow.

4: Paul by Kerbholz

As far as eco-friendly watches go, you’ll struggle to find one as friendly as the Paul, brought to you by the German accessory company Kerbholz. This watch boasts not only a stunning design but a 100% vegan rating too. The sandalwood timber used to construct this bad boy comes from sustainable forestry efforts. Powered by a Japanese Miyota quartz movement, the clasp and crown are constructed from recycled stainless steel.

Paul by Kerbholz
Source: Kerbholz

Every aspect of this watch is eco-friendly from its climate-neutral shipping policy down to the fact that 10% of every purchase is donated to environmental initiatives such as the bienenretter project and the Plant for The Planet foundation.

Brands That Do Their Bit

Just because luxury brands don’t produce eco-friendly watches doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their small part. There are a number of brands that support environmental initiatives including the following big names:


Sustainable Watches Final Thoughts

As you can see, you have some incredibly sustainable watches to pick from. Not only do these eco-friendly watches look beautiful and have impressive specs sheets but they are gentle on our planet. Any one of them is worthy of claiming its spot on your wrist.

We must admit that it’s somewhat surprising that in today’s environmentally conscious climate so few luxury watch brands are coming to the eco-party.

By this time, next year we sincerely hope to see a significant increase in the number of luxury eco-friendly watches available.

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