Have you been looking for sports watches that are stylish, sophisticated and designed with sporty people in mind? But don’t want to break the bank trying to get your hands on one?

Then look no further than the many Adidas watches that have been designed with the modern-day sportsman and woman in mind. Remember that these watches aren’t luxury Swiss sports watches nor are they often spotted on the wrists of sports celebrities. Rather, these sports watches are stylish, sporty and accessible to almost everyone. Let’s take a look at them.

A Bit About the Brand


Adidas AG, formerly known as the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, was founded back in July of 1924 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, by Adolf Dassler and his brother Rudolph. In 1949 the two brothers had a falling out and Rudolph left the company, starting Puma almost immediately after leaving.

As soon as Rudolph had left the company in 1949, Adolf—whose childhood nickname was Adi—renamed the company by combining the first three letters of his nickname with the first three letters of his surname. Today, Adidas is the world’s second largest sportswear manufacturer after Nike. Puma is the third largest.


Released way back in 2017, the Adidas ARCHIVE_M1 is a nod to the 70s style and its retro-like design pays homage to the dawning of the digital era. Its features include a built-in calendar, a light, dual time and a stopwatch. Its case is constructed from stainless steel and hardened mineral crystal while its strap is a 5-link 24mm stainless steel bracelet.


It is water resistant up to 50 meters and comes in an assortment of colors. Take your pick from the stainless steel and black color option as pictured below, a black & rose gold option or a black on black option.


Another 2017 release, the Adidas DISTRICT_M1 takes a Bauhaus-inspired design approach to classic yet modern sports watches. It has a round silhouette and oozes elegance. It has a three-hand movement that displays seconds, minutes and hours.


Crafted from stainless steel and hardened mineral crystal, the DISTRICT_M1’s case was designed to last. It has a Milanese 20mm stainless steel bracelet for a strap. It’s water resistant up to 50 meters and is available in:

  • The gorgeous gold color option as shown above
  • A suave silver with navy gray color
  • A beautiful color combo of black & copper


The latest version of the massively successful DISTRICT line of Adidas watches is the _LX2. It was released in celebration of the M1’s success and enduring style. Only 250 have ever been made, making this one of the most exclusive Adidas watches on the market. It has all the same features as its muse, the M1, with the addition of a date indicator.

Adidas DISTRICT_LX2This watch has a stainless steel case, a Japanese quartz movement and a leather strap produced by the Horween tannery. The back of each case is engraved with the production run number. It’s available in the simple yet striking silver, black and tan color palette as pictured below as well as in a brown, olive green & rose gold option.


The focus of the Adidas PROCESS_L1 is clearly on wearability, comfort, stylishness and sensibility. It has a Japanese quartz movement and hands to display hours, minutes & seconds. It consists of a 20mm genuine leather watch strap, a stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal and a feeling of laid-back luxury.


It’s water resistant up to 100 meters – making this one of the top sports watches on the market. In terms of colors, it’s available in the collegiate navy, dark brown and silver color option as pictured below as well as the following color options:

  • Gun metal, stone and bone option
  • Blue, dark brown and gold
  • Black and gold
  • Rose gold, collegiate navy and black


Similar in design and principle to the L1 mentioned above, the Adidas PROCESS_M1 is one of the most popular Adidas watches. They’re also one of the top sports watches too. The M1 is inspired by simple yet sophisticated designs that can be worn everyday—for all activities.


It consists of a Japanese quartz movement and has hands for seconds, minutes & hours. Its case is stainless steel with hardened mineral crustal while its strap is made from a 6-link 20mm stainless steel bracelet. It’s available in navy blue and silver, rose gold, black & white as well as the black & copper color combo pictured below.

Final Thoughts

If one thing is for certain it’s that Adidas watches sure are stylish. While they aren’t designed with luxury and elegance in mind by any stretch of the imagination, these sports watches look good and are practical.

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