Top 10 Spinnaker Watches to Add to Your Collection

There are certain watch companies that focus their efforts on making specific types of timepieces. For instance, the Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer is especially famous for its extensive arsenal of racing watches, while brands like Grand Seiko are better known for its catalogue of exquisite dress watches

Considering the elite status of dive watches, most watch brands have at least one collection dedicated to them. There are, however, also certain watchmakers that dedicate themselves entirely to crafting excellent dive pieces. One such example is the microbrand Spinnaker Watches. Spinnaker Watches offers a wide variety of different, stylish dive piece designs. In this article, we have narrowed it down to the top ten Spinnaker watches that you should definitely check out if you are looking for a nice dive model to add to your collection. 

Read on to find out more about the best Spinnaker watches available and what they have to offer. 

About Spinnaker Watches

Because of its name, there is a common misconception that Spinnaker Watches is a Swiss watch brand. In fact, Spinnaker Watches is actually a watchmaker based in Hong Kong. 

The timepieces from this company employ reliable yet affordable movements made by Japanese brands Miyota and Seiko. As a result, Spinnaker watches are relatively inexpensive compared to other dive watches like the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Seamaster, which come at a pretty penny. Spinnaker is also known for implementing creative, ocean-inspired designs, in keeping with its focus on dive watches. 

List of 10 Spinnaker Watches to Add to Your Collection

Spinnaker currently has a total of 94 products under its belt, which are categorised into 12 different collections. Each collection offers timepieces with certain distinct characteristics, from the design of the watch to the mechanism it runs on. However, one thing you can be sure of is that all Spinnaker watches embody the brand’s mission of merging excellence and beauty into an accessible timepiece that watch lovers can afford. 

If we were to go through all the watches in Spinnaker’s catalogue, we would be here all day. As such, we have instead narrowed own the list to the ten best Spinnaker watches available. Each of these Spinnaker watches show off robust builds and versatile designs, allowing them to double as both excellent dive pieces and wonderful watches for everyday use. With all that said, here are the ten Spinnaker watches you should definitely consider for your collection. 

1. Hull Chronograph Lapis (SP-5068-03)

Spinnaker Watches: SP-5068-03
Photo by Spinnaker Watches

The Hull Chronograph Lapis SP-5068-03 banks on its impeccable engineering, as a built that is both effortlessly stylish and built to last. This watch comes in a 42mm stainless steel case which measures 15mm in thickness, making it quite a chunky piece. This is coupled with a supple black leather strap and a handy fixed tachymeter bezel, which wearers can use to calculate their current speed. 

This watch shows off a textured sandwich dial with a lovely blue finish. It is adorned with luminous hour indices, thick sword hands, and a big date window placed unusually at 12 o’clock. Another intriguing thing about this timepiece is that it comes with a chronograph display, something which is not frequently seen in dive watches. Towards the centre of the dial, you can find three sub-dials for the 60-seconds, 60-minutes, and 24-hour counters. This dial is also protected by a layer of mineral crystal. 

Driving this watch is a Japanese VK73 TMI Meca-Quartz movement. It offers an impressive battery life of up to three years.

The Hull Chronograph Lapis SP-5068-03 is available for $235 USD.

2. Hull Chronograph Fumee Black (SP-5068-01)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

The Hull Chronograph Fumee Black SP-5068-01 is another mechanically-excellent watch. It shows off a design that is very similar to that of the Hull Chronograph Lapis, albeit with a different colourway and vibe. 

This Spinnaker watch is presented in a 42mm squircle case, which is made of scratch-resistant stainless steel. It is accompanied by a handsome, hand-stitched brown leather strap, which gives the watch a more casual and laid back vibe, making it perfect for everyday use. Despite its robust stainless steel composition, this watch weighs just 90 grams, so it wears quite lightly on the wrist. 

The dial of this watch also comes in blue. It boasts a fumee degraded finish that makes it look more aged and vintage, which goes incredibly well with the watch’s elegant brown strap. This dial consists of geometric hour indices, broad sword hands, a date display, and three chronograph counters. The hands and indices of this watch are all coated in beige-coloured Super-LumiNova, which allows for optimal legibility even in poor lighting conditions. 

Like the Hull Chronograph Lapis, this watch runs on a Japanese VK73 TMI Meca-Quartz Calibre. It also possesses a solid 100-metre depth rating, all thanks to the watch’s screwed-down stainless steel caseback. 

The Hull Chronograph Lapis is priced at $235 USD.

3. Bradner Pacific Blue (SP-5062-22)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

For a more professional dive watch option, check out the Bradner Pacific Blue SP-5062-22. The Bradner product line was inspired by the American physicist, Hugh Bradner. Aside from working on the Manhattan Project with Robert Oppenheimer, Bradner is also famous for developing the first neoprene wetsuit. Bradner’s legacy is evident with the Spinnaker Bradner timepieces, all of which come with vintage compression diver stylings. This particular watch also showcases a sleek, refined aesthetic that can effortlessly elevate your officewear.

The Bradner Pacific Blue sports a 42mm round case made of stainless steel, along with a fashionable beads of rice bracelet that is made from the same material. On the right side of the watch, you can find two stout crowns. These crowns allow wearers to quickly adjust the watch’s time and internal bezel respectively.  

Enclosed inside the watch is a striking three-dimensional dial, which shows off a textured blue finish that evokes the choppy ocean waves. It comprises thick watch hands, rectangular and square hour indices, and a date aperture at 3 o’clock. The hands and indices are applied with green lume for better legibility in the dark. Near the rim of the dial, you can find a minute track in bronze, which stands out sharply against the rest of the blue dial. Finally, on the very edge of the dial is a handy dive bezel with large Arabic numeral markers in ten-minute intervals. 

This watch is powered by Seiko’s prized NH35 TMI Automatic Movement. This self-winding Japanese calibre is held together by 24 jewels and offers a standard 41-hour power supply. It also has a water resistance capacity of 180 metres, making the Bradner Pacific Blue a stunning and reliable dive watch. 

The Bradner Pacific Blue costs around $370 USD, making it one of the priciest Spinnaker watches. 

4. Bradner Tidal Blue (SP-5062-05)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

The Bradner Tidal Blue SP-5062-05 is quite similar to the Bradner Pacific Blue in terms of specifications, but differs slightly in design. Hailed as the coolest watch to buy for spring holidays, the Bradner Tidal Blue showcases a cool, breezy style that makes it easy to see why this is one of Spinnaker Watches’ best-sellers. 

This timepiece utilises a 42mm round case and a warm leather strap in light brown, which gives the watch a very easygoing feel. This watch also has a three-dimension dial, which boasts a rich blue sunray finish that simply exudes modern chicness. It is decorated with large hands and hour indices covered in beige lume, along with a date complication at 3 o’clock, a black minute track, and an internal, bidirectional dive bezel. All of these functions are powered by Seiko’s popular NH35 movement, which gives the watch a power supply of 41 hours and a depth rating of 180 metres. 

This Tidal Blue timepiece is on sale for $285 USD.

5. Hull California Cobalt Blue (SP-5071-02)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

Spinnaker also caters to those California-lovin’ people with its spectacular Hull California Cobalt Blue SP-5071-02. This analog watch is housed in a robust 42mm cushion-shaped case made of stainless steel, coupled with a black leather strap. 

This watch’s silver-tone case contrasts cleanly against its dial. This dial shows off a rough blue texture that evokes the image of turbulent ocean waves, which is in keeping with the watch’s status as a dive piece. It also has a fun California layout, with a mix of Arabic and Roman numeral hour markers and rectangular indices. Aside from that, this watch also consists of large sword hands and a rectangular date complication at 3 o’clock. 

Inside this Spinnaker watch, you can find a Seiko NH35 TMI Automatic movement. It offers a depth rating of 100 metres and can last for up to 41 hours when fully wound. 

This ruggedly handsome dive watch retails at $250 USD. 

6. Croft Automatic Stealth Gray (SP-5058-07)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

If you love bold, all-black watches, then you are sure to enjoy the Croft Automatic Stealth Gray SP-5058-07. This watch is encased in a 43mm stainless steel case and a matching black leather strap. The case of this watch is coated in black PVD, which helps to bolster is resistance against scratches, enhancing the durability of this timepiece. Affixed to the top of the watch case is a thick black bezel, which large white indicators for its count-up scale. 

The dial of the Croft Automatic Stealth Gray is made using ionic grey plating, blending in well the rest of the watch. It is furnished with geometric hour indices, broad sword hands, a circular magnified date display at 3 o’clock , and a small seconds sub-dial under it. The hands and indices are treated with yellow Super-LumiNova, which improves visibility in low-light conditions. A layer of luxurious sapphire crystal guards this dial from any external damage. 

A Japanese Miyota 8218 Calibre operates this Spinnaker watch. It provides a 42-hour power supply and a respectable accuracy rate of +/-11.5 seconds a day. This watch also weighs 100 grams in total, making it slightly heavier compared to the other Spinnaker watches. 

The Croft Automatic Stealth Gray sells at $285 USD.

7. Fleuss Oxblood Red (SP-5055-07)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

The Spinnaker Fleuss collection is the watch range through which the brand pays homage to the golden age of dive pieces. In particular, the work of Henry Fleuss inspired the Spinnaker Fleus line. Fleuss is known for inventing the first Scuba dive apparatus in 1878, taking many early dive missions to develop a greater understanding of deep-sea discovery mechanics. Spinnaker Fleuss watches show off sturdy builds and utilise long-established watchmaking techniques to create a dive watch you can always rely on underwater. 

In this entry, we are looking at the stylish Fleuss Oxblood Red SP-5055-07. This Spinnaker watch uses a 43mm stainless steel case and a smooth leather strap in black. Fitted on top of he watch case is a black unidirectional bezel, with beige indicators for its elapsed time scale. The dial, on the other hand, cuts a distinguished path with its wine-red sunray finish. This metallic-looking dial contains large Arabic numeral markers, rectangular hour indices, broad sword hands, and a date window at 3 o’clock. 

Underneath this handsome watch face is a Seiko NH35 TMI Automatic movement. It boasts a power reserve that can last for up to 41 hours, as well as a solid depth rating of 150 metres. You can admire this movement at work through the watch’s see-through caseback. 

Watch lovers can purchase the Fleuss Oxblood Red for $305 USD

8. Dumas Nightfall Black (SP-5081-11)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

The Dumas Nightfall Black SP-5081-11 is a great watch option for those who love rugged watches. As one of the most expensive offerings in Spinnaker’s catalogue, the Dumas Nightfall Black banks on its bold and distinctive octagon case. With a 44mm diameter and its thick hooded lugs, this is one of the bulkiest Spinnaker watches available, and provides a solid presence on your wrist. 

The watch’s all-silver exterior is completed by a fancy stainless steel Milanese bracelet. Pressed on top of the watch case is an elapsed time scale bezel made out of steel and aluminium. This black bezel goes well with the watch’s matching, stark black dial. The dial is ornamented with large white hour indices, thick sword hands, and a date aperture at 3 o’clock. Vibrant orange accents are also peppered all around the watch face and used to outline the watch’s hour hand. These bright orange highlights help add a bit more variation and fun to this watch’s dial. 

Driving this watch is a Japanese NH35 TMI Automatic movement, which can last for up to 41 hours when fully wound. In addition, the Dumas Nightfall Black also has a depth rating of 300 metres – the highest amongst all Spinnaker watches. If you want a classy and durable dive watch, then the Dumas Nightfall Black is an excellent choice. 

The Dumas Nightfall Black has an estimated price tag of $400 USD. 

9. Cahill Admiral Blue (SP-5075-22)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

The executive-looking Cahill Admiral BLue SP-5075-22 hails from the brand’s Cahill Midsize Automatic series. As its name implies, this watch comes in a standard 40mm size case made of robust stainless steel, along with a H-link bracelet made of the same material. Affixed to the watch case is a unidirectional bezel, which bears an aluminium elapsed time scale insert. 

The dial of this watch showcases a deep blue textured finish, which is reminiscent of the deep, dark ocean waters. It is furnished with bold geometric hour markers, refined Mercedes hands, and a compact date complication at 3 o’clock. The seconds hand of this watch also comes in a bright orange hue, adding a touch of quirky vibrancy to this watch face. All of this watch’s functions run on a Miyota 8215 automatic movement. It possesses a power reserve of 40 hours and an accuracy rate of +40/-20 seconds per day.

You can buy the Cahill Admiral Blue for $350 USD.

10. Croft Sand Black (SP-5058-05)

Photo by Spinnaker Watches

Finally, we have the Croft Sand Black SP-5058-05. One of the best-selling Spinnaker watches, this timepiece commemorates U.S. Navy Diving Instructor Robert Croft, who is famous for being the first person to free dive to a depth of 200 feet. 

This Spinnaker piece is presented in a 43mm stainless steel case and a smart brown leather strap. On top of the watch case is a stylish elapsed time scale bezel that comes in a deep, red hue. This 120-click bezel is made of scratch-resistant aluminium, which gives it a shiny, metallic look. It also encloses a layer of sapphire crystal, which helps guard the watch’s face. This watch crystal has been treated with anti-reflective coatings, giving wearers a clear and unhindered view of the dial.  

The dial of the watch, meanwhile, shows off a deep grey finish. It is decorated with luminous geometric hour markers, massive sword hands, a magnified date window, and a small seconds sub-dial. Driving all of these functions is a Japanese Miyota 8218 automatic movement, which provides a 42-hour power supply. 

This handsome Spinnaker watch is priced at $320 USD. 

Final Thoughts 

Over decades, Spinnaker Watches has produced an extensive series of versatile dive watches. Showcasing reliable automatic movements, these dive pieces draw inspiration from the nautical and yachting lifestyles, staying completely true to the brand’s goal of developing ocean-themed watches. Elegant on the outside and efficient on the inside, these Spinnaker dive watches are the perfect package. 

And while many dive watches sell at very exorbitant prices, you will find that Spinnaker Watches is one of the brands that proves that quality can be accessible too. The dive pieces from this watchmaker are all priced very affordably. As a result, Spinnaker watches make for some of the best entry-level dive pieces in the market. 

All photos used in the article are courtesy of Spinnaker Watches.Some watches never go out of style. Check out how Omega Speedmaster Reduced has made speedy timers more affordable to watch collectors here.

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