Trend and fashion contribute to a major aspect of one’s life. Following the latest styles and trends, everyone wants to fit into that fashion circle. Women particularly show a great deal of interest in accessories. Majority of these accessories include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. fmichaeHowever, the accessory which will prove to be your best friend in the long term will always be watches. Lets talk about smartwatches for women.

Watches are highly functional items that can be accessorized with your outfit according to your taste. Whether you’re going for a formal party or to the office, a good watch can turn heads. However, keeping in mind the fast-paced technological advancements, it is advisable to choose a smartwatch.

Apple watch

Such smartwatches are greatly operational with all the surprising built-in features to make your routine easier. Light colors that adjust to the feminine sense of fashion are also available in these watches.

1: Apple Watch Series 4

This watch is one of the best smartwatches for women on the go. It shows different customizations and the overall finishing of the watch is really perfected. This watch comes in two sizes for 40mm and 44mm with a wide range of six colors to choose from. The Apple watch works for all iPhone users by connecting to your smartphone device. This will enable you to have full-time access to your emails, calls, messages through Siri because the watch has built-in microphones and speakers.

Apple Watch Series 4

Users can also hear their favorite songs from this watch. Apart from this, the Apple Watch Series 4 will always keep you aware of your health. It has a built-in ECG for monitoring heart rate by a fitness tracker. The Breathe App will help keep you refreshed and relaxed by guiding you through a series of deep breaths and easy exercises. Other features include a GPS system for tracking and location and Bluetooth connectivity. This watch suits all working women because it will assist you in your hectic routine, along with adding style and grace.

2: Fitbit Versa

If you’re looking for elegance in a watch, then this Fitbit Versa definitely the smartwatch to spring for. It comes in exciting colors such as Rose, Lavender, Silver, and Charcoal.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa is an alternative watch for the Apple Watch Series 4 but is specially designed for Android users. The framework of the watch is light and small, facilitating the wearer for daily uses. The watch has a health tracking device installed by default which can be accessed by all women. It keeps you aware of your fitness, steps taken, heart rate, menstrual cycle and sleep patterns at all times. Pairing the watch with your phone will increase the feasibility of your watch by accessing to the song’s playlist. It also serves up messages and notifications when synced with your smartphone. The Fitbit Versa is greatly water resistant and has a long-lasting battery life of a minimum of 4 days adjusting to its touchscreen system.

3: Michael Kors Smart Watch

Michael Kors watches are one of our favorite picks of smartwatches. This renowned fashion brand produces smartwatches in the greatest variety of eight stunning colors including turquoise, silver, metallic blue, jet black, gold, and brown.

Michael Kors Smartwatch

The watch is extremely fashionable to wear informal dinners or parties and enhances the personality of the wearer. It comes in size of 41mm and has a touchscreen which is one of the reasons it has become a common choice among females. The straps of the watch can be customized as leather, silicone or stainless steel depending on your preference. The Michael Kors Smartwatch accommodates a lot of interesting features like a GPS tracker and can be accessed to your Android phone for receiving alerts and calls on the watch. It also has fitness controls with a heart tracking device to keep you updated regarding your well-being. It is waterproof and powered by Google.

4: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung devices have always been minimalist in their designing yet incorporating tons of usable features. The most commonly purchased watch is in their rose gold color which gives a girlish and graceful appearance. The Samsung watch has a sleek and stylish casing. This watch can link to the iOS and Android on your smartphone and keeps you up-to-date with Google Assistant. In addition, it also features Bluetooth connectivity for connecting music or songs to the watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

This watch has an excellent battery life of 2 days with wireless charging making it easier to carry around with you. Other than that, it also has an activity tracker, a GPS system, and is water resistant containing a Gorilla glass cover making it resistant to damages.

Smartwatches for Women Conclusion

Buying a good smartwatch can last with you for 5 years at the minimum. So, don’t invest in purchasing the wrong watch, because it all comes down to your choice.

Hence, choosing a smartwatch is a great decision because of the high-priced rates, but it always comes in handy to select the watch having multiple features adapting to your daily routine. A uniquely functional watch packed with grace and style will be a treat to wear for all the ladies out there. Accessorizing your smartwatch with some monochrome bands will give you the perfect chic look, and you’re ready to go!

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