Get to Know the Robust Sinn U50

Despite being a rather underrated brand, the watchmaker Sinn certainly has what it takes to impress everyone with its versatile timepieces. Established in 1961 by pilot and entrepreneur Helmut Sinn, this German watch company has consistently produced an array of trustworthy, robust tool watches. For instance, the durable pilot chronograph Sinn 365 from the brand’s Instrument Chronographs lineup has long been a favorite of many watch enthusiasts. 

In this article, however, instead of taking to the skies, we will be delving deep into the ocean depths with one of Sinn’s most interesting dive watch offerings: the Sinn Diving Watches Ref. 1050.030-Solid-2LSS. Commonly referred to as the Sinn U50, this German dive watch packs a ton of features in a very compact, rugged form. Housed under Sinn’s Diving Watches collection, the Sinn U50 is the quintessential dependable dive watch designed perfectly for the modern-day man. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at the Sinn U50 and everything it has to offer.

For now, let’s take a look at the awesome features that the Sinn U50 has to offer.

First Impressions

Full View of Sinn U50
Image by: Sinn

Right off the bat, the Sinn U50 has a very robust look that simply screams masculine ruggedness. The watch’s dapper exterior and steel-grey makeup give it a very distinctive look that sets it apart from other, more common silver-tone watches. 

You can also immediately tell that the Sinn U50 is a dive watch, thanks to its highly legible dial layout and its distinguishing elapsed time scale bezel. However, thanks to its sleek poise, the Sinn U50 can also easily be used as a dress watch. Indeed, given its versatility in both form and function, the Sinn U50 is a suitable timepiece for just about any occasion, be it water-based fun activities, formal events, or everyday use

A Closer Look at the Sinn U50

Case and Caseback

Front View of Sinn U50

A handsome dive watch that is constructed with an exceptionally robust build, the Sinn U50 is encased in a 41mm German Submarine Steel case. Unlike ordinary stainless steel cases, German Submarine Steel is more durable and highly indestructible. It also comes with a deep grey hue, giving the watch a seriousness and gravitas that sets it apart from the usual silver-tone stainless steel timepieces. 

The Sinn U50 is fairly slim, coming in at just 11.2mm thick, so you can easily and unobtrusively slip this watch under the cuff of your shirt. This is quite unique for dive watches since they tend to be quite hefty and bulky in size. Most watch enthusiasts will probably recognize that the Sinn U50 is a smaller version of the Sinn U1, which shows off a very similar design but is slightly bigger, with a 44mm diameter case size. As such, the Sinn U50 will fit quite well on small-to-average-sized wrists. 

On top of its hardy German Submarine Steel build, the Sinn U50 is also coated with the brand’s in-house Tegiment technology. This Tegiment treatment bolsters the case hardness of the Sinn U50, further improving its already-impressive resistance to scratches and impacts. As such, you can expect added durability and toughness from the Sinn U50, courtesy of Sinn’s impressive innovations. 

The Sinn U50 also has a smooth matte coating, which is truly a delightful treat to the eyes. Its muted luster pairs well with the dull gray sheen of the German Submarine Steel metal, adding to the watch’s masculine style. Flipping the watch over, you will see the same uniform matte finish on the watch’s caseback. Aside from that, this caseback also displays a stamped engraving of the U50 name. 


Equipped on top of the watch case is a 60-click unidirectional rotating bezel. Like the case, the bezel is also crafted using German Submarine Steel and reinforced with the same in-house Tegiment material, making it extremely strong and resilient. 

This bezel is also patterned with markers in black, white, and vivid red for the elapsed time scale. These colored markers contrast sharply against the silver-grey dial so they can be seen more easily. The white inverted triangle at 12 o’clock is also filled with lume, which helps keep the watch face illuminated in the dark. 


Crown of Sinn U50

One feature that is sometimes seen on dive watches is the placement of the crown at the 4 o’clock position. Typically, on most timepieces, crowns are placed at 3 o’clock, perpendicular to the watch case. This can be uncomfortable for wearers, as the crown can end up digging into the skin of the wearer’s wrist. Placing the crown at 4 o’clock puts it at an angle against the wrist. This prevents it from pressing into your wrist so that you will have a more comfortable watch experience. 

The Sinn U50 adopts exactly this design in order to maximize user comfort, with its long screw-down crown being placed neatly at 4 o’clock. This crown is very wide, with smooth ridges that provide you with a better grip, so you can turn and wind the watch more easily. Crafted using German Submarine Steel, this crown is covered in a matte finish and bears a neat, embossed image of Sinn’s emblem on top. 


Dial of Sinn U50
Image by: Sinn

The dial of the Sinn U50 is a highly aesthetic component that boosts the watch’s entire look. It follows a very simple and straightforward layout that prioritizes legibility. This is very important for dive watches like the U50 since it ensures that the dial will be easy to read at all times, even when you are in the midst of an underwater dive. 

This matte black dial houses large, printed white hour indices, white minute markers, and a compact date aperture at 3 o’clock. It is also furnished with a pair of thick hour and minute syringe hands, along with a slimmer seconds hand that has a square-shaped tip. The hands of the watch all come in bright two-tone colors of red and white. They stand out clearly against the black backdrop of the dial, and the vibrant red hues in particular help add a pop of eye-catching color to the watch face. 

Aside from its sizable indices, the dial also has a clear, luminous display that allows for optimal legibility, even in poor lighting conditions. The hour indices and hands are all generously coated in Super-LumiNova, which is the preferred brand of lume for most watchmakers. It provides steady and long-lasting luminescence, so you do not have to worry about it losing its effectiveness even after years. A layer of sapphire crystal is also used to protect the dial, safeguarding it from any scratches or hard knocks. 


Bracelet of Sinn U50

The Sinn U50 is accompanied by an H-link bracelet made from stainless steel. The matte finish of the bracelet blends perfectly with that of the case and caseback, giving the whole watch a very smooth and clean look. The bracelet is locked using a safety deployment clasp, which keeps the bracelet firmly wrapped around your wrist. As the most secure type of watch clasp, it ensures that the bracelet will not simply come loose and slip off your wrist.

Water Resistance

An ultra-reliable dive watch, the Sinn U50 possesses an outstanding water resistance of up to 300 meters. It is also ISO-certified, which means it has undergone extensive testing throughout its manufacturing process, guaranteeing that it can survive harsh underwater depths. Both its caseback and crown are tightly screwed down, preventing any entry of water into the timepiece. Truly a meticulously crafted dive watch, you can bring the Sinn U50 with you on all your water-based conquests, be it swimming or deep-sea diving. 


The Sinn U50 is powered by an automatic Swiss Sellita Caliber SW300-1. This movement is relatively slim in size, measuring just 3.6mm thin, and is the main reason why the Sinn U50’s watch case is also quite slender. Held together by 25 jewels, the Sellita Caliber SW300-1 has a beat frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). It also has a standard power reserve of 42 hours. 


It’s safe to say that the Sinn U50 has what everyone is looking for in a dive watch. Aside from possessing a stunning, rugged appearance, this watch is also built with robust, heavy-duty construction and possesses excellent water resistance capabilities. 

Despite how it exceeds people’s expectations for a dive watch, the Sinn U50 is actually priced quite reasonably. You can purchase this watch for around $3,079 USD, which is still relatively budget-friendly compared to the other luxury dive watches on the market.

Alternatives to the Sinn U50

Below is a list of dive watches that we recommend as alternatives for the Sinn U50. These timepieces are all from trustworthy watch companies and are meticulously crafted, boasting reliable dive watch qualities. They are also offered at different price points, so you can select the piece that best fits your budget.

1. Tudor Black Bay Ref. 70150-0001 

Front View of Tudor Black Bay Ref. 70150-0001

For a more luxurious alternative to the Sinn U50, take a look at the Tudor Black Bay Ref. 70150-0001. Known as a subsidiary company of Rolex, the Swiss brand Tudor is famous for offering Rolex-quality watches at much more affordable prices. In particular, the brand is recognized for its iconic Black Bay collection, from which the Tudor Black Bay Ref. 70150-0001 hails. 

This Tudor watch utilizes a 42mm stainless steel case. Despite the average size of the watch case, this timepiece wears quite large on the wrist, thanks to its thick watch lugs and 55.7mm lug-to-lug measurement. As such, this watch might be a little uncomfortable for those with smaller wrists. However, if you have an average-to-large-sized wrist, or if you simply love wearing oversized watches, then this is just the right piece for you. 

This watch also comes with a hybrid strap. This is quite a rare type of strap that you do not see much. It is made from an interesting combination of leather material lining the top of the strap, and rubber material underneath its lining. The hybrid strap is stylish, efficient, and most importantly, waterproof. Thus, it is a great choice for a dive watch like the Tudor Black Bay Ref. 70150-0001. 

The dial of this watch shows off a matte black finish, which stands out in sharp relief against the polished silver case. This dial has a classic Black Bay layout, comprising luminous geometric indices, Tudor’s iconic snowflake hands, and a small date window at 3 o’clock. Driving all of these features is an in-house Tudor Caliber MT5612. Aside from offering a 200-meter depth rating, this movement also has a stellar 70-hour power supply.

The Tudor Black Bay Ref. 70150-0001 retails at $4,100 USD.

2. Seiko Prospex Ref. SLA021J1

Front View of Seiko Prospex Ref. SLA021J1

The Japanese watch brand Seiko is known for having some of the best dive watches in the industry. Its Seiko Prospex collection offers an entire buffet of dive watches with outstanding features and diverse designs, giving you a massive variety of amazing timepieces to choose from. An excellent alternative to the Sinn U50, the Seiko Prospex Ref. SLA021J1 sports a 44.3mm stainless steel case, coupled with a three-link bracelet made from the same material. 

Affixed to the top of the watch case is a smooth black elapsed time scale, with large white indicators for improved visibility. This bezel is wonderfully complemented by the watch’s black dial. This dial contains oversized geometric indices, thick sword hands, and a rectangular date display at 3 o’clock. The indices and hands are coated with Seiko’s patented LumiBrite pigment, which keeps the watch face illuminated in poor lighting conditions.

This Seiko Prospex watch runs on an in-house Seiko Caliber 8L35. Containing 26 jewels, this movement has a beat frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). It can last for up to 50 hours when fully wound, which gives it a slight advantage over the Sinn U50. In addition, like the Sinn U50, this watch also has a depth rating of 300 meters. 

The Seiko Prospex Ref. SLA021J1 costs approximately $2,399 USD. 

3. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Ref. WBD1110.BA0928

Front View of TAG Heuer Aquaracer Ref. WBD1110.BA0928

TAG Heuer is best known for producing racing watches under its popular Carrera lineup. Over the years, however, the Swiss brand has cultivated an impressive series of dive watches with its Aquaracer collection, which provides high-quality dive pieces at entry-level prices. 

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Ref. WBD1110.BA0928 is presented in a 41mm stainless steel case and a matching three-link stainless steel bracelet. On top of the case, you can find a thick stainless steel bezel. Aside from bearing bold black indicators for its elapsed time scale, this bezel also features six claw-like structures, which gives the watch a more unique, distinctive look. Like the aforementioned models, this watch also shows off a jet-black dial. It is ornamented with luminous silver-tone indices, bold arrow hands, and a date complication at 3 o’clock. 

As opposed to the other dive watches in this article, all of which are automatic timepieces, this TAG Heuer model is powered by a quartz movement. This gives it an excellent battery life of about 24 months. As with the Sinn U50, this watch is also water-resistant up to depths of 300 meters. 

In spite of its sleek, professional appearance, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Ref. WBD1110.BA0928 is the most affordable option on this list. It is priced at just $1,700 USD. 

Final Thoughts

The Sinn U50 certainly surpasses the requirements of what makes a great dive watch. Aside from its good-looking appearance, Sinn’s usage of robust German Submarine Steel is what truly makes this watch worth the purchase. Adding to that, the watch is a lovely, versatile timepiece that can be worn in just about any event and situation. The Sinn U50 is not only simply a tool to be used in swimming or diving, but it is also an accessory that adds more character to its wearer.

All images courtesy of WatchShopping website, unless otherwise stated.

Photo Credits: Sinn. Featured image courtesy of Sinn.

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