Watch Guide: Common Q&As About Seiko Watches

There are a lot of questions on Seiko watches as a brand. And why not, seeing as they mix simplicity, class, performance, and a perfect price into all of their products. So now, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most obscure questions that you can ask.

“Practical solutions and reliability through simplicity” is a comment that we found, and it totally sums up all the timepieces made by Seiko. The brand always makes watches that’ll tell the time for a really long while. Nothing more, nothing less. While this sounds good, it always depends on what the wearer prefers.

Seiko Presage watches

If you’re someone who loves beautiful watches that can rival the best timepieces made by Patek Philippe, a healthy amount of watch enthusiasts would say it doesn’t have that appeal. Now, what the others, on the other hand, have to say is the real gist. They say Seiko watches represent simplicity at its finest.

Despite not being as famous as the likes of Rolex or Audemars, Seiko watches are at the least, very well-known for making budget-friendly timepieces that can rival those from more popular brand. If not in looks as we said, then in terms of functionality.

How are Seiko Solar watches?

Solar powered watches are a way to skip the entire issue of changing the batteries occasionally. Here, the solar watch charges by absorbing light and we mean any kind of light (not sunlight alone). This essentially means that the watch is constantly charging, and when it’s full, it has overcharge prevention measures in place to protect your sweet investment. A result of this that we must mention is that solar watches keep the time extremely well.

It’s unlike a mechanical watch that needs frequent winding to properly operate. So yes, we can say that Seiko solar watches can be an excellent option. Technological advancements both around and by Seiko makes it possible to build a watch that’ll never run out of juice. Provided that you put it near a source of light occasionally.

Which Seiko watches are fit for divers?

Seiko Prospex

When it comes to Seiko watches that we would recommend to sports lovers (diving or otherwise), all of the Seiko Prospex watches should be in your line of sight. You’ll find watches with resistivity ranging from 150M to 600M (you only have to choose). Amongst which you’ll see features like depth and dive time calculation, and even an alarm for creating dive sessions.

To all of this, one tidbit is that the Prospex line makes use of titanium cases. It’s more than strong enough to resist water pressure and is also corrosion-resistant

What does Seiko mean in Japanese?

Seiko means a lot of things despite its seemingly plain looks. It can mean three things in our book: exquisite, minute and success. The first and the last meaning are self-explanatory, but there’s a pun in the second. Minute can mean small too, and we like to apply this to the company’s entire approach to their entire lineup. They make literally everything by themselves and that includes even growing something as minute as their quartz crystals (pun intended).

Seiko Astron

“Did you know that Seiko released the first-ever Japanese wristwatch? It was called the Laurel.”

What is the difference between Seiko kinetic and automatic. And which one is better?

Knowing how an automatic watch works is going to make things easy, so here’s a quick brief. Automatic watches convert the kinetic energy you make when you move and then uses all of that energy to wind the mainspring in the watch. This is what keeps the watch running until it stops from the lack of you moving around.

Now when it concerns Seiko kinetic watches (Kinetic Perpetual for example), all that kinetic energy is put into a battery. Because of this, Seiko kinetic watches, in terms of pure functionality, are better since they keep the time better and can be considered an upgrade over automatic watches. If you’re choosing just one, we think you should go for the Seiko kinetic watches.

Seiko quartz watch

What’s the difference between Grand Seiko watches and Seiko watches?

A stark difference between both of them is the price. Let’s put it this way. When it concerns the price of the Grand Seiko (GS), expect prices above a grand. But when it concerns Seiko watches, you’ll find plenty of watches under $1,000.

As with the price, the toughness and sophistication increase too. As a result of that, there’s a hike in the quality of materials used in constructing Grand Seiko when compared to Seiko watches.

What about the Seiko Premier watch?

Seiko Premier is purely a dress watch. Down to the sleek looks and even the features/functions expected from a watch that has to catch public appeal. The line involves watches that carry Seiko’s personal touch in terms of fashion appeal. So, when you say “Where?”—we advise you to choose any of the watches under Seiko Premier if you’re appearing in any formal occasion any time soon. That includes work and dinners. As a matter of fact, here’s an idea. Seiko Premier watches are perfect even as a birthday gift for anyone you know who’s graduating soon. They can wear it to the graduation and you don’t even need to break the bank for a watch that’ll work indefinitely.

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