Seiko Street Fighter Watches: A Sentimental Treat for Fans

For many video game and arcade game enthusiasts, watch collectibles made in honor of their favorite games are some of the best forms of memorabilia. Most of the time, these items serve as a token of sentiment for gamers and also give wearers a tinge of nostalgia for the time that has passed.

Seiko, a leading watch manufacturer, has collaborated with Capcom, the popular Japanese distributor of several popular video and arcade games, to introduce a lineup of six watch collectibles from the famous video game, Street Fighter V. The Seiko Street Fighter V watches serve as a gift for all the fans who have a deep affection towards the iconic fighting game and also for collectors intrigued by such watch memorabilia

Seiko Street Fighter V Collection

Released in 2020, the Seiko Street Fighter V collection consists of six watches that pay homage to six of the most-loved characters from the Capcom video game, Street Fighter V. Each of the six Seiko Street Fighter watches corresponds to the respective personalities, attributes, and colors of the referenced characters. This is an exclusive, limited-edition lineup, with only 9,999 pieces available per model. 

The Seiko Street Fighter V watch series is housed under the Seiko 5 Sports collection. The Seiko 5 Sports is a massive lineup of very affordable timepieces with modern designs, catering to people of all ages. In fact, the Seiko 5 Sports range is also home to the limited-edition Seiko Naruto and Boruto watch series from the hit manga and anime show, Naruto. 

The Seiko Street Fighter V Watches

1. Seiko 5 Sports RYU – Unshakable Fist (Ref. SRPF19K1)

Front View of Seiko 5 Sports Ryu Unshakable Fist Ref. SRPF19K1

First up, we have the Seiko 5 Sports Ryu, which embodies Ryu, a fan-favorite character who is considered one of the best fighters in the Street Fighter video game. With its red, white, and black themes, this watch is entirely designed according to the distinct color scheme of Ryu. 

This watch comes in a 42.5mm stainless steel case and a white nylon-leather strap that is patterned to look like Ryu’s white karate gi. Fixed on top of the case is a two-toned red and black unidirectional rotating bezel, which introduces a spray of color to this watch. This bezel bears an unusual pattern of scratches and cuts, which symbolize the wounds that have been inflicted upon Ryu during his struggles and his journey as he trains to become a better fighter. The watch’s silver case and white strap go well with its clean white dial, which also showcases a cloth-like texture that is quite particular to Ryu’s white attire. 

This dial is furnished with rectangular hour indices, thick lume-covered hands, a day-date display at 3 o’clock, and a set of four Kanji characters at 9 o’clock. These four stylized Kanji characters, which can be found printed on both of Ryu’s red gloves, translate to wind, forest, fire, and mountain. Combined, they make up the concept of “Furinkazan”, which conveys the concept of “as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain”. This is a reference to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and a representation of Ryu’s impressive skills. 

This watch is powered by Seiko’s in-house Caliber 4R36. Held together by 24 jewels, this automatic movement has a solid power reserve of 41 hours. The serial number of this limited edition watch can also be found engraved onto its caseback. 

A robust watch that truly epitomizes a strong fighter, the Seiko 5 Sports Ryu can be yours for around $469 USD. 

2. Seiko 5 Sports KEN – Rush ‘n’ Blaze (Ref. SRPF20K1)

Front View of Seiko 5 Sports Ken Rush 'n' Blaze Ref. SRPF20K1

Next up, we have the Seiko 5 Sports Ken. With its striking combination of red, black, and gold, this watch is a homage to Ken Masters, showcasing a completely different motif compared to his longtime best friend and rival, Ryu. Ken Masters is the total opposite of Ryu in terms of personality and this can be seen through the rugged, aggressive Seiko 5 Sports Ken. 

This Seiko Street Fighter watch is presented in a 42.5mm black-tone stainless steel case and a vibrant red nylon and leather strap with contrasting black stitching. The underside of this strap is made of black leather material with a golden print of Ken’s company’s logo, the Masters Foundation. This stylish feature enhances the visual quality of the watch as a whole, while also paying tribute to Ken’s character beyond his status as a fighter. 

Fitted on top of the watch’s case is a gorgeous unidirectional bezel with luxurious gold-rimmed sides, much like Ken’s beautiful, lustrous blonde hair. This bezel bears a black insert, with stark red indicators that stand out clearly for the elapsed time scale. A layer of Hardlex crystal, which is an identifying feature of most Seiko watches, also helps shelter the dial from any scratches and impacts. 

In opposition to the Seiko 5 Sports Ryu, the dial of this watch shows off a matte black finish. It is elegantly decorated with sizeable geometric hour indices in red, mimicking the patterns that can be found on Ken’s red-and-black fighting attire. This dial also contains lovely gold skeletal hands and a handy day-date window at 3 o’clock. 

Through the watch’s see-through caseback, you can admire its in-house Seiko Caliber 4R36. This automatic movement possesses a depth rating of 100 meters and can last for up to 41 hours when fully charged.

If you want to feel the presence of a fierce and suave timepiece, you can buy the Seiko 5 Sports Ken for $449 USD.

3. Seiko 5 Sports CHUN-LI – Blue Jade (Ref. SRPF17K1)

Front View of Seiko 5 Sports Chun-Li Blue Jade Ref. SRPF17K1

Chun-Li, the first-ever female character introduced in the whole Street Fighter series, shows what it means to be an empowered woman: bold, brave, and beautiful. The elegance and poise of Street Fighter’s main female protagonist are manifested through the alluring Seiko 5 Sports Chun-Li. Through its stylish blue and gold motifs, this watch mimics Chun-Li’s iconic blue Chinese dress. 

This Seiko Street Fighter watch is housed in a 42.5mm stainless steel watch, coupled with a posh blue calf leather strap with white stitching. The underside of the strap is decorated with the enchanting sight of a hovering dragon, an aesthetic which can also be seen on Chun-Li’s white belt. The case is also affixed to a blue bezel with stylised Roman numeral markers in gold that simply ooze luxury and glamor. Like other Seiko Street Fighter models, this watch’s face is protected by a Hardlex crystal, which is as strong as Chun-Li’s ability to defend herself from her enemies

The dial of this watch boasts a royal blue hue with a gorgeous sunray finish. It is adorned with jewel-like dot indices, luminous arrow and syringe hands, and a day-date aperture outlined in silver at 3 o’clock. At 12 o’clock, you can find an exquisite gold emblem that recreates the pattern of Chun-Li’s collar. The 6 and 9 o’clock markers are also replaced with sharply beveled triangle markers in silver, which reference the large spiked bracelets that Chun-Li wears while fighting. 

Inside this Seiko Street Fighter piece, you can find the brand’s Seiko Caliber 4R36. This self-winding movement beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3Hz) and possesses a 41-hour power supply. 

The Seiko 5 Sports Chun-Li is priced at $379 USD. 

4. Seiko 5 Sports GUILE – Indestructible Fortress (Ref. SRPF21K1)

Front View of Seiko 5 Sports Guile Indestructible Fortress Ref. SRPF21K1

Cool, patriotic and loyal, Guile, a Major in the US Air Force, is one of the eight original characters released in the first Street Fighter game. What better way to give tribute to such a fearless man than to create a watch solely in honor of him? Hence, we have the sporty Seiko 5 Sports Guile, which looks extraordinarily like a military watch

This Seiko Street Fighter piece utilizes a 42.5mm black-tone stainless steel case and a solid brown calf leather strap with contrasting white stitching. On top of the dial is an olive green unidirectional bezel with indicators in neat white and red typefaces for the countdown scale. 

The military camouflage of Guile’s attire is especially illustrated through this watch’s dial. Arranged on its camouflage-patterned dial are luminous white Arabic numeral markers, skeletal silver hands, and a day-date complication at 6 o’clock. The golden patch that Guile wears on his uniform is located at 6 o’clock, while the military dog tag that he wears in honor of his late best friend in the Air Force, Charlie Nash, can be found at 9 o’clock. 

Underneath this stoic watch face, you can find the brand’s in-house Caliber 4R36. Beating at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3Hz), this automatic movement possesses a 41-hour power supply and a depth rating of 100 meters. 

Thanks to its earthy tones, the Seiko 5 Sport Guile is probably the most versatile timepiece in the Seiko Street Fighter collection and can be paired with virtually any outfit. It sells at just $369 USD. 

5. Seiko 5 Sports ZANGIEF – Iron Cyclone (Ref. SRPF24K1)

Front View of Seiko 5 Sports Zangief Iron Cyclone Ref. SRPF24K1

The Seiko 5 Sports Zangief is based on Street Fighter’s Zangief, a professional wrestler with a massive, brawny build that is terrifying to his fellow fighters and enemies. This watch is encased in a 42.5mm stainless steel case in matte yellow, coupled with a red and yellow nylon strap. The great thing about this nylon bracelet is that it shows off a design that is almost identical to the red and gold wristbands wrapped around the wrestler’s wrists. With this watch, you will be able to possess an image just like Zangief himself. 

The glossy red paint of the watch’s dial and its circular pattern is reminiscent of Zangief’s special attack move, “Cyclone Lariat”, which invokes a cyclone. This dial is ornamented with black Arabic numeral markers and rectangular indices that are accented with gold, along with black arrow and syringe hands. A day-date window can be found at 3 o’clock, with a magnifier lens above it for greater legibility. Fixed on top of the case is a layer of hardlex crystal and a gold-toned unidirectional bezel. This bezel is inspired by Zangief’s studded gold belt, which makes the watch appear sturdier and more durable.

This watch is driven by an in-house Caliber 4R36. This automatic movement beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour and is held together by 24 jewels. The watch itself also has a reliable depth rating of 100 meters, which makes it a great choice for watersports activities. 

The Seiko Sports 5 Zangief costs approximately $359 USD. 

6. Seiko 5 Sports BLANKA – Call Of The Wild (Ref. SRPF23K1)

Front View of Seiko 5 Sports Blanka Call Of The Wild Ref. SRPF23K1

From the jungles of Brazil, Blanka is the mean and green feral man who has powerful electric abilities that can stun any fighter down. With his thick orange locks and green skin, Blanka is a truly distinctive character, and those eye-catching traits are passed down to the Seiko 5 Sports Blanka too. Indeed, the vibrant colors of the watch are as electrifying as Blanka’s electric powers

This watch is presented in a 42.5mm gray-tone case with a vibrant green and red nylon strap. The case is also affixed to a gray unidirectional bezel. This bezel bears a green insert that has been painted with yellow strikes of lightning. This design is an allusion to one of Blanka’s special attacks, “Electric Thunder”, which he uses to create a massive volt of electricity that can zap any enemies who come close to him. 

The dial of this watch also comes in a flamboyant, bright green hue. It showcases a spiral pattern that references the rolling attacks of Blanka as he charges toward his enemies. This dial also comprises silver and yellow hands and a day-date window outlined in silver at 3 o’clock. Along the rim of the dial, you can find sharp triangular hour indices that mimic the razor-sharp teeth of the ferocious fighter. 

Underneath this vivid watch face, you can find the brand’s in-house Caliber 4R37. This automatic movement possesses a 100-meter water resistance capacity and can last up to 41 hours when fully wound.

If you are into a watch that has electrifying features and an ostentatious design, the Seiko 5 Sports Blanka retails at $369 USD.

Final Thoughts

The Seiko Street Fighter V watches paves the way for lovers and enthusiasts of watches, video games, and arcade games to relive the precious memories of their beloved interests. For Seiko Street Fighter watches in particular, the relatively affordable prices of the watches pose a great element of added opportunity for their fans and gamers worldwide to invest in such noteworthy watch collectibles. Considering their inexpensive prices, the Seiko Street Fighter watches are no doubt a great investment and a nice addition to any fan’s watch collection. 

All images courtesy of WatchShopping website, unless otherwise stated.

Featured image courtesy of Seiko Watches.

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