Seiko SNK809: All About The Best Starter Watch

In the watchmaking world, there are certain essential know-hows you want to be aware of if you are at the start of your journey as a collector or an enthusiast. For example, one important detail you need to know is which timepieces are accepted or highly regarded by those in the watch community. While looking through hundreds and thousands of models might seem like an impossible task, starting off by doing research on beginner’s watches will serve as the foundation you need for everything else. With that being said, a handful of the most popular and wide-acclaimed starter timepieces are actually from the Japanese brand Seiko, which is why, today, we will be delving into one of their most marketable beginner models, the Seiko SNK809.

Seiko: Through The Years

Since their foundation back in 1881, Seiko has become one of the go-to brands for many watch patrons, and for good reason. The Japanese company has a very rich and colorful heritage that has helped shape who they are today. Just like most success stories out there, Seiko’s tale began with a determined protagonist called Kintaro Hattori. 

At 21 years old, Hattori opened his very own shop in Tokyo where he sold and repaired all types of timepieces. This business endeavor did better than he could have ever imagined, and in a couple of years, he was able to upgrade to a factory that he dubbed the Seikosha. Seikosha is an amalgamation of two Japanese words that roughly translate to success (Seiko) and house (sha) in English. While it might have seemed like just an old factory to some, the Seikosha symbolized so much more for Hattori and his brand. With the opening of the Seikosha, opportunities came left and right until, eventually, Hattori was able to manufacture his first clock. 

The years that followed came with both successes and challenges for Seiko. For example, in 1913, they launched the Laurel, which was the first wristwatch to ever be manufactured in Japan. A decade later, Seiko suffered a massive setback when their entire factory was destroyed by an earthquake. Seiko continued to push forward despite this, releasing the first timepiece with their official Seiko brand name on it in 1924. However, come the 1940s, and Seiko was one of the businesses negatively affected by the World War. These are just some events, out of many others, that makeup Seiko’s interesting history over the years.

In a span of 140 years, Seiko has become one of the most established watch manufacturers in the industry. The Japanese brand is known as an innovator that produces accessible timepieces with unmatched quality. From leading the quartz revolution to the creation of numerous digital and analog models, these milestones and breakthroughs have helped in cementing their well-deserved status today. Ultimately, Seiko is a strong and unshakeable presence that is at the forefront of watchmaking, along with other renowned names like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Currently, Seiko offers a vast selection of timepieces that are further categorized into the following collections: Astron, Prospex, Presage, Lukia, Premier, and 5 Sports.  

All About the Seiko 5 Sports Collection

front view of Seiko 5 Sports black dial watch

Our main watch for today, the SNK809, is actually a part of Seiko’s 5 Sports series. This iconic range is arguably the most popular one in the Japanese brand’s arsenal and has been for around 5 decades now. It was first launched in the 1960s and immediately took the world by storm with its unique principal attributes. 

This Seiko 5 Sports is called such because it showcases 5 qualities, namely: an automatic movement, a day-date display, excellent water resistance, a deep-set crown, and a durable overall exterior. These features are the very foundation of the collection and can be found in every Seiko 5 Sports model. 

Moving on, the Seiko 5 Sports is also considered something of an umbrella, with a bunch of other watch lines under it. These different sub-collections can be distinguished through the first couple of letters on the watch model’s name. For example, at present, the main Seiko 5 Sports pieces in production are those from the SRPD (2019) and the SRPE (2020) lines. On the other hand, they also used to offer the SNK series, which was once one of their most loved selections but is currently not being manufactured anymore. And the model of discussion today, the Seiko SNK809, is from this SNK sub-collection.

Unfortunately, this means that the Seiko SNK809 is no longer available directly from Seiko, but we will focus on that later on. 

Seiko SNK809: A Closer Look

front view of Seiko SNK809 watch

Now that we have established a more solid background about the brand and the collection, let us delve into the Seiko SNK809 itself. As mentioned, the SNK809 belongs to the Seiko 5 Sports range, specifically as a part of their SNK800 line. It was launched around the mid-2000s, along with other models in different color variations. In addition, the SNK800 timepieces primarily showcase aesthetics with an overall vibe that can only be described as something similar to military or field watches.

If this is your first time hearing about the Seiko SNK809, it is probably not what you have been expecting after reading about how well-loved it is among watch enthusiasts. While it may not have a particularly avant-garde design or super-advanced mechanisms, the beauty behind this particular timepiece truly lies in its simplicity. Factors like its straightforwardness, accessibility, and how it boasts excellent craftsmanship are just some of the reasons why the Seiko SNK809 is considered one of the best introductory watches out there. 

So, let us take a closer look, shall we? 


First and foremost, the Seiko SNK809 is the picture-perfect example of a watch with a very versatile case. It has a diameter of around 37mm and a thickness of 11mm which makes it quite ideal, in terms of comfort and look, for those with either small or average-sized wrists. In addition, this watch also weighs a total of approximately 50 grams, making it incredibly lightweight and ergonomic. 

When it comes to the materials used, the Seiko SNK809 features a 315L stainless steel case with a matte finish. Moreover, protecting the dial is a Hardlex crystal that is kept in place by a fixed bezel. Hardlex is a type of watch crystal specifically used by Seiko for their timepieces and, while it is not as popular as sapphire glass, it definitely does not lose out in terms of durability. In fact, Hardlex is known to be more shatterproof than other crystal materials.

As mentioned earlier, one of the key pillars of the Seiko 5 Sports lineup is the unique placement of its deep-set crown. This is clearly seen with SNK809, whose crown is situated at 4 o’clock like the other Seiko 5 Sports models, as opposed to the usual 3 o’clock position seen on the vast majority of timepieces. 

Lastly, behind all of this is a transparent case back through which you can get an up-close and personal view of the SNK809’s well-oiled mechanisms. 


Moving on to the face of the watch, the SNK809 comes with a strikingly simple and straightforward dial in black. It follows an analog layout with Arabic numerals, luminescent hands, an inner circle featuring the hour markers, and an outer circle with the minutes. Also, going back to the attributes of the Seiko 5 Sports collection, this model has a day-date display at 3 o’clock. 


As previously mentioned, the Seiko 5 SNK800 series was released in multiple color variations. The strap and the dial would typically come in the same shade, giving it a slightly monochromatic palette. The Seiko SNK809 was paired with a plain black canvas strap. While this may come off as a little boring to some, Seiko probably opted to go with this because they had the timepiece’s robustness in mind above all else.

I personally think that the strap goes really with the sleek titanium case and jet-black dial, especially since it gives off strong military watch vibes. Regardless, for those who want something a little more exciting, there is always an option to swap the band for one that you prefer more

Technical Details

While Seiko is known for producing excellent dive watches, the SNK809 is not one of them. That said, as part of the Seiko 5 Sports range, it does still have water-resistant properties, but only up to depths of 30 meters. This means that the SNK809 can withstand splashes here and there, but should not be used for any underwater activities like swimming or diving. 

Furthermore, the Seiko SNK809 is equipped with an in-house 7S26 caliber which follows an automatic movement. This mechanism features 21 jewels, a daily accuracy of -20/+40 seconds, and a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. Lastly, it also boasts a rather impressive power reserve of up to 41 hours. 

To put it simply, the Seiko SNK809 comes with great technical specifications, especially for a starter watch. 


The Seiko SNK809 was priced at approximately $100 USD when it first came out. While it is still in the same price range today, you can definitely get it at a lower cost from resellers online, depending on its condition. Its affordability from the get-go, paired with its amazing quality, is why the SNK809 is considered by many to be an excellent choice for a starter watch. 

Who should get the Seiko SNK809? 

  1. Watch Collectors (Beginners). The Seiko SNK809 is widely known as a great introductory watch for those at the start of their watch collection journey. There are many factors that contribute to this reputation, such as how it exhibits quality Japanese craftsmanship, its affordability, and its unassuming aesthetics. If you are a new watch collector, you should definitely look out for this timepiece, because it makes for a solid addition to your personal range. 
  2. Patrons of Seiko. For a brand that has been in the industry for over a century, it is only expected for Seiko to have a long list of iconic timepieces. While the SNK809 did not break any world records, it still became one of their most popular watches. This model is definitely a must-have for fans of the Japanese manufacturer, just because of its sheer impact on the watchmaking community which can still be felt today. 
  3. Those on the Hunt for an Affordable, Quality Timepiece. This one is self-explanatory, especially after discussing the specs and affordability of the SNK809. Needless to say, it would be difficult to find a timepiece that shares the same excellent craftsmanship, reasonable price, and solid reputation as the Seiko SNK809. 

Where to get the Seiko SNK809?

As previously mentioned, Seiko has stopped manufacturing the SNK series, which means that the SNK809 cannot be purchased directly from Seiko anymore. However, with a simple Google search, you will find that you still have a chance to get your hands on an SNK809 timepiece through online resellers. In addition, this particular model is currently available on Amazon for around $94 USD. 

Be that as it may, if the SNK809 pieces online are not accessible for you, we have compiled a list of alternative models with a similar vibe to the SNK809 that you might want to check out.

5 Similar Models 

Here are some watches that can serve as excellent alternatives to the Seiko SNK809. 

Seiko 5 Sports SRPG33K1

front view of Seiko 5 Sports SRPG33K1 watch

Starting off with a watch from the same family as the SNK809, the Seiko SRPG33K1 is a very similar model in terms of the overall design. This watch makes for a great, more vibrant alternative that is readily available right now. 

The Seiko SRPG33K1 comes in a stainless steel case along with a nylon bracelet in green. The forest green dial, which is protected by Hardlex crystal as well, features luminescent hands, Arabic numeral markers, and a day-date window at 3 o’clock. However, some notable differences are that the Seiko SRPG33K1 has an additional 24-hour dial layout and its crown is positioned at 3 o’clock. 

When it comes to the technical specs, The Seiko SRPG33K1 still follows an automatic movement but is powered by a 4R36 caliber instead. The SRPG33K1 also has the same 41-hour power reserve but provides a better water resistance capacity at 100 meters. 

Seiko 5 Sports SRPE69K1

front view of Seiko 5 Sports SRPE69K1 watch

Next up, we have another piece from the Seiko 5 Sports range, called the SRPE69K1. This model has a distinctly different design but gives off the same robust military watch vibe as the Seiko SNK809. It is a lovely option if you want a watch with a perfect balance of similarities to and differences from the SNK809. 

The SRPE69K1 is presented in a stainless steel case paired with a black nylon strap. Its dial, which features a matte black finish, consists of hour markers in various shapes, slightly rounded hands, a minute track on the rim, and a day-date window. The layout of this model is definitely less busy than the SNK809’s, but it also comes with the signature crown positioning at 4 o’clock. 

Moreover, this particular watch is powered by an automatic 4R36 caliber with a power reserve of 41 hours. Lastly, it boasts an excellent water resistance capacity of up to 100 meters as well. 

Orient Sports RA-AC0H03B10A

front view of Orient Sports RA-AC0H03B10A watch

The Orient Sports RA-AC0H03B10A is a relatively popular model from another Japanese brand. It practically follows the same dial layout as the Seiko SNK809, which is why it is on this list. This timepiece is definitely an excellent alternative to check out as well!

The Orient RA-AC0H03B10A comes in a stainless steel case with a classy leather bracelet in black. Much like the SNK809, its dial consists of luminescent hands, Arabic numeral markers, an inner circle for the hours, and an outer circle for the minutes. Aside from the crown position, the only other difference between the two watches is that this Orient model only has a date window rather than a day-date display. 

Furthermore, the RA-AC0H03B10A is powered by an automatic F6722 caliber with a power reserve of 40 hours. It also has a water resistance rating of 100 meters, which means it can be used for various water activities. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler BM8180-03E

front view of Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler BM8180-03E watch

The Citizen Chandler is a military-inspired model, just like the Seiko SNK809. This is the perfect accessible alternative for those who want a more sustainable option. 

The Chandler comes in a stainless steel case with a woven strap in an army green shade. The black dial features Arabic numeral markers, large luminous hands, and a day-date window at 3 o’clock. This layout is similar to the SNK809, as this model also has hour markers on the main face and minute markers on the outline of the dial. 

Unlike the SNK809, the Chandler is equipped with Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, which utilizes light energy to power the watch. Lastly, just like the many other models on this list, it also boasts a 100-meter water resistance rating. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical H69439531

front view of Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical H69439531 watch

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical is the only option on this list that is not from a Japanese brand. Regardless, it is a suitable alternative because it also draws inspiration from the military, which happens to make up a huge aspect of Hamilton’s heritage.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical features a stainless steel case paired with a brown NATO strap. The black dial consists of a minute track on the outline, a 24-hour layout, luminescent hands, and Arabic numeral markers. Unlike the SNK809 and the other models previously mentioned, this Hamilton Khaki Field does not have a day-date window. 

In terms of movement, this watch is powered by an H-50 caliber that boasts an impressive power reserve of 80 hours. It has a 50-meter water resistance rating, which is just slightly better than the Seiko SNK809. 

Final Thoughts 

The Seiko SNK809 is one of the best affordable starter watches out there. Regardless of whether you are a collector or not, this particular timepiece is one that you should not miss out on if you want a good quality watch at a reasonable price. Aside from that, it also has a good reputation in the watchmaking community, which makes it even more appealing than it already is. 

Photo Credits: Seiko, Amazon, and Official Brand Websites

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