Top 3 Affordable Rose Gold Watches for Women

Women are the leaders of the 21st century and they are steering the world in the utmost right direction. What do you think of those hands that are leading us to an abundantly progressive future? Should they look bare? Well, women of this era are very exclusive about sporting their wrists. Although we ought not to generalize anything, because every person has their own taste different than the rest,  rose gold watches seem to be a popular item amongst women.

Women, in this day and age, are a manifestation of sheer elegance. They signify modernity and a lavish class. To be concise, they love to embrace themselves with magnificent ladies watches.

So what is it about rose gold watches that make them so popular with the ladies? Does it make you curious as what is so special about these rose gold timepieces? If you are excited to delve deeper into this niche of watches, just continue reading!

Rose Gold Watches

1: FOSSIL –  Gen 4 Smartwatch – Venture HR Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel

It is one of the unique women watches you will ever see. This Gen 4 Smartwatch is neither a simple watch with fancy design, nor is it a smartwatch with a plain look. It’s a smartwatch perfectly designed for women from all walks of life.

FOSSIL Gen 4 Smartwatch
Source from Official Website

Bracelet: It has a bracelet in rose gold color with a bunch of tiny white beads carved in the middle. These beads start from the top and continue till the bottom. To be exact, there’s a thin strip of white diamonds in the middle of the rose gold bracelet.

Case: Then, the central part, the round case of the watch is a rose gold structure with white diamonds fitted in. There are a winding crown and two push buttons attached to the case.

Dial: These rose gold watches dial are given in plain black color; the display remains transparent, therefore.

Specifications: It has a built-in fitness tracker as well as a GPS with an hour rate tracker. The watch includes Google Play, bluetooth and of course Wi-Fi. It has an interchangeable watch band with multiple time zones with calendar alerts.

Functions: You don’t have to worry about your smartwatch while you are swimming because it is a water-proof watch. On the plus side, you can receive and answer texts on your smartwatch. You can check your important emails, and you can receive notifications from your social media handles. The cherry on top, you can personalize your dial the way you like it, and not only can you play music on your smartwatch, you can systematically control it too.

2: Debenhams – Red Herring – Rose gold crystal bezel watch

These rose gold watches are one of the most eye-catching as well as a uniquely functioning timepiece for women belonging to different categories. Everyone is going to fall in love with this Debenhams’ Red Herring piece at the very first glimpse.

Debenhams Red Herring
Source from Official Website

Bracelet: It seems to have a diameter as wide as 32mm, that’s why it has a visibly broad strap. There is a thin mid-way of tiny crystals right in the middle. The sides comprise of a ladder-like bracelet in rose gold color. The combo of white diamonds and rose gold color is part of timepiece culture now due to its popularity and commerciality.

Bezel: A diamond-filled rose gold case with a screw down crown attached beside. No push buttons present here.

Dial: It’s supposed to have three sub-dials. The main display has got hands and watch markers in rose gold color. The dial has a few diamonds carved in certain places inside it. Important to mention, it is not a Chrono watch despite its multiple features.

Warranty: These rose gold watches has a warranty of 12 months. They are confirming the warranty period and price on their only official website.

3: NIXON –  Kensington Milanese

This Nixon Kensington Milanese happens to be a top-tier timepiece, specifically designed to cater to the wants of women of the recent era. The design is exceptional while the functions are just on par. All-in-all it’s a gorgeous watch proffering excellent specs.

Nixon Kensington Milanese
Source from Official Website

Bracelet: The bracelet, for a change, doesn’t have a typical chain-like design. It is a thin strap with hundreds of microscopic tilts. The strap, which is entirely of rose gold color, comes along with a buckle.

Case: The cases are very simple and pretty. Even without diamond-carving, it looks too good to be true. It’s perfectly round and is in dim rose gold color. There’s a winding crown attached to the case. No push buttons available.

Dial: These rose gold watches dial has the same color as of the case. The watch has rose gold watch markers and hands while the surface is slightly pink. The contrast of strap and dial/case looks mesmerizingly stylish.

Specifications: This Nixon has a 37mm wide diameter with a 16mm wide strap. It has a stainless steel snap fit case back with a sliding buckle. The rose gold watch has a quartz 3 hand movement and is water resistance up to 5 ATM.

Warranty: The company gives 2 years of warranty on this specific watch.

Rose Gold Watches Conclusion

There would be tens of hundreds of rose gold watches in the market under different brands and categories. Yet, after thorough research we came up with the choicest timepieces we would recommend to watch-enthusiasts across the globe. We know that women are smart buyers with great taste.

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