Reviewing the Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are some of the most impressive in the luxury market. The primary reasons why are general craftsmanship, one exceptional dial component, and the famous Spring Drive movement. Today, I will explain each of these aspects, as well as a few others. Before we begin though, I must give my full endorsement of this brand and the Spring Drive models they make. You really can’t do much better at this price range, making these pieces excellent choices for luxury enthusiasts. Anyways, let’s get on with the review.

Reviewing the grand seiko spring drive


Grand Seiko is part of the larger Seiko brand, which is most famous for delivering affordable watches with a ton of value. They created Grand Seiko because it is odd for a company to sell pieces at $75 and $10,000. Creating a whole new entity was the correct move, as you can now search for a specific brand name when you’re looking for a luxury option. Ultimately, Seiko and Grand Seiko both have excellent reputations in the watch world and rich histories to back them up.

History of the Grand Seiko Spring Drive

front view of Grand Seiko Spring Drive Ref. SBGA227 watch

Many of the watches I review are old and iconic. In this section of those reviews, we frequently discuss pieces that were created decades ago. This is not the case with the Spring Drive, as its movement technology is brand new. What’s cool about them, though, is that the Seiko started trying to make them 1977. It took them a full 30 years to complete the task, but it was well worth the wait. While these models don’t have roots that go back 50+ years, they are still a few decades in the making.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Appearance

Grand Seiko keeps its design very simple and minimalist for these watches. All you’ll see on the dial is a date, power reserve, subtle branding, and metal hour markers. The one feature that jumps out at you is the second hand, which is often a deep blue. Overall, though, these timepieces are not going to catch your eye. Many collectors consider that to be a very good thing. The area where you can inject your personal style is the color scheme, as Grand Seiko offers black, white, and silver dials.

closer view of Grand Seiko Spring Drive Ref. SBGA279 watch


The Grand Seiko Spring Drive models over deliver in the domain of materials. That comes down to their titanium cases and sapphire crystal. While the latter is standard among luxury options, titanium usually costs quite a bit more than what Grand Seiko sells these watches for. These excellent materials contribute to the sturdiness of the Grand Seiko Spring Drive models, which is one of their top selling points.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Movement

Now, onto the most exciting part of these watches. Their movements are unlike any other on the market because they incorporate mechanical and electronic component. The former is standard among luxury timepieces, and Grand Seiko builds a masterful bit of machinery into these pieces. The electronic aspect is what makes them so unique.

movement of Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches

It regulates the movement, making it incredibly accurate and rarely losing or gaining seconds. One especially interesting way in which it does so is through applying brakes to the second hand. It is such a smart device that it can detect when your watch is ticking too fast and take the necessary action to slow it down.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive General Craftsmanship

As I’ve mentioned throughout this article, these watches are clearly very well made. You can feel their quality when you have them in your hands, spin the crown, and wear them on your wrist. They also give you 100m water resistance, which is nice for rain, spills, and accidental dips into water. The entire Seiko family is famous for delivering craftsmanship above their price range, and the Spring Drive line is no different.

closer view of Grand Seiko Spring Drive “Blue Snowflake” SBGA407 watch

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Niche

These watches definitely aren’t sporty. Instead, they are best used as dress watches. Their simple design and elegant energy lend themselves to formal events, and you can wear them day to day as well. The only time I wouldn’t put on a Grand Seiko Spring Drive is during a rugged task like playing sports or doing yard work. Other than that, you have a timepiece that will give you a lot of mileage.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Conclusion 

To be honest, I can’t recommend this watch enough. You see its appeal the second you get your hands on it, as it is shiny, sturdy, and has a nice weight to it. Once you give it a wear, it becomes an even better deal, as it just feels great on your wrist. The icing on the cake is the Spring Drive movement on the inside and the power reserve marker on your dial. These are two components that no other timepieces have, making your Grand Seiko genuinely unique. If you have enough money to make one of these watches yours, then don’t hesitate. Get yourself a Spring Drive and never look back.

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