Rado Watches: Their Top Collections

Rado recently had their 100th anniversary, as they were founded in 1917. At that time, their name was Schlup & Co. The reason is that they had not begun creating their own branded watches yet, instead being a manufacturer of movements for other brands. Finally, in the 1950s, Rado watches came out with their first original design, and they’ve been a significant player in the watch community ever since.

One of their notable attributes is how creative they get with materials. That includes their many kinds of ceramic, metal, and diamond. In the current era, Rado watches are known for having exceptional quality and a diverse catalog of fantastic watches. I highlight the best of them in the sections below.

Hyperchrome Rado Watches

Rado Hyperchrome

The Hyperchrome collection contains some of Rado’s most expensive watches. Most of them are large, masculine, sporty, and robust, which is perfect for a large segment of consumers. You’ll also find chronographs on a substantial portion of this collection. On the women’s side of things, you can get a Hyperchrome in a smaller size and with a more feminine design. Those of you who have a bit of cash to spend can also get one with diamonds on it.

Rado Hyperchrome

Lastly, I like that you can get a Hyperchrome at multiple price points. Some of them are at $1000, while others get all the way up to $7000. This variance means that there is something for everyone. All in all, this is my number one collection from this brand, and I endorse it completely.

Integral Rado Watches

This collection is so popular because of how incredibly sleek it is. Each watch has a rectangle shape, but it isn’t blocky or boring. As much as I love old-fashioned rectangular watches, such as the Cartier Santos, it is nice to see one that incorporates that shape and a modern aesthetic. Another great thing about its look is the simple color schemes Rado uses. Each model is primarily black, but with a trim of gold, rose gold, or silver.

If you’re someone that loves to add a bit of luxury to your watches, then this is the collection for you. Rado lets you add four diamonds to the dial in the twelve, three, six, and nine spots. Even better, this addition does not add much to the price, so you can make it happen without feeling guilty. The one issue you might have is that those diamonds make it very hard to tell the precise time, but I imagine most of you won’t mind this.

Original Rado Watches

As you might assume from the name, the Original collection has a distinctly vintage design.

Rado Original watch

It is defined by a case that is very spherical and bubbly. Add that to a petite dial, and you have a truly unique aesthetic. Many of these watches have bejeweled dials too, so if you like that look, you’ll love the Original.

The second defining aspect of this collection is the material it is made out of. Rado claims that it is essentially scratch-proof. Not only is that impressive, but it should also keep your watch looking great no matter how long you have it. This makes these products a better deal than most in their price range.

Diamaster Rado Watches

The three collections we went through above were all quite unique. While many love an eye-catching and original timepiece, others prefer classic styles. If you fit into the latter category, then the Diamaster collection might be perfect for you. The most popular models in it have a very modern look, as they are minimalistic and attractive.

Rado Diamaster

That simple look doesn’t define the entire collection, though. You can also find a small second subdial and a variety of unique designs. You’ll have to check them all out yourself to get a clear idea of what the Diamaster collection has to offer.

True Rado Watches

This collection has a fascinating blend of styles. On the one hand, you have simple, clean looking, minimalist watches. On the other, you have eye-catching designs that will surprise you. That kind of diversity is a strength, and it makes the True especially alluring.

Rado True

My favorites of the bunch are definitely the skeleton dials. They do a great job of showing off Rado’s movements and craftsmanship, all while giving off an attractive aesthetic. Like many other collections that Rado offers, you can also get these watches with diamonds on the dial.

While Rado watches has a slightly smaller name than other Swiss manufacturers, they pack a ton of value into their watches. This brand also brings legitimate uniqueness to the table, as their materials are a bit different than the other options on the market. Ultimately, I put them right up there with other Swiss brands as an affordable option that offers a pretty great deal. If you decide that Rado is for you, then sticking to the five collections in this article is a smart bet.

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