Rado Watches: Impressive Since the 1950s

What is it about a luxury watch that’s been impressive since the 1950s? Let’s take Rado watches for example. This luxury brand of watches keeps producing wristwatches many users want to wear. Not only are Rado watchmakers passionate about crafting the premium watch but they claim to be the “masters of material.” And herein lays the secret behind this exquisite watch.

Rado watchmakers design watches using materials that can only be defined as pioneering in the world of watchmaking. Striving to use state-of-the-art technology, Rado’s visionary approach to creating beautiful and long-lasting watches for life must be admired.

If you’re new to the Rado brand, read on to explore more about this sophisticated watch adored by so many wearers.

The Story Behind Rado Watches

The philosophy of Rado is “If we can imagine it, we can make it” and to date, this still stands true. It all began in a district called Lengnau in Switzerland. Three intrepid brothers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner set up their own little atelier on their parents’ property. This watchmaking factory, founded in 1917, was first called the Schlup & Co.

While its beginnings were humble, by the end of World War II, their factory was one of the largest producers of timepieces in the world.

A Mastery of Materials

It was in the 1950s that Schlup & Co. began selling their watches under the trademark, Rado. And before the end of the decade, this brand was well-known in over 61 countries. True to their mastery of materials, Rado was the first to produce a scratchproof watch with its famous DiaStar 1 in 1962. What made it so unique? Its material of course – hard metal and sapphire crystal.

It was in 1986 Rado watches transformed the way watches could be made. They began to use high-tech ceramic materials in the bracelet which was also scratchproof. Without deviating from using high-tech ceramic, Rado continued with innovative technology.

In 1998, their Ceramica timepiece reflected their ongoing trailblazing approach to watchmaking. Using plasma high-tech ceramic, this watch produced a metallic glow without a single piece of metal being used.

Rado Ceramica

Rado Watches: A Mastery of Design

But while Rado may be famous for their use of revolutionary materials, you can’t deny their mastery of watch design as well. From the beginning, their watch designs have been elegant, durable and an absolute luxury to wear.

But it was in the year 2000 when Rado introduced the Innovative eSenza, a watch without a crown. Soon afterward, in 2002, the Rado V10K was revealed in all its glory – made with high-tech diamond (10,000 Vickers). Of course, they couldn’t end the decade without some aplomb. In came the starkly stunning watch design known as the r5.5 collection, created by Jasper Morrison.

Mastery of Watchmaking Continues

With a combination of exclusive designs and innovative materials, Rado watchmakers continue to bring the world impressive watches. The True Thinline emerged in 2011 measuring at 5 mm. The Rado HyperChrome was built using the same technology as the True Thinline.

Rado’s pursuit to master the craft of watchmaking doesn’t ever end. In 2013, the Esenza Touch changed the way you could set the time – with one touch and swipe. For travelers, the advent of the HyperChrome Dual Timer solved many time zone problems. With a touch-controlled function, the time zone could be set simply and accurately.

To this day, Rado watches are being crafted with plasma high-tech ceramic, a high-tech ceramic, Ceramos, high-tech diamond, sapphire crystal, and hard metal. Naturally, only the best can be used to complement these watches and diamonds enhance every design. And, in case you were wondering – Rado will only use diamonds that meet the Kimberly process requirements.

With the innovative use of these materials, Rado is able to produce a watch that’s comfortable, durable, and lightweight. What’s more, their collection of watches made with high-ceramic is ideal for sensitive skins – thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. The Ceramos material adjusts to the skin temperature, meaning it always remains comfortable for the wearer.

Rado watches can guarantee a watch for life with its hard metal material. This can withstand the most rugged conditions life throws at it and always keeps the watch scratch-free.

A Final Word on Rado Watches

If you’re looking for a luxury timepiece that’ll stand the test of time, you’ll find it with a Rado watch. The watchmakers’ innovative approach to style and use of pioneer materials results in a watch every wearer will feel comfortable wearing. The collections for both men and women are classical while still suiting every modern-day watch wearer’s taste and style.

Wearing a watch that’s been impressive since the 1950s reflects the wearer’s appreciation for traditional and innovative use of technology. When you wear a Rado watch, you’re making a statement that reflects the brand’s willingness to always imagine. Will you impress with a Rado?


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