Rado Captain Cook Limited Edition Watch

Rado is a Swiss brand which has introduced Rado Captain Cook timepiece after almost 240 years of the death of the famous British navigator, cartographer, and navigator. These Rado watches have been named after him. The latest Rado watch, known as the Captain Cook automatic limited edition watch, had 1962 pieces. Since it was a very limited edition watch, it was only available between the years 1962 and 1968.

Rado Captain Cook Introduction

2017 was a good year for Rado watch fans because the Rado Captain Cook automatic limited edition watch was reintroduced. This watch has been so popular that it is still widely bought.

The new edition watch introduced in the year 2017 has a lot of features; for instance, the high technology black ceramic inserts as well as the sapphire crystal for maximum protection of the dial.

Rado Captain Cook

A very common and usual feature of Rado watches is the use of ceramic in their making. The use of ceramics is a must to give a look of perfection. In the year 1990, Rado introduced the Rado ceramic in which both the bracelet of the watch as well as the case was completely made up of ceramic. Apart from this, the high technology injection feature and process paved the way for the creation of valuable timepieces.

However, ceramic is just one of the materials that Rado is proud of using in the making of their watches. The ceramic looks like metal but the best thing about it is that it has the weight of ceramic while it is durable like steel. So, you might witness many of the Rado watches in a lot of colors like gold, rose gold and platinum, but in reality, since they are a type of ceramic, they rarely have any weight. This means these watches are extremely light on your wrist and are durable.

Rado Captain Cook Automatic Limited Edition

The Rado Captain Cook watch has 80 hours of power reserve, which means it has a huge battery life. Apart from this, you can view the seconds, minutes, and hours as well as the date at the 3 o’ clock position. The brown colored dial on the Rado Captain Cook is printed with indexes along with super luminova which gives a very retro-like look to the watch.

Rado Captain Cook

People who love vintage styled watches will love this watch due to the polished stainless steel case. You can also view three seahorses on the steel case back. Along with the arrow and sword-shaped hands, which further give a very vintage look to the watch.

The best thing about the Rado Captain Cook limited edition watch is that it is genuinely important for customers. This is because of the amazing options that it comes with. For instance, any fine day, you would not want to wear the brown leather strap. This isn’t an issue at all because you can always opt for the stainless steel Milanese bracelet as well as the green colored strap which comes with the watch.

Rado Materials

Earlier we read about the use of ceramic materials in Rado watches. Now we will let you know a bit more of the amazing materials used in these. Talking about the high-tech diamond, Rado has been using diamonds in their watches for a while now. The use of cutting-edge nanotechnology along with resistant high-tech diamond surface has allowed Rado watches to be unique.

Rado Captain Cook

Apart from diamond, sapphire crystal is also used in almost all Rado watches. The use of sapphire crystal is responsible for creating a seamless transition from the sapphire crystal to the case as well as to the bracelet of the watch.

Coming over to the metal used, in the year 1962, Rado introduced the Rado Diastar 1, which was the most popular watch of that time. The great secret and success behind this watch was the use of hardcore metal in its making. Metal is still used in the making of Rado watches today as it does not wear and tear with time. Metal also has the ability to withstand climatic changes and so, you can wear this watch anywhere in the whole world where no matter how the weather is.

Rado Captain Cook

Rado, a Brand Worth Buying

Rado watches are actually popular all across the world. That’s because their innovative design and revolutionary materials used to create the masterpieces. It has the ability to produce the most durable as well as recognizable watches in the whole world.

Rado watches have made their name in the world as goes their famous motto, “If we can imagine it, we can make it.” This is true even to date as their loyal customers and fans are spread out over the entire world.

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