Oris Watches: Swiss Quality at an Affordable Price

I believe that the number one difficulty of starting a watch collection is choosing which products to purchase. Between price ranges, styles, and brands, you have a significant amount of decisions to make before you reach your final choice. One of them was Oris watches, and the more I looked into them, the more I started to like them. The good news is that you can narrow your options down by imposing a few crucial filters. I personally chose the following three when I made my last timepiece purchase.

  • Swiss Made – Though other countries also make excellent products, my collection is dominated by Japanese manufacturers. I wanted to switch things up and get a Swiss piece.Under $2,000 – My budget wasn’t too high or too low. Many would call it “entry level” or slightly below.
  • Mechanical Movement – Though I have nothing against quartz watches, and actually own a few of them myself, I much prefer mechanical pieces when spending this much money.

Oris Watches Company History

Like many of the Swiss powerhouse brands, Oris is over 100 years old. It was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, who knew from the very beginning that they wanted to produce their timepieces in Switzerland. This desire led to them purchasing a recently closed factory in the town of Hölstein and starting their brand.

Like many historic companies, Oris started in pocket watches. As the market began to shift around World War I, they invested in the wristwatch side of their brand, and that decision continues to pay dividends to this day. Things haven’t always been smooth for this company, though, as they were one of the many victims of the quartz crisis of the 1970s. Still, they made it through that setback and are now a highly respected name among horology enthusiasts.

Swiss Craftsmanship

Let me start by saying that I love brands like Seiko and A. Lange & Söhne, who buck the Swiss made trend and produce their pieces in other countries. That being said, there is something alluring about products made in Switzerland, and I can’t think of a single one that has disappointed me in the past. I can’t say the same about manufacturers that operate in other countries. A Swiss product means two things to me. First, it is a stamp of reliability, which tells me that my purchase will be worthwhile. Second, it is a tiny slice of the immense horological culture of Switzerland, which I like to have on my wrist and in my collection.

Reasonable Prices

Another alluring aspect of this brand is their prices. A quick look at my favorite online dealer tells me that almost no product in their catalog breaks $2,000. Additionally, there are even some that come in at $500 or less. Those pieces don’t look like budget options, either. They have excellent style, are made from high-quality materials, and each has a reliable automatic movement in them. For me, affordability is what separates this brand from the many others like it. While alternative options start to flirt with $5,000 or more, Oris makes themselves available to a larger group of consumers.

A Favorite Among Watch Enthusiasts

Reviews are powerful because you get to hear what a real person thinks. They are even more valuable when that reviewer is somebody with real knowledge on the subject. What you get with Oris watches is not just that they have excellent reviews, but that the people giving them are highly informed watch enthusiasts. That means you are purchasing a product that is legitimately a good deal, rather than one that is hyped up by branding and marketing.

Top Three Collections:

Though Oris has a wide variety of collections, the following three caught my eye and separated themselves from the rest.

  • Aquis – This collection tends to be the priciest of the bunch, but you’re getting a lot of watch for how much you’re paying. Each Aquis piece is very well made and has the classic diver aesthetic that so many crave. If you have the money for a larger purchase, I would go with this collection.
  • Artelier – These timepieces have fantastic quality and don’t break the bank. I especially love the ones that incorporate the moon in their design.
  • Propilot – These aviation watches have an attractive, militaristic look and the craftsmanship to back it up. One thing to note is that these pieces tend to be quite big, so those that like smaller watches might want to go in another direction.

Overall, I highly recommend Oris for those of you who want to break into the Swiss market but don’t have a massive chunk of cash to spend. They produce excellent products in a variety of looks, and none of them come with an insane price tag. If I had to choose just one, it would definitely be an Aquis, but you should take a look at their catalog and decide which is right for you. Hopefully, you end up with a brand-new watch from this fantastic brand.

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