Orient Watches: Top Collections

Watches speak volumes about your personality. Believe it or not but the watch you wear could say more about you before you do so yourself! The Japanese brand has, throughout centuries, been a gentlemen’s accessory. Orient watches is a brand that has perfected the art of crafting watches over the years. Since the 1950s, they have delivered the world high quality and stylish timepieces.

Their aim is to give you the best of both worlds that is you have graceful and stylish looking watches which are, at the same time, durable and hardcore. Here are their top collections you shouldn’t miss out on!

1: Orient Star Collection

This collection has been around since the 1950s. Over the years, it has morphed into what now is one of the most graceful and luxurious timepieces you’ll come across. It has two subsidiaries which feature distinctive designs of watches, so there’s always something for someone irrespective of your likings. You’ll surely find the right accessory for you; given you have so many options to choose from.

Orient Star Collection

2: Classic

This line features timeless timepieces dripping with grace and flair. You are to find meticulously crafted models showcasing finesse and beauty; you’ll hardly be able to take your eyes off it. Some of these models may appear to be simple; however, the detail that has been put into it is what makes it truly remarkable.

Orient Classic

If you are a true appreciator of classic watches, then you’ll be floored by the designs of these watches. You can find a variety of designs in this line according to your preferences. It features a variety of styles from ones with metal straps to leather strapped ones. Furthermore, there are models with different dial colors to choose from.

The featured models are water resistant and have a large capacity of power reserve. Furthermore, these watches have sapphire crystal and anti-reflective glass coating to ensure clear visibility. So, these watches don’t just look good but are actually pretty durable and convenient as well.

3: Contemporary

For those who like more edgy and modern watches; Orient has got you covered again! This particular collection features modern designs with much attention given to detail. The idea behind this series of watches is to provide you with accessories that are versatile and can be worn at a number of occasions.

Orient Contemporary

This line also features a number of designs with the same basic concept. You have a choice whether you want a metal case or leather case as both are offered. Furthermore, unlike the classic collection, it plays a bit more with color and offers unique dial colors like green. These come in a number of diameters ranging from 39 mm to 44 mm. They are also water resistant and feature an anti-reflective coating glass for better visibility.

4: Bambino

The Orient Bambino collection is perfect for any minimalist. The sophisticated watch has a classic look and can easily be dressed up for events or dressed down for your daily wear. There are many different versions and models for the Orient Bambino, from small seconds to open heart to version 5.

Orient Bambino

5: Sport

If you have an active lifestyle, you surely need a watch which can measure up to it; Orient has got you covered here too with their sports collection! The sports collection brings you a watch series which is an amalgamation of form and function. It brings together power and style combined in an attractive design.

Orient Sport

A lot of thought is put put into the design of these watches. These aren’t only stylish but durable as well. Its distinctive features are the unidirectional bezel, eight accentuated hour markers, and water-resistant design. Furthermore, there is a range of case sizes available made of stainless steel.

Are Orient watches worth it?

As a major player in the game, Orient is one of the most globally recognized and appreciated brand for watches. It is based in Japan and has been around since 1950. It is at the forefront of mechanical watch production in Japan.

However, they do produce quartz, solar powered and radio-controlled models as well. All the collections offered by them are of top-notch quality and showcase the utmost elegance in terms of design. It’s a brand you can place your trust in. The philosophy behind every model they come out with is to give you a watch which marks every passing moment of yours and fills it with class and elegance.

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