Not a day goes by that we don’t get asked questions about the world of watches. It’s sometimes tough answering everyone’s watch questions, but someone’s got to do it and we’re up to the task. Omega watches is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that has been around since 1848. Thanks to the brand’s superb craftsmanship and its watches’ incredible features & their part in monumental historical events, Omega watches are extremely sought after.

Have you ever wondered what those numbers on Omega watches mean? Perhaps you would like to know how often Omega watches need servicing before you commit to buying one for yourself. Or if an Omega watch retains its value as the years go by?

Today we’ll be answering all of those watch questions and more. So be sure to keep reading if you’ve been thinking about adding one to your collection.

How Do I Know If I’m Buying A Genuine Omega Watch?

Nobody wants to fork out their hard-earned cash to buy an Omega watch only to discover it’s a fake. There are many physical clues to look out for including the placement of the Omega logo, the adjustment capabilities, its lumes, the date complication and its serial number.

Omega Speedmaster

If you’re buying an Omega online, you don’t have the luxury of inspecting the watch with your own eyes. Be sure to request the serial number first to confirm its authenticity and only purchase from an authorized Omega dealer.

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What Are the Differences Between the Omega Seamaster Professional Watches?

Many people often wonder what the differences are between different Seamaster Professional watches. More specifically between the 2220.80.00, 2221.80.00, 2222.80.00 and 2223.80.00 models. The differences come into play when we look at the size of the watch and its movement.

Here are how these popular Seamaster Professional models differ:

  • The 80.00 has a diameter of 41mm (standard size) and has a self-winding movement.
  • The 2221.80.00 has a diameter of 41mm (standard size) and features a quartz movement.
  • The 2222.80.00 has a diameter of 36.25mm (mid-size) and has a self-winding movement.
  • The 2223.80.00 has a diameter of 36.25mm (mid-size) and features a quartz movement.

Omega Seamaster

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What Do the Numbers On An Omega Watch Mean?

The numbers on an Omega watch are the brand’s way of identifying their watches. To properly articulate what the numbers on an Omega watch mean, the beautiful De Ville Ladymatic will serve as our example. This watch’s identification code is: 425(A).30(B).34(C).20(D).55(E).002(F).

Here’s a breakdown of what this identification code means:

  • 425(A): The letter A refers to which line of Omega watches the watch belongs to. The numbers represent the specific model in this line. 425 is the product number of the De Ville Ladymatic.
  • 30(B): The letter B refers to which material has been used to construct the watch. The number is the material’s code. In this case, the 30 means stainless steel + other assorted metals have been used in the watch’s construction.
  • 34(C): The letter C refers to the watch size. The number featured before the C is the watch’s actual diameter in millimeters. The De Ville Ladymatic is 34mm in diameter.

Omega De Ville

  • 20(D): The letter D refers to the watch’s complication and movement. The number indicates what movement and complication the watch features. Here the number 20 references to Mechanical with Co-Axial.
  • 55(E): The letter E refers to the dial’s material and the color. The number is referencing the unique color code and dial material. The De Ville Ladymatic is white in color and has precious stones in its dial material.
  • 002(F): And finally, the letter F refers to what number the watch is in its sequence. The number refers to its place in the line’s sequence. As you can see, this De Ville Ladymatic is the second model in its line.

If you want to know the specifics of your watch you have your eye on, simply make note of its unique identifier code and make use of Omega’s codification table.

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How Often Do Omega Watches Need Servicing?

Omega says that the water resistance should be evaluated once a year.  The watch should undergo a complete service every five to eight years.

This recommendation is purely to keep the watch at its best possible performance. This also makes sure that any potential problems are detected before they become actual challenges. This will save you money in the long run as a regular service fee is much less expensive than a repair fee.

Omega Seamaster

What Is the Most Expensive Omega Watch?

The most expensive Omega watch is none other than the Constellation Baguette. The stunning timepiece features an 18-carat white gold case, a dial adorned with 146 baguette and trapeze diamonds as well as 459 Wesselton diamonds.

The Constellation Baguette will put you back just under a million dollars. Not only is this watch the most expensive Omega watch available to purchase, it’s one of most expensive watches in the world.

Are Omega Watches Ethically Produced?

These days people want to know where their products come from, who makes them and how the natural resources needed to make them are gathered. Omega as a brand is a certified member of the non-profit Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).

Omega is an ethical brand and its watches reflect this. The brand prides itself on meeting its social and environmental responsibilities.

Omega Seamaster

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Do Omega Watches Hold Their Value?

Many watch collectors class how well a watch holds its value as one of their main reasons for purchasing certain brands. An Omega watch isn’t necessarily as costly to purchase as watches from other brands are, but they hold their value exceptionally well.

The Omega brand is becoming something of a powerhouse in the watch-making industry and is even making their movements in-house which influences a watch’s resale value. Also consider the fact that one of this brand’s models, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, was attached to Buzz Aldrin’s wrist on the first lunar landing.

What Is the Connection Between James Bond Films and the Omega Brand?

Many people associate Omega with the James Bond franchise and for good reason. Since 1995, the character James Bond has always worn an Omega Seamaster on his adventures.

Omega has even gone as far as to create James Bond-inspired watches.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: the answers to eight of the most frequently asked questions about Omega watches. Do you have any more watch questions that need answering? Drop us a comment and watch this space.

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