Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020

Most horology experts agree that the Omega Speedmaster is one of the most iconic watches of all time. Getting your hands on one is generally quite easy, though, as it is a mass market product. What won’t be easy to obtain is the new Tokyo 2020 Speedmaster line. The reason is that it is only being sold in Japan and in limited supply. Regardless of whether you get one for yourself, discussing this new line is fun and exciting. Below, I get into the details surrounding the Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020.

History of the Speedmaster

One historical event defines the Omega Speedmaster over all else and has led to this watch’s top nickname, the “Moonwatch.” The story is a short, but compelling one. It starts with a crew of American astronauts sliding Speedmasters on their wrists, and it ends with those men walking on the moon. Naturally, Omega has used this event in its marketing campaigns ever since. Still, this watch is not all hype and history. It is one of the best options in its price range and is a favorite among experienced collectors.

Omega Speedmaster

Overall Impression of This Model

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the watch world who hates Speedmasters. They are attractive, well made, and have one of the best brands backing them up. Add all that to unbeatable heritage, and you have a watch that shouldn’t disappoint. I also especially love the tachymeter and chronographs. These elements make the Speedmaster a functional piece and one that represents the culture of racing.

Special Edition Watches

Collectors have a love-hate relationship with special edition watches. On the one hand, they are often fantastic products and have an enticing level of exclusivity. On the other, that exclusivity also limits that amount of people that can enjoy them. Ultimately, special editions are a significant part of watch culture, and that isn’t going to change. No matter how you feel about them, though, the beauty of the Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 is undeniable.

Omega Speedmaster

As far as the case back, you get the Olympics logo, text that says, “Tokyo 2020,” and the logo for this specific event. It is very pleasing to look at, though it will not be visible while you’re wearing the watch.

What’s Different About Them?

As far as foundational design elements and functions, these Speedmasters are exactly the same as mainstream models. The differences come in the form of a unique case back and five color schemes that correspond with the five rings of the Olympic symbol. I’ve briefly described each of them below.

  • Blue – This model has a blue tachymeter, blue dial, and white subdials. The aesthetics of it work very well, giving it a sporty and attractive energy.

Omega Speedmaster

  • Yellow – Black and gold are a timeless combination, and this Speedmaster is yet another example of that. Its dial and tachymeter are primarily black, with the gold coloring being used as a complementary color throughout.

omega speedmaster

  • Black – You might call this black and white timepiece a “panda watch.” Its white dial is absolutely gorgeous, and overall, it is an excellent pick for people who have a less flashy fashion sense.

omega speedmaster

  • Green – The three primary colors here are green, gray, and rose gold. While those might not sound like they’d fit together well, once you see this watch, you’ll undoubtedly find that they do.

omega speedmaster

  • Red – Lastly, we have the contrast of a red tachymeter with a clean, white dial. This is likely my favorite of the bunch.

omega speedmaster

Japan Exclusive

Now, for some not-so-great news. The Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 is, as you might have guessed, exclusively being sold in Japan. Though many watch blogs are writing about it, Omega isn’t even advertising this product on their US or European websites. In the past, that would most likely lead to westerners never owning this special edition watch, but times have changed.

How You Can Get One for Yourself

With the rise of the internet, the days of total exclusivity are over. Omega could have kept this watch in Japan exclusively in another era, but now, collectors in the western world are going to be able to get their hands on some of them. There are two ways to make it happen.

1: Go to the Olympics in Tokyo – Of course, you can always get a new watch the old-fashioned way. You’ll just have to make a trip to Japan, walk into an Omega store, and purchase one in person. If you choose this option, you might be able to make a wonderful vacation out of it.

2: Purchase One Online – You can count on many collectors purchasing a limited edition Speedmaster and selling it not long after. There will also be people who buy one specifically to resell it. Either way, these watches will eventually start to show up for sale online at online watch stores!

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