Closer Look at the Omega De Ville Watch

When you’re buying a watch you’re making a long-term investment because you’d like to wear the new accessory for years to come, right? We invite you to take a look at our in-depth review of the Omega De Ville watch. It’s a crowd favorite and we’ll share why.

Why consider this as the next addition to your collection? Yes, some consumers may shop around to find the trendiest piece of the year. But if you rather prefer a timeless approach—or if your budget doesn’t allow for a new time piece every few months—we think we have the perfect solution.

Read up on the details and then pick your favorite from the De Ville collection! We know there’s something for everyone.

What is the De Ville Collection?

Browse through the Omega collection of watches and you’ll notice memorable names such as Seamaster, Speedmaster and more. The Omega De Ville refers to one of these exceptional collections of watches that the brand offers its trusting clients.

The De Ville line was started in the mid-1900s, so if one of them features on your arm you’re part of a legacy that’s more than 50 years old. There’s no question that this is a respected collection, because it’s still popular today. Of course, the watches changed over the years and today you’ll discover top of the range options; each watch with something special to offer.

The Omega De Ville range caters for both men and women, so anyone should consider this when watch shopping!

Omega De Ville

Different Ranges

A list of the ranges that form part of the De Ville collection will give you an idea of the diversity Omega offers its clients:

  • Ladymatic
  • Hour Vision
  • Tresor
  • Prestige
  • Gent’s Collection
  • Tourbillon

Styles to Pick from

With so many collections it’s obvious you can find a style that suits your look. Whether you’re shopping for office accessories, something casual or even for a night out, there’s something to invest in. The 40mm Omega Master in the Tresor collection is timeless elegance while the Prestige range has a model with butterfly details for ladies who love something different.

Omega De Ville Tresor

Omega uses different materials, including leather straps, chain link bracelets and even jewels to create exceptional pieces. Many of the De Ville watches have sword-like hands that are easy to see on the dials. The hands also add to a minimalistic approach that is easy to blend with almost any personal clothing style.

Features to Expect

When it comes to features, Omega doesn’t disappoint. And because this is a brand that’s been around for so long, you know you can trust the functions to work!

Date Indicators

A date indicator is a handy extra whether you’re wearing your watch for leisure or with business attire. Many of the De Ville watches display the date on the dial: small and unobtrusive and thanks to expert design it adds to the overall look of each watch.

Omega De Ville


On models like the De Ville Omega Co-axial Chronograph you’ll find the characteristic chronograph features: a favorite of sportsmen, pilots and many other wearers. This makes the De Ville watches practical investments for more than simply telling time.

Silicon Balance Spring

With some Omega watches you benefit from the brand’s silicon balance spring. It helps to protect the mechanism if it should experience an external shock.

Water Resistance

Whether you pick the Ladymatic or the bulkier De Ville Omega, you can expect a water resistant rating of 10 bar. That means a resistance of up to 330ft. These may not be watches you want to take on extreme sport adventures, but it’s unlikely to get water damaged during general use.

Omega De Ville Ladymatic

Scratch Resistant Crystal

The brand uses sapphire crystal and Omega covers both sides with an anti-reflective treatment. You’ll easily see where the hands are even in bright light conditions.


With an Omega watch you benefit with long warranty periods, such as the five-year warranty associated with ranges in the De Ville collection. This warranty applies to manufacturing defects but also material repairs, so you know you’re getting value for money.

A Watch to Watch: The De Ville Omega Co-Axial Chronograph

Omega De Ville

As part of the brand’s Gent’s collection you’ll discover the De Ville Omega Co-axial Chronograph model. We appreciate the excellent balance in design. It’s not too bulky, but you’ll definitely make a statement with this on your arm.

The 42mm diameter case is reasonably comfortable for most wearers and we love how many different designs the company produces. Leather, metal, red gold and colored dials are all represented, making it easy to match one of these Omega De Ville watches to your personal style.

Omega De Ville Conclusion

Omega did it again with the Omega De Ville collection: watches you can trust to look stylish no matter the occasion, while they deliver on the promise of helping you be on time, every time.

Which of the Omega De Ville models will you consider for your next investment?

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