Richard Mille to Daniel Wellington, Odell Beckham Jr’s Watch Collection

We should really talk about Odell Beckham Jr., Richard Mille, and Daniel Wellington, because… well, it’s a little complicated. So let’s delve into what the football superstar and these watch brands have gotten themselves into.

Richard Mille Gets Time on the Field 

Earlier this year, the never-shy Cleveland Browns wide receiver took to the field against the Tennessee Titans wearing an eye-catching orange-and-black Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren. A few things were odd about that move. First, it’s a violation of NFL rules and Beckham surely knew he’d be looking at a fine. Okay, he’s got a $16.75 million salary deal so he’s probably not going to sweat a few bucks over some uniform violation. And the bright orange timepiece matched the colors of his uniform, so maybe the choice made sense. What follows didn’t make as much sense…at least not at first glance.

That Richard Mille RM 11-03 has a price tag of just under $200,000. It’s an automatic fly back chronograph and it made a big impression when it was unveiled at last year’s Geneva Auto Show. But Odell made a seemingly offhand, and somewhat derogatory, comment that the watch was just “plastic.” But it’s not. It’s made of a highly durable mix of Orange Quartz TPT and Carbon TPT. Unless this longtime watch lover suddenly can’t tell the difference between plastic and a high-end carbon composite, this is a little weird.

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“My haters cant even get subliminal attention…”

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It Gets Better for Odell Beckham Jr.

Then Beckham went even bigger with a Richard Mille in a high-profile setting. This time it was during warm-ups against the New York Jets. He was spotted wearing a Richard Mille RM 56-01. That skeletonize tourbillon with a sapphire case costs almost two million bucks! It was one of only five that were produced in 2013, when Beckham was a college player. But, as keen observers were quick to point out, he was wearing a fake. Reporters asked about the watch after the game and he oddly replied, “I think Daniel Wellington might be a better watch than these.” Okay, more curious still.

A few days later, things started to make more sense when Daniel Wellington announced on Instagram that Odell was their latest brand ambassador, joining such stars as Hailey Bieber, Chinese singer Lay Zhang, soccer star Paulo Dybala and Bollywood actors Radhika Apte and Ayushmann Khurrana.

So we can guess one of two things happened: 1) Beckham used Richard Mille to covertly drum up publicity for his new gig at Daniel Wellington, or 2) Wellington saw the publicity as their chance to move in and nab him as their ambassador. Either way, Richard Mille seems left out on the sideline.

Blinged-Out with Breitling and Rolex

There was a time, and not too long ago, that Odell Beckham Jr.’s love of luxury watches wasn’t so complicated. Soon after he signed on to play for the New York Giants in 2014 he treated himself to a custom-made Breitling chronograph. He’s one of the most fashion-forward players in the league. So it’s no wonder his luxury timepiece had a diamond-encrusted bezel and a nearly blinding diamond-studded dial. He celebrated the watch on his Instagram account with the quote, “We all have the same 24 hrs in a day. It’s how we use them that makes all the difference… #blessed.”

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On ?

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Diamonds seem to be a thing with Beckham, who got attention at last year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party for wearing a heap of diamond chains over his designer suit. He’s partial to sporting Louis Vuitton suits with sneakers and almost always flashes some ice. So it’s no surprise that his go-to Rolex Day-Date is also a diamond-encrusted gem. Odell Beckham Jr. has been spotted on red carpets wearing the glittering timepiece and has also shared images of this fave on Instagram.

What’s Next for Odell Beckham Jr. and Wellington?

It seems that Odell is all in on his burgeoning love affair with Daniel Wellington watches. He’s joined forces with fellow ambassadors Paulo Dybala and Hailey Bieber to spearhead the Swedish watchmaker’s launch of its first-ever linked bracelet timepieces. Until recently, Wellington’s minimalist offerings only came on fabric, leather or mesh straps. Under the Iconic Link banner, they’re offering the same no-nonsense style with the watch faces but have beefed up the bracelets with three-piece solid stainless steel links. Their rose-gold offering mixes copper with 23-carat gold bar and represents a monumental first for the upstart watchmakers.

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It’s time for y’all to stop watchin me so close…. @danielwellington

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Let’s be honest. You may not get your hands on a diamond-encrusted Breitlings or Rolexes like Odell. You probably don’t have an extra 200 grand lying around to sport an exclusive and authentic Richard Mille. But Daniel Wellingtons are well within the reach of the average consumer and a great way to put some of Odell’s unique style on your wrist!

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