Best Selling NOMOS Glashütte Watches

As Germany’s largest producer of mechanical watches, NOMOS Glashütte sells quite a few timepieces. Let’s look at the top sellers in the field.

The watch brand has been around for less than 30 years. Already, the market is flooded with imitators who try to capture the Bauhaus-inspired minimalism that’s made NOMOS Glashütte a global success. They keep things simple and subtle, with style flowing out of function. NOMOS Glashütte’s clean designs say they don’t want to draw attention. Which, of course, draws your attention.

The Top Tangents

Watches in the Tangente family are far and away from the top sellers out of all of the NOMOS Glashütte offerings, and probably the ones you’ve seen the most as they’ve been in production for over 25 years. This is the watch that truly embodies the essence of the brand with no-nonsense designs that first burst onto the scene in the 1990s, featuring slim cases and minimalistic dials that remind of watch designs from the 1920s.

Tangente 33

As you may have guessed by the name, this is a watch with a 33mm diameter. And small by most watch measures, therefore lending itself more to female wrists. But it is classic enough for men who simply wish to sport a watch with a lower profile. Reference 122 is particularly popular, with tempered blue hands that stand out against a white dial. It comes on a soft beige velour leather strap that adds an extra hint of elegance.

Nomos Glashutte Tangente 33

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Tangente Neomatik

A relative newcomer, the self-winding Neomatik made its debut at Baselworld 2015. It has the honor of being the brand’s first automatic watch. While still reserved and grounded in minimalist style, Neomaticks cry for just a bit more attention with dashes of striking colors. The Midnight Blue version is a top seller, and one look tells you why. The deep blue dial is an attention-getter on its own. All the more alluring is a slash of neon orange on the seconds hand. Yet the round case and slender design elements still keep things subdued and firmly grounded in the NOMOS credo of downplayed style. With a 35mm diameter, it works equally well on male and female wrists.

Nomos Glashutte Tangente Neomatik

Square Sells with the Tetra 27 duo

Taking a departure from the classic round case, the Tetra 27 duo goes with a square case. And that Bauhaus minimalism gets even more stripped down with just hour and minute hands on the no-nonsense face, thus the “duo” in its name. In general, square cases exude elegance, exquisitely exhibited by the Panthère de Cartier all those decades ago. And the Tetra 27 adds on a further dollop of sophistication with slim glimmering gold hands. Perfect for slender wrists, both the 33mm and the 27mm models are popular for those seeking understated elegance.

Nomos Glashutte Tetra 27

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The Club Campus Neomatik

Smaller than many of the offerings in the line, it comes in with a subdued 37mm diameter and is housed in a slender case, with rose gold hands standing against a white silver-plated face that makes it quite elegant. But it doesn’t dip into extreme minimalism like some of the other offerings in the NOMOS repertoire, featuring an eclectic mix of Arabic and Roman numbers on the dial. Or add in a bit of boldness with the ever-popular midnight blue Reference 767.

Nomos Glashutte Club Campus Neomatik

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The Masses Love the Minimatik

Rounding out the most-popular offerings we have the Minimatik, which isn’t actually as “mini” as you might think with a 35.5mm diameter, a size that perfectly suits both male and female wrists. The white-faced Reference 1203 keeps things more in line with traditional NOMOS Glashütte watches. It features a trademark white face and a just-the-basics vibe. Adding a bit of boldness, the Reference 1205 offers a midnight blue dial. That dial has eye-catching green markers and a neon orange seconds hand. You can put either watch on a fine leather strap and have a great look. You have a great dress-casual piece that works from the office to weekend outings.

Nomos Glashutte Minimatik

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The Tangente Sport Neomatik

This watch takes things up to a hefty 42mm in diameter. But the size is countered by back-to-basics designs with traditional white and midnight black dials. It’s also built tough with water-resistance up to 1,000 feet, a sapphire crystal, and a sturdy stainless steel bracelet.

Tangente Sport Neomatik

Versatility is a key to pleasing the masses, and NOMOS Glashütte has certainly mastered that with its best-selling watches. Pick up one of their timepieces and you take them on almost anywhere.

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