NFL Players and Their Luxury Watches

Watches are an undying passion of people from different fields. People from different worlds and with different tastes like to embrace timepieces that perfectly match their aura. And surely, watch lovers and their soaring enthusiasm for timepieces aren’t likely to fade away in decades to come.

Sportsmen are specifically exuberant about collecting watches of several kinds. They have always found a unique connection with timepieces. Sports people are very much inclined towards wrist pieces.

If we talk about NFL players, in particular, they are super into which brands and models to sport when it comes to timepieces. They have splendid taste, and they don’t make any compromises on that part.

Below is a list of watches that you’ll often find NFL players wearing:

1: Odell Beckham Jr. – Customized Breitling Chronograph

For everyone’s information, Odell is a big fan of Breitling. He’s often candid wearing different pieces of this brand. It seems he has a rich taste and he’s quite fond of ultra-elegant watches.

Breitling Chronograph watch on the wrist

When Beckham Jr. was drafted to NFL final in the year 2014, he bought himself a custom-made Breitling watch with a beautiful diamond case. He took to his Instagram and imparted his precious moment with us. It was his way to congratulate himself on gaining a position in the final. Well, he’s quite a hardworking player, and he was obliged to accredit himself for that achievement.

This custom-made watch also featured a chronograph dial with date, calendar, 30-min and 6-hour index. It depicted a bezel, a silver strap and round case with diamonds carved in.

2: De’Anthony Thomas – Rolex Daytona

It wouldn’t really be an exaggeration to state that Thomas is an all-round sportsman. He carries a mega sports star persona. It’s his ceaseless passion for sports that makes him a maverick of his field.

While playing the Valero Alamo Bowl 2014, he was seen sporting Rolex Daytona in all four quarters of the game. It was a beautiful gold piece with medium size, 40 mm yellow gold case, brown leather band and sapphire crystal dial. It gave a consummate and graceful look.

De’Anthony Thomas wearing the Rolex Daytona watch

He still keeps a number of Rolex watches as he admires the brand from the core of his heart.  Rolex is undoubtedly the most preferred brand of sports personalities. Many top-notch tennis players are also seen embracing Rolex wears.

3: Tom Brady – TAG Heuer Special Edition Heuer 01 Chronograph 

TAG Heuer Special Edition Heuer 01 watch on the wrist

Arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, New England Patriot’s Tom Brady has partnered and teamed up with TAG Heuer to design and create his very own timepiece. The chronograph watch comes in the color of his very own Patriot’s jersey — red, blue and silver. Tom Brady has been an ambassador for the TAG Heuer watch company since 2015. The 12 on the watch, which is also Tom Brady’s jersey number, is boldly displayed. Tom’s special edition watch runs on the same movement in TAG Heuer’s Carrera Heuer 01.

The details of the watch are finally crafted, just like Brady’s game. It has a 50-hour power reserve and get this — there were only 466 of them made! Not only is it very limited; Tom Brady’s TAG Heuer special edition watch went retail for $5,600.

4: DeMarcus Ware – Rolex Sky Dweller

Another Rolex enthusiast is the talk of the town in a row after De’Anthony Thomas, and that NFL big name is DeMarcus Ware.

Ware is popular both on and off the field. He’s widely known and undisputedly loved for his customized fashion sense. This Fashionista could be seen wearing Rolex Sky Dweller on many occasions.

DeMarcus Ware wearing the Rolex Sky Dweller watch

It’s a rose gold watch with 42mm dial and a round case. It acquires a sub-dial and bi-directional rotating bezel. The bracelet is immensely beautiful with a sapphire crystal backing. The unique thing about this timepiece is roman numerals. It is also resistant to water and scratches, for sure.

A lot of suave gentlemen sport this timepiece. Unnecessary to say, the Sky Dweller is always a choice of people with sophisticated taste.

5: Eli Manning – Citizen Eco-Drive

Eli Manning who has just taken retirement from sports is said to be the brand ambassador of Citizen Eco-Drive. He has showcased his passion for the watch so many times. He’s undoubtedly the best face for this smooth-talking brand.

front view of Citizen Eco-Drive blue dial watch

He is ranked 7th among NFL passing touchdown leaders. He was a highly rated player and an ace of the aces. Until he retired, he was estimated as one among the top-tier names of NFL.

At the launch of the watch, he was seen wearing a gold watch with a black dial. It has a bezel, push button and a crown attached beside. Though the watch is now discontinued, it still made quite an impact. The hands are in golden color with sub-dials as it is a chronograph watch. Eco-Drive represents an all-in-all calm and placid personality.

6: Peyton Manning – Panerai Radiomir

The Manning family tends to stand in each other’s shoes when it comes to timepieces. Not just Eli, Peyton Manning is also a big-time watch enthusiast. Manning blood has something in common, it seems.

In his last match, Peyton could be seen wearing this magnificent timepiece. He ranks third among NFL passing touchdown leaders. He might have retired, but his charm is never going to retire.

Peyton Manning wearing the Panerai Radiomir watch

The watch has a slightly big case with 47mm dial. It also has a sapphire crystal for the backing. The Panerai Radiomir offers a strap with wire loop attachments and a brown colored case. It has the tendency to reserve power. The strap is easily removable when needed.

Our favorite sports-stars are head over heels with their favorite timepieces. They carefully choose what to endorse, because, in one way or the other, it describes their personalities and their disposition. Conclusively, they adorn themselves with something inch-perfect.

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