Most Popular Omega Seamaster Models

If you know Omega watches you probably know the Omega Seamaster. One of the longest-running lines in the Swiss watchmaker’s esteemed catalog, it’s also one of the most popular. But which Seamaster models do people love the most? Let’s take a look.

Over Seven Decades of Demand

The Omega Seamaster made its debut on the world stage in 1957. Since then the Omega Seamaster has been emblematic of the watchmaker’s fascination with the high seas. But its place in the Omega pantheon has always had a hint of uncertainty. On the one hand, many of the watches in the Seamaster line satisfy hardcore undersea enthusiasts. IT has solid depth ratings and helium valves. On the other hand, many of the offerings in the Seamaster collection wear more like nice dress watches that just happen to be water-resistant. It’s made the line interesting and somewhat hard to define. But let’s at least try with a look at some of the most popular Seamaster’s out there.

The “James Bond” Seamaster Diver 300m

If you’ve seen images of Seamaster’s on Instagram chances are pretty good you’ve come across this classic. Pierce Brosnan famously took 007 from Rolex to Omega in the 1995 movie Goldeneye with a quartz version (Reference 2541.80) that has the instantly recognizable helium escape valve at the ten o’clock position and a wave pattern on its blue dial. The switch made sense as Omega was what officers of Britain’s Royal Navy were actually wearing at the time.

James Bond Seamaster Diver 300m

Omega later celebrated 20 years with Bond by outfitting Daniel Craig (an Omega ambassador) with a Diver 300m for 2005’s Spectre. His limited edition model has a unique lollipop seconds hand and he wore it in sporty style on a grey-and-black NATO strap.

Over the years there have been modifications to the 300m, with some featuring chronograph functions and available in various precious metals. But the watch has stayed true to its original design, and, if the hordes of Omega lovers out there have anything to say about it, it will stay just as popular by not changing with the times.

Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean

This is another one that owes some of its popularity to celebrities. Actors George Clooney and Tom Hardy have been spotted wearing Planet Oceans, as has Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Daniel Craig wears one both off-screen and he sported one in the opening of the Bond film Casino Royale.

Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean

With a debut in 2005, the Planet Ocean has less history than its predecessor, the Diver 300m, but does offer a modern message from Omega about its commitment to ecologically sound oceans. The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Diver 43.5mm, arguably one of the most popular entries in the already popular line, doubles its predecessor’s water resistance with a rating of up to 600 meters (as you may have guessed by its name). The Planet Ocean is also a true dive watch with a helium release valve, co-axial movement, and carbon case. If we’re judging by Instagram, orange seems by far to be the most popular color.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Here’s where we get into something of a nebulous area with Seamasters and their dive-watch credentials. True, the Aqua Terra was built for diving. As most amateur dives won’t take you even close to the watch’s 150-meter depth rating, it covers most underwater needs. But the watch has a dressy side it’s not shy to display. Fitted on a fine leather strap this watch feels more at home in an upscale bistro than along the Great Barrier Reef. With clean, simple case lines and an uncluttered dial, the Aqua Terra exudes a more cosmopolitan vibe than your average tool watch. It’s also well-suited for land as a travel watch, with a 24-hour GMT hand for tracking different time zones.

Both its versatility and its ability to dress up lends to its popularity. We must give another nod to an endorsement from James Bond. Daniel Craig dons an Aqua Terra in Skyfall, but in lieu of scuba gear, he fittingly pairs the watch with a designer suit.

A 300 in Gold and Green

The Omega Seamaster 300 has seen its share of variety, from dial colors to straps, bracelets, and complications. One of the most noteworthy models, and most eye-catching, is a Seamaster 300 in vivid green and yellow gold. The color combination is almost a parody of vintage style. But just almost as the deep green malachite dial and matching ceramic bezel blend perfectly with the gleaming 18K yellow gold case and hands. It dresses up impressively on either a link bracelet or green alligator strap and, in truth, belongs nowhere near the deep sea.

The Great Bullhead Divide

This one has both its rabid fans and its naysaying detractors. And it needs some context to be understood. Omega flowed with the unconventional times and created a watch that stood in defiance of round-case timepieces. The Bullhead’s bold asymmetrical case made it an instant standout, as did its face with chronograph dials in the unusual 12 and 6 o’clock positions. Wearing one today is an unapologetic homage to the hazy days of the 70s and while extremely popular, not for every Omega lover.

So you may be on the side of the majority and favor something from the Diver 300 offerings. Or you may stand apart from the fray and proudly wear an unconventional Bullhead. However you choose, there is a popular Omega Seamaster waiting for you.

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