What Are the Most Durable Watches?

When it comes to investing in a watch, no matter the price range, it needs to suit your unique preferences. And for many individuals, durable watches are much more valuable even than style or extra features.

The Importance of Durable Watches

Perhaps your job requires a lot of physical movement and hard handling? Or you simply want one watch that will last you for years instead of months?

Does that sound like you? The good news is that you can get strong watches without sacrificing all the other important aspects such as aesthetics. Leading watch designers have got your back and some models will last long while still helping you look suave, sexy and modern…whatever your preference is.

Casio G-Shock

Many aspects of your watch determine its durability, so remember to consider all of them. You need a sturdy strap, as well as strong interior components that won’t stop working after a slight impact. The crystal must be strong, and the movable parts should all be resistant to wear & tear.

Now, we list some of the most durable watches—in their construction, straps, and interior components—on the current market so you can compare them and find the winner.

5 of the Most Durable Watches to Consider

Casio G-Shock Range

We’ll start with one for the ladies: you can get durability and still seem feminine & stylish because you can get this model in various colors. Want pink? Sure! Also black models. But all of them look stunning, thanks to details such as pink gold finishes.


Casio G-Shock
Photo from Casio


But we’re talking about durability here, right? This Casio watch will stand the test of time, thanks to a 200m water-resistance and the strong resin band. It will keep on working because it’s resistant to shock and magnetic fields.

Some may find this watch a bit bulky with its case measuring 49×45.9×15.8mm, in which case you can consider the next model.

Seiko Sportura

The Seiko team also has a phenomenal range for women who want strong watches and the 10 bar water-resistance of the Sportura watches is proof of this. The 37.2mm diameter is comfortable to wear, the daintier designs are attractive to many ladies and you still get the strength of a stainless steel case.

Suunto Traverse Alpha

If you’re in search of strong watches for men, many consumers turn to Suunto. This brand has a range of strong options, but the Traverse Alpha Series comes out on top.

Suunto Traverse Alpha
Photo from suunto official

As stated, you don’t have to sacrifice style if you want a durable timekeeper. This model is ultra-modern, and you can pick one of a range of color options. Copper is especially eye-catching.

The durability is thanks to the sapphire crystal used, which means it won’t easily shatter after a little bump against a door, tree, or wall. The case is formed out of a composite that has enduring strength. Stainless steel is used for the bezel so you know that each component will give you optimum durability.

The specs also speak of its value because it has a 100m water-resistance rating. And don’t worry, the textile strap will last a long time, or you can try the brand’s silicone bands too.

Luminox Sea Series ANU

When a watch carries a label of being appropriate for navy use, you know you have a sturdy design, right? That’s what you get from Luminox in the brand’s Sea Series. The ANU (Authorized for Navy Use) label shows its strength. You’re also guaranteed a long-term investment because the lithium battery can last for eight years or even longer.

Luminox Sea Series ANU

The sturdiness continues in the strap because the steel buckle will serve you a long time, even with daily handling. It can resist water up to 200m and the sapphire crystal won’t break easily. Your PU strap is comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

Marathon Search and Rescue TSAR Military Divers Watch

If you’re looking for durable watches, it’s always wise to trust a model designed with rough handling in mind. This model from Marathon is made for search and rescue teams that often put their clothes & jewelry through tough conditions, so you know this one will suit your needs of durability.

You can pick between a steel and rubber strap; both will wear comfortably and last a long time. A leather option is also available if you want a stylish look.

Marathon Large Diver
Photo from marathonwatch official


With a sapphire crystal cover, you know it will still look new for a long time. It has a submersion rating of 30ATM. And inside the watch, you’ll find tritium gas tubes. These are known to last over 20 years, proving that this is one of THE strong watches you need to consider this year.

There’s no question that these durable watches will last you a long time. And yes, it’s worth paying a little more for a leading brand such as Suunto, because you know that with one of these, you’re making a long-term investment.

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