Monochrome Watches: What Are They?

Monochrome generally refers to any object opposed to a pair of colors, or a set of multiple colors. Mono means one, single, or sole. Be it a monochrome computer display, a monochrome painting, or a monochrome photograph — each of them tends to have a single shade. Monochrome watches are widely popular. Typical monochrome watches come in black/white or grey/silver color. To elucidate it further, some monochrome watches carry a traditional color combination of black and white while some seem to be flaunting a rigid grayscale look.

Monochrome Watches: True or False?

IWC Aquatimer Automatic

Nevertheless, classic monochrome watches are presented in silver, grey, black, and white. That being the case, are we supposed to believe that monochrome watches are colorless watches?

Actually, there is an ongoing debate about whether or not black and white are colors. According to a reasonable number of citations, black and white are ousted from the color family though, it is a situation of unresolved conflict.

Ask a physicist and his opinion will be, ‘’Black is not a color, white is.’’ Ask an artist with crayons, and you will get to hear, ‘’White is not a color, black is.’’

Identifying Colors:

Colors exist as light: If this theory is to be believed, white is a color while black is not sure to be a color.Colors exist as pigments or molecular coloring agents: If this theory is to be believed, black is surely a color, but white is not guaranteed to be a color.

So, there is ambiguity with respect to this question. There are various opinions within the society; one does not seem to dominate the other. Simultaneously, there are diverging theories on this issue, and none of them confirms the inclusion of both in the color family.

Are They Necessarily Black/White and Grayscale?

IWC Portofino

There are many monochrome watches market-wide that are not typically black or white or grayscale. Yet, as per the definition, they are rightly considered as monochrome timepieces. In simpler words, any watch having its entire body (including strap, round case, dial, back-case, buckle) colored in single guise is a monochrome watch in essence.

For instance, Sepia-toned watches are one fine example of atypical monochrome watches. Sepia simply means a fusion of red and brown color. These watches are often designed for both genders, condoning to equality. Sepia has been the soberest color, often liked by moderates.

Who Loves A Monochrome?

Watch enthusiasts who love sticking to a minimalist design are fascinated by these watches. These watches don’t have much to offer to those who look around for extraordinary colors and fantastic designs. Monochrome watches are meant to provide you a basic and elegant look.

Anyone who wants a casual or sporty watch with a mono-faceted look will become a fan of these monochrome watches. People who are not excited to pull-off timepieces with an over-the-top look are certainly the right ones for this kind. These watches are meant to facilitate watch fanatics wanting to have something just up to par, and nothing excessively appealing.

Here are select-few monochrome watches that exemplify dignity at best:

MVMT Classic Monochrome

MVMT Classic Monochrome

It’s a beautiful watch in light grey and silver color. From case to dial to strap and even the thread-stitches on strap, all are grey/silver. The leather strap has a smoky design in grey color while the material used for it looks roughened up. There is a round dial with 3-hand movement as well.

The color of this Classic Monochrome dial/case is shining silver, contrasting with the greyish strap. The watch markers and hands inside the dial are also in silver color while the entire surface has a gray shade.

Specs: The date calendar is at the 3 ‘o clock and has a screw down crown. The watch case is 45mm wide, 9mm thick and has a 24mm wide strap. The watch is 3 ATM water resistant.

MVMT Voyager Monochrome Mesh

This Voyager Monochrome Mesh is a pretty watch entirely in dark grey color. The case is slightly lighter in color, but the entire timepiece is colored in a single hue.MVMT Voyager Monochrome Mesh

The watch features a case composed of matte smoke stainless steel. The case has two push buttons and one winding crown attached to it. The dial’s surface and the hands are in grey color. There are black and white crystals used in place of watch markers to highlight the time. On top of that, the strap is originated from a matte smoke mesh.

Specs: The watch includes 2 sub dials and a date calendar. The case is 42mm wide, 11mm thick with a 21mm wide strap. It’s water resistant up to 10 ATM.

MVMT Monochrome Link

MVMT Monochrome Link

This Monochrome Link is a grey watch made of polished and stainless steel. The bracelet is made of steel and has a ladder-like structure with a traditional steel watch design. There is no contrast of color, from the dial, watch markers, hands, case, and to even the bracelet; all have the same shade.

It is a very basic watch without any date calendar. You can always adjust the time using the winding crown.

Specs: The water resistant watch has an interchangeable 20mm strap and a screw down crown. The case is 40mm wide and 7mm thick.

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