Matching Watches With Your Winter Clothes

You know which sweaters go with your favorite jeans. You’ve chosen the perfect overcoat to match your work outfits, and have your eye on an amazing scarf. But have you thought about how matching watches will fit into your winter wardrobe? Here are a few tips for matching watches with cold-weather clothing. 

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Matching Watches, A Touch of Green and Gold

Matching watches with your wardrobe isn’t rocket science. And green is a great color to mix into your winter wardrobe. Add a bit of boldness to your basic black ensemble with a deep-green coat. From your favorite jeans-and-sweater weekend wear to dress-casual outfits, a green scarf is a wonderful way to put some pizazz in an otherwise unremarkable look. And nothing goes better with green than gold watches.

But you don’t need to spend a fortune to shine with gold. Armani Exchange has both the prestige and look of a top-name brand without the price tag. Their line of gold-plated watches can have you looking like a high-end watch aficionado without the cost. Tommy Hilfiger is another brand with men’s watches that look more prestigious than their price tags. Give the gold Luke Watch a gander. Of course, if you want to go with true luxury, a great gold watch for men and convention-defying women is the Rolex GMT-Master II. In yellow gold or 18-carat everose gold, this classic never goes out of style.

For women, Vivienne Westwood has some striking gold watches in their Bow and Bloomsbury lines. Evolved from their punk roots, Westwood’s watches span from simple-yet-elegant to bold and quirky. Promoted by Kendall Jenner, the Classic Petite Melrose from Daniel Wellington is a wonderful gold timepiece that’s beloved by the young and young in spirit.

A Great Winter Look

A current trend is mixing shades of browns for some sensational cold-weather outfits. On recent runways, we‘ve seen an outpouring of brown winter wear. From Fendi’s double F-clad worker jackets to deep-brown blazers, bomber jackets and overcoats from Kim Jones. You’re bound to see the stylish keeping warm with brown Mac coats and dark-brown corduroy jackets. But don’t make the mistake of accessorizing with an all-black watch. Better to sport complementing shades of brown leather with your timepiece.

For men and women, a great watch that blends well with brown is the Movado Edge, with a silver-hued aluminum dial and brown looped leather strap. A relative newcomer to the watch scene, Alpina has some attractive watches that lend themselves to brown leather straps. Consider the Startimer Pilot with a white matte dial. The Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope has clean and simple lines that mesh well with the natural vibe of brown ensembles. The Braun BN0021 is another understated gem that feels at once basic and sophisticated — perfect to match the upscale-yet-downplayed look of your layered brown outfit.

Complement Camel With Silver

While technically in the brown category, camel coats are not always best worn with multi-brown outfits. The popular and versatile overcoats are better matched with neutral tones and the odd dash of color. The most-fitting watch to match with camel is silver.

A wonderful men‘s silver watch that won’t contrast with the soft camel tone is the Tissot Luxury Automatic in stainless steel. Camel also lends itself to mixing in a bit of black and leaves you free to wear watches like the TAG Heuer Men’s Stainless Steel Watch. The classic silver-and-black timepiece will never go out of style.

A great camel-matching TAG Heuer for women is the Formula 1. Check out polished-steel models with white ceramic accents that exude a soft side without losing any of the brand’s famed boldness. Similar to TAG Heuer, the Tissot Dressport is a chronograph often worn by women that lends itself to complementing camel.

Pair Your Orange Wear With Black

Orange is all over winter streetwear this season. From jackets, sweaters, shoes and even pants, the Halloween hue makes for a bold wardrobe choice. Of course, it’s best to mix in some offsetting tones such as charcoal to avoid looking like a pumpkin. Black-on-black watches are the best choice for your orange outings.

All-black beauties for men and women include the Braun BN0171, with a black case and black dial featuring hints of gray on hour markers. A bit of yellow and white on the hands makes the midnight motif all the more striking. Debuting in 1976, the TAG Heuer Monza was one of the first all-black watches and today’s incarnations continue the deliciously dark tradition. The Tudor Black Bay Dark has bold red accents on the bezel of the otherwise all-black PVD-coated watch.

Tudor has a Black Bay for women with a NATO fabric strap and an oversized snowflake hour hand. A beaded bezel is a big attraction on the all-black Breitling Navitimer 8.

Matching Watches Sporty Looks Back in Style

Fashion trends regenerate and you’ll see lots of style from the 90s on the street this winter. Sporty looks that echo workout wear are again in vogue with two-piece shell suits, tracksuits and bucket hats. Nature-ready sports gear also abounds with Giorgio Armani’s backpacks and hiking boots from Bally and Moncler.

These sporty looks are the perfect opportunity to rotate in your favorite smartwatch. Without throwing shade on the iWatch, there are a lot of new smartwatches that don’t sacrifice style for function. Skagen’s Falster 2 Smart Watch positively oozes minimalist style. The Touchscreen Smartwatch from Emporio Armani captures the brand’s iconic statement-making designs.  Movado stays sleek with its Connect Smart Watch, while Breitling goes big with its titanium Exospace B55.

Game of Thrones constantly reminds us that “Winter is Coming.” As you are breaking out your best sweaters and shopping for that perfect coat, don’t forget that a watch is an integral part of your winter wardrobe.

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