Martian Watches: Your Go-To Guide

If you want to be associated with those that are ahead of their time, Martian Watches is a brand you should take note of. The brand has a few claims to fame and below we’ll explore all these aspects in detail.

Of course, it’s not only about the brand’s unique history. What are their watches like? In short, they’re definitely worth adding to your shortlist of accessories to buy this year, especially if you love innovative gadgets.

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Where did Martian Watches Come from?

Here’s a unique story: Martian Watches is actually a watch brand founded by another company called SilverPlus, Inc. The company originated in Irvine, CA and is a proudly US brand.

The company behind Martian Watches, SilverPlus, Inc, is known as a distributor of communication equipment. The president is Stan Kinsey, a well-known investor who has been part of famous brands’ boards, such as serving as an executive at Disney back in the 80s.

The brand was established over a decade ago in 2007. But at the time it had one of the most innovative approaches to watch technology. Now wonder the name still garners respect from many people.

What Makes Martian Watches Unique?

Here’s one of the most fun facts about Martian: to the best of the industry’s knowledge, Martian was the first brand ever to incorporate voice command into one of its watches. These days you’ll find many brands, from Fitbit to Samsung that have this feature. But Martian was the first.

Another unique approach to being part of the watch industry was HOW the brand funded its new products. The wireless watches that could connect to Smartphones were first sent to customers in 2013 but before that the brand launched a Kickstarter campaign. This was successful enough to gain the funds they needed to realize their dream.

The Martian brand wasn’t only adored by gadget lovers. Other prominent brands also took note, with Guess wanting to team up with them with the goal of designing a few smartwatches together. Eventually, not all these plans were realized; but the fact that such a well-known company took note of Martian, proved the brand’s worth.

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Features of Martian Watches

The initial focus behind the Martian range was to create watches that allow for hands free management of wearers’ mobile devices. This was done by putting wireless technology to good use and enabling watches to communicate with phones. They also created a compact OLED display. The units’ other features included:

  • Noise cancelling microphones
  • Speakers
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Micro USB port
  • Accelerometer

The USB port is the feature you use to charge your Martian watch and watches are compatible with both Android & iOS.

As mentioned, Martian did everything it could to stay ahead of the game, adding features modern consumers can appreciate. Via the OLED screen wearers can see who is calling them on their mobile devices and you can even get notifications from your social media profiles.

Yes, today these seem like regular features, but a few years ago it was unheard of.

All these impressive features and the innovative approach to the watch industry earned the brand awards, from respected entities such as CNET. They won the Edison Award for Productivity Tools in 2013 and even Popular Mechanics CES gave them an Editor’s Choice Award.

There’s no doubt that Martian impressed everyone around them.

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Martian Watches Today

It wasn’t all plain sailing for the brand unfortunately. The company launched another Kickstarter campaign later on, but this one didn’t go as planned. They suffered significant losses, couldn’t supply all their clients with the watches ordered and they ran into debt.

The sad news is that the brand didn’t survive in the long term. After a strong start in 2007 and its many victories in the watch industry, it had to close its doors in 2018. During its 11 years of operation it added impressive watch models to the modern market.

Martian Watches that Deserve a Place in Your Collection

If you can get your hands on a Martian watch these days, go for it. The brand succeeded in incorporating high tech and impressive style in many of the models.

If analog is your preference, there’s the Martian G2G with its modern spin or the ultra-classy Passport model. Or perhaps you’ll prefer the Marian Victory available in four different designs that go with almost any outfit. The older Notifier model was also a crowd favorite and you can see the brand catered with watch styles for various niches.


The watches all come with Voice Command technology that empowers you to live more hands free.

Final Thoughts

Not all good things last forever and it’s sad that such a prominent brand is no longer part of the industry. But the smartwatches they left behind were impressive and still

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