Longines Master Collection Moonphase Watches

A moonphase watch is a unique creation and Longines has masterfully navigated its specialized area for years. The decision to put a moonphase complication on the valuable real estate of a dial is not something that watchmakers or watch buyers take lightly. Building on its success, Longines recently added to their moonphase collection. So let’s take a look at these new offerings and how they fit into the Longines moonphase universe.

Moonphase Watches, A Sophisticated Style

While you may be tempted to call these watches “vintage” or “retro-inspired” you really can’t. You might be kind of close, as they have a lot of traditional design elements, but Longines covers that throwback vibe with its Heritage CollectionMaster Moonphase Collection has always focused on simple, elegant and sophisticated designs.

Longines Master Moonphase

In an Accessible Price Range

We would be remiss in not addressing price before we get into the finer details of the Moonphase watches collection. Cost matters and Longines excels at hitting the high quality/affordability sweet spot of between two and three thousand dollars. So, with this collection we’re on the higher end of starter luxury offerings, comparable to timepieces you might find in the low reaches of Omega. But we’re stretching a bit toward the mid-tier luxury realm where you find nice Rolex watches.

Diamonds in the Mix

Now, we wouldn’t use this watch and the word “bling” in the same sentence. That said, the optional diamond hour markers do bring some elegant glitter to the timepieces. They’re “diamond-studded.” Isn’t that a fun phrase? Go on and say it — diamond-studded! Picking up an elegant watch with some nice diamond hour markers for under three thousand dollars is a pretty solid purchase.

Dials in Silver, Black and Sunray Blue

Longines sticks with tried-and-true color bases for dials with the new timepieces here, going with a blue dial with a sun ray finish, or either black or silver with barleycorn guilloche finishes. All are available in 40mm or 42mm case sizes. Among the color choices, black and silver exude more classic looks.

Longines Master Moonphase

Rave Reviews for Blue:

The sun ray blue dial has been getting some of the most glowing online mentions. It’s easy to see why. The deep blue-on-blue colors blend seamlessly with the skies that pass on the moonphase indicator. Continuing the theme with a blue alligator strap, it’s as if the evening skies had fallen over the entire watch, bringing darkness that’s serenely contrasted by twinkles of light from diamonds, white indices, and a gleaming stainless steel case.

How Does the Moonphase Watch Work?

Longines uses the traditional bosom-style aperture which shows a representation of the moon crossing the sky, with the portion of the moon exposed that’s equal to the ratio of lunar light you will see in the night sky. During a full moon, for example, your watch will be showing the same.  A small hand tracks the days of the 29.5 day lunar cycle.

The Movement

No matter the size, shape or model, if you get a Longines Moonphase you get the reliable L899 movement, which was developed by ETA exclusively for Longines. The automatic movement has a power reserve of 64 hours, and of course, runs the moonphase indicator complication.

Case, Bracelet and Straps

The cases keep things simple with classic round shapes, no wasted metal for this watch that revels in a minimalist lean! They hit the nice “kind of-big-but-not-crazy-big” sizes of 40mm or 42mm. And while you likely won’t take the Master Moonphase spearfishing off the coast of Maui, it’s nice to know that it has water resistance up to 30 meters.

Given it’s a classic round stainless steel watch, it goes perfectly well with a stainless steel bracelet. But we all know watches bring out their dressier sides with fine leather and the Longines Moonphase watch it no exception. Arguably, some models dress up a bit better than others. Put the white-dial Moonphase watch on a brown leather strap and you may get a few passing glances of admiration. But you slip on a Moonphase watch with a black lacquer dial with diamond hour markers on a black leather strap, now you’ve got a dress watch that can complete with formal timepieces in much higher price ranges.

And let’s not forget that the phases of the moon will be displayed on your wrist! Throughout all of humanity, the lunar cycle has been there as our companion, from marking the passing of time to guiding ancient sailors across unknown seas. Sure, in today’s world, monitoring the moon isn’t normally necessary or even usual unless you’re a meteorologist. But with some help from Longines, maybe now you can enjoy a closer relationship with that ever-mystifying celestial body.

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