Longines Legend Diver, the Perfect Diver’s Watch

Longines has been known in the watchmaking industry for all the magic that it stirs with its timepieces. It has earned excellence in the art of skilled watchmaking; a Swiss precision and a touch of perfection that comes only with experience in the watchmaking industry. It is no doubt that some of the pieces presented by Longines are true masterpieces and some of the most iconic timepieces that the world has witnessed. Amongst these masterpieces, Longines adds yet another one with the Longines Legend Diver.

It is a piece of quintessential crafting that has never failed to impress; a beautiful amalgamation of Longines’ classic style and cutting-edge technology.

The Perfect Diver’s Watch

Longines Legend Diver is no ordinary watch. This is a diver’s watch that has been designed to ensure that it provides the best of functionality. This timepiece is packed with not one or two, but a number of features that make it absolutely perfect for a diver.

Longines Legend Diver

The casing of this diver’s watch is specially designed to take a hit from the water, and still be running well. It offers water resistance of up to 30 bar. With that kind of waterproofing, you could take a dive into a good depth of the sea with your diver’s watch, and swim back up with absolutely no damage done.

It is geared with an internal diving flange that will provide with the utmost functionality when you test out the Legend Diver in the sea. But that isn’t all. Even the buckle on the strap of this watch comes with an integrated diving extension that further makes it the perfect diver’s watch.

There is yet another component to this timepiece that further enhances the legibility to this watch. The multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on the underside of the exquisite sapphire crystal allow not only legibility but a greater degree of clarity as well.

Longines Legend Diver and it’s Captivating Design

It is appropriate to say that Longines knows how to grab attention with all of its timepieces. It has always been known for valuing the aesthetics and form of the watch, just as much as its functionality. And that is one of the reasons the brand stands where it does today.

Longines Legend Diver

The Longines Legend Diver features the same captivating qualities of a Longines masterpiece, but with a design that is unique and bold all at once. The all-black bold look of this watch surely speaks for itself. It is designed to be an irresistible masterpiece, and it plays every bit of that role.

This bold timepiece is ideally designed for those that look for a watch that can add to their personality, rather than just sit as an accessory on their wrists. This timepiece surely knows how to adorn a wrist with a class that is a level apart than all others. The contrasting white indexes and hands on the face of the watch stand bold against it, just like the timepiece does on a wrist.

Uncompromised Functionality

Longines has cracked the code with the understanding that a pleasing exterior is not all it takes with a good timepiece. The difference between a standard, good looking timepiece, and these Swiss pieces of perfection is their outclass functionality. And Longines knows how to overcome that.

With every timepiece that it puts out for its wearers, it ensures that the timepiece itself serves to be the epitome of functionality. And the Legend Diver is no exception to the brand’s signature excellence when it comes to functioning.

Longines Legend Diver

With the L888 Caliber and an automatic movement, this timepiece works like nothing less than a dream. With its self-winding mechanical movement beating at 25’200 vibrations per hour, this timepiece allows you to view of not only the standard hours minutes and seconds but an additional date feature. And all of this outstanding movement going on under the face of the watch allows it to provide the user with up to 64 hours of power reserve.

Longines Legend Diver – Ideal Combination of Style and Comfort

Picking a timepiece, for the wearers, always comes down to two things; the style that it presents with and the comfort that it has to offer. The Legend Diver proves to be a perfect combination of both in equal proportions. It will serve you with style, just as it would adorn your wrist with comfort.

The 42 mm robust, lack PVD coated casing of this diver’s watch makes it stand apart from the rest, right from the first glance. The black lacquered polished depth further adds a dimension to the face of the watch. Meanwhile, the bi-directional rotating bezel and the classic screw-in crown of this timepiece only further add to its unique style.

Longines Legend Diver

The rubber band of this masterpiece is not one that can be compared to an ordinary strap. It is designed specifically to ensure that this statement of style is carried on the wearer’s wrist with a degree of great comfort.

Longines Legend Diver, the Complete Package

Longines Legend Diver is not just a diver’s watch, nor is it a simple classic collectible. It is a timepiece that encompasses excellence in every aspect. It is a statement of style and a symbol of sophistication. Simply put, the Legend Diver by Longines is nothing less than a complete package, and an irresistible temptation that none would be able to resist.

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