Longines Legend Diver, the Perfect Diver’s Watch

Longines has long been known for the magic that it makes with its timepieces. It has earned excellence in the art of skilled watchmaking; boasting Swiss precision and expert craftsmanship that comes only with years of industry experience. There is no doubt that some of the pieces presented by Longines are true masterpieces. And amongst these iconic watches is none other than the Longines Legend Diver

The Longines Legend Diver is a quintessential timepiece that never fails to impress. It is a beautiful amalgamation of the brand’s classic style and cutting-edge horological technology. Today, we will be taking a closer look at this iconic timekeeper, its origins, its outstanding features, as well as some excellent alternatives to this Longines timepiece.

Longines Legend Diver the perfect Diver's watch

The Origin of the Longines Legend Diver

In the late 1950s, Longines created a brand-new watch design, producing a high-caliber dive watch called the Nautilus Skin Diver. This was followed by the Longines Ref. 7042, which was launched in 1960.  The Longines Ref. 7042 had characteristics similar to the Nautilus Skin Diver but came in a larger size. After its release, it quickly became the most sought-after timepiece in the Longines catalog. Today, it is remembered as the watch that inspired the existence of the iconic Longines Legend Diver series.

In 2007, Longines introduced the very first version of the Legend Diver, better known as the “LLD.” Released as part of the brand’s Heritage collection, the watch pays homage to the 1960 Longines Ref. 7042. Longines decided to revive the vintage timepiece, but with a contemporary twist to meet the needs of its modern patrons.

Shortly after its release, the Longines Legend Diver became a popular trendy piece among vintage watch connoisseurs. This was mainly because of its visually appealing style and unmatched functionality.

In 2009, Longines released new versions of the Legend Diver. For the 10th anniversary celebration of the Longines Legend Diver in 2017, the company released the special edition available Longines Legend Diver Ref. L3.674.4.50.6. The following year, the company also unveiled a 36mm Longines Legend Diver timepiece, which was designed for ladies and enthusiasts who prefer smaller watches.  Another notable difference between the 36mm Longines Legend Diver and the earlier Legend Diver variants is its top-notch automatic Caliber L592. It is based on the ETA A20.L11 movement and offers 40 hours of power reserve.

Up Close with Longines Legend Diver

The Longines Legend Diver has been a crowd favorite since its release in 2007. The watch stands out from the rest due to its vintage-inspired style and the top-notch movement that runs beneath its dial. In addition, it is also available at a very fair price, which is why many watch enthusiasts seek to add this top-tier timepiece to their collections.


case and bezel of Longines Legend Diver watch
Photo by ludalmg90 on Flickr

Right off the bat, you can tell that Longines Legend Diver is no ordinary watch. This is a diver’s watch designed to provide the best level of utility and functionality. This timepiece is packed with not one or two, but numerous features that make it absolutely perfect as a dedicated diver.

This Longines timepiece has a 36mm solid stainless steel case. This is fitted with an exquisite sapphire crystal. This crystal is coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating, which prevents light glares and gives it excellent legibility.

Dial and Bezel

dial and bezel of Longines Legend Diver watch
Photo by ajburnett9 on Flickr

Another interesting feature of the Longines Legend Diver is its striking black lacquered dial. It has a vintage vibe, which is emphasized by the addition of silver and cream-colored indices and accents that give the watch a monochromatic appearance. The dial has a streamlined and clean look that makes it easily readable with just a glance.

Another thing about the Legend Diver that draws attention is its internal bi-directional rotating bezel. The white index hour markers are all accentuated with small luminous squares. The bezel’s downward pointing triangle is also coated with luminous material, giving it a bright green glow in the dark. The 2, 6, and, 9 o’clock positions are marked with thick Arabic numerals.  Next to each of these numeral markers, you can find a bold rectangular line, also coated with lume.


Longines knows that crafting a decent timepiece requires more than just a pleasing aesthetic. The difference between standard, good-looking timepieces and Longines’ outstanding products comes down to one thing: functionality,

With every timepiece that the Swiss company produces, it ensures that the watch is reliable, efficient, and an accurate timekeeper. And the Longines Legend Diver is no exception.

Powered by the L888 Caliber automatic movement, the Longines Legend Diver works like a dream. With its caliber beating at a whopping 25,200 vibrations per hour, this timepiece shows you not only the standard hours, minutes, and seconds, but it also has an additional date feature. The L888 Caliber also has a 64-hour power reserve, giving users the optimal timekeeping experience that they deserve. 

Date Function

The first version of the Longines Legend Diver, released in 2007, does not have a date feature. It was only in 2009 that the Swiss brand decided to add a date complication to a new variant of this robust diver watch. Longines ceased the production of the no-date models in 2012. As a result, it became a relatively rare timepiece, and its popularity soared, especially amongst watch collectors.

That said there are still some customers who also prefer to own the latest Longines Legend Diver model, the one equipped with a date function. This is because they believe that its dial is more streamlined and graceful.

Bracelet or Strap

Photo by ludalmg90 on Flickr

Picking your perfect timepiece often comes down to two things: its aesthetics and the comfort it offers. The Legend Diver proves to be a perfect combination of both, in equal proportions. It is a stylish watch that feels incredibly comfortable on your wrist.

The rubber band of this masterpiece is not one that can be compared to an ordinary strap. It is specifically designed to ensure that the Longines Legend Diver is fitted on the wearer’s wrist with a degree of great comfort. But that is not at all. The buckle on the strap of this watch also comes with an integrated diving extension, making it the perfect epitome of a diver’s watch. 

Water Resistance

Another main feature of the Longines Legend Diver is its ability to withstand extreme water pressures. It offers a water resistance rating of up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet.

With that kind of waterproofing, you can take a dive into the sea with this diver’s watch and swim back up with absolutely no damage done. The Longines Legend Diver is also equipped with an internal diving flange which provides exceptional performance during all your underwater adventures.

Price Range 

Ultimately, the main highlight of the Longines Legend Diver is its value. This watch is available at a very fair price of $1,900 USD. For such a well-crafted vintage piece, this price is actually quite competitive. After all, aside from its aesthetically appealing face, this Longines watch also offers a lot of outstanding features, including its top-notch L888 Caliber movement and its well-designed dial. So, if you are looking for a cool modern watch with an interesting heritage, the Longines Legend Diver might just be the best choice for you.

Alternatives to the Longines Legend Diver

The Longines Legend Diver has a lot of great qualities that a diver watch should possess. However, not everyone is fond of owning a vintage-inspired piece. As such, here are two alternative diving timepieces that have similar features and price tags to the Legend Diver. 

1. Seiko Prospex Limited Edition Ref. SPB149J1

front view of Seiko Prospex Limited Edition Ref. SPB149J1 watch
Photo from Watchshopping.com

At first glance, you can already tell how exquisite the Seiko Prospex Limited Edition Ref. SPB149J1, especially with its striking blue dial. This limited edition timepiece has a 40.5mm case and bracelet which are made out of solid stainless steel. They guarantee excellent durability, even while exposed to extreme water pressures. This Seiko watch also comes with a sapphire crystal that protects that dial from external threats. 

Aside from that, this Seiko Prospex watch relies on a Caliber 6R35 automatic, which has 70 hours worth of power reserve. The timekeeper is also equipped with a water resistance rating of 200 meters, proving that it is indeed one of the best and most stylish diving watches in the market today.

When it comes to price, the Longines Legend Diver and the Seiko Prospex Limited Edition Ref. SPB149J1 fall in the range of $1,500 USD to $2,000 USD. This is quite fair, considering their outstanding qualities. All in all, the Seiko Prospex Limited Edition Ref. SPB149J1 is a desirable watch for those who are looking for a contemporary and handsome companion.

2. Oris Aquis Ref. 01 798 7754 4135-07 4 24 64EB

front view of Oris Aquis Ref. 01 798 7754 4135-07 4 24 64EB watch
Photo from Watchshopping.com

If you are looking for a diver watch with a modern appearance, the Oris Aquis collection is a great place to start. A model that stands out is the Oris Aquis Ref. 0179877544135-0742464EB, which retails at $1,929 USD. Its 43.5mm case is made out of stainless steel, which perfectly complements the eye-catching blue dial. It also comes with a black rubber strap and is equipped with a sapphire crystal that acts as a protective barrier for the dial. 

This Oris Aquis watch runs on a Caliber 798 movement. It has a power reserve of up to 42 hours and a frequency of 28,800 vph. Just like the Longines Legend Diver, this Oris watch is also water-resistant up to depths of 300 meters. On the whole, it is a perfect option for those of you who like wearing a reliable and highly legible diving timepiece.

Final Thoughts

The Longines Legend Diver is not just a diver’s watch, nor is it a simple classic collectible. It is a timepiece that encompasses excellence in every aspect. Its aesthetic, vintage-inspired looks, paired with a litany of advanced modern functions, make it stand out from the rest of its competitors. 

Simply put, the Longines Legend Diver is nothing less than a complete package and an irresistible temptation that none can resist. 

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