8 Lesser Known Watch Brands You Should Consider

Today’s generation doesn’t know life without a watch and is constantly monitored by time. While wristwatches have existed for many years, you may not know the history behind these timepieces and watch brands.

If you’re currently shopping for watches, you’ll know the names Cartier, Omega, Rolex, and TAG Heuer like the back of your hand. Instead of going for these popular labels, why not opt for the lesser-known watch brands? Here are eight unfamiliar watch brands to consider for your next purchase.

1: Georg Jensen

Established in 1904 by its Danish silversmith namesake, this Copenhagen-based company’s still going strong. Although this company’s more popular because of its jewelry, they make some fine wristwatches using Swiss automatic mechanisms.

Georg Jensen Koppel
Photo from georgjensen

Georg Jensen watches are simple yet elegant. Their minimalist designs feature only the essentials of long, thin hands set against a plain background dial. If this tickles your fancy, opt for an understated but sophisticated watch brand such as this.

2: Giuliano Mazzuoli

Inspired by his family roots in the rolling hills of Florence in Tuscany, Italian watch designer Giuliano Mazzuoli followed his dream of creating a watch that stood out from the rest.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro
Giuliano Mazzuoli Official Website

What makes the Giuliano Mazzuoli watches so desirable is their artistic and functional detailed design, coupled with clean lines. Known to ‘say it with their hands’, he encapsulates his creativity and passion while remaining authentic to his Italian essence.

3: Junghans

As far back as 1861, Junghans became a name in Schramberg, southwestern Germany. Starting out as Junghans and Tobler, Junghans brothers-in-law Erhard Junghans & Jakob Zeller-Tobler began a clock part factory in the Lauterbachtal valley area.

Junghan Bauhaus
Photo from Junghans

What’s now become the biggest watchmaker in Germany, other countries might not be so au fait with the humble automatics and design. Their reasonable prices and timeless visual appeal make this a sharp statement of a watch to wear with pride.

4: Komono

Hailing from Belgium, this Belgian brand’s an affordable alternative to a timepiece that’s still made with superior materials. Komono’s youthful nature is inspired by founders Raf Maes and Anton Janssens, who in 2009, introduced watches to their existing sunglasses brand.

Komono Kate Watch
Photo from komono official

What makes this watch brand so different is the pops of color in the cases, dials, straps, and smooth design. Less is definitely more with a watch such as this. Your pockets will thank you for it too.

5: Objest

If a customized watch sounds appealing, then Objest’s the brand for you. Designed in London and collaborating with master Swiss watchmakers, Objest makes anything possible. Whether you’d like a customized buckle, case, crown, date window, dial, hands, or strap, this watch brand allows your dream timepiece to be tailor-made.

Objest Hach Automatic
Photo from objest official

Take your uniqueness to a whole new level and get exactly the watch you’ve always wanted within just three weeks. The best part? You’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation that’s been designed for yours truly.

6: Shinola

Shinola started when former retrenched automotive industry workers began making watches in Michigan, Detroit. Launched in 2011, this watch brand occupied the premises of a former General Motors design laboratory, and the rest, as they say, is history.


The name was bought from the early 20th century brand of shoe polish. The Swiss-trained team hand makes watches along with other goods. For a watch that’s handsome and hardy, this is it.

7: Skagen

Coming from the northernmost town in Denmark, Skagen has been in operation since 1989. Founded by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, the couple who’d moved to New York three years before had the idea of selling business gift watches while Henrik worked as a Carlsberg sales manager.

Skagen Signatur
Skagen Official Website

Skagen watches are made in the USA with Swiss parts. Their Scandinavian design is trendy and they are luxurious yet within most budgets.

8: Thomas Earnshaw

English watchmaker Thomas Earnshaw was the man behind the simplification of producing marine chronometers back in the 1700s. Once these were made accessible to the general public, Charles Darwin used one such piece on his revolutionary Origin of Species voyage.

Thomas Earnshaw Flinders
Photo from Thomas Earnshaw Official Website

This watch brand has grown to craft timeless watches for today’s generation that are perfect for travelers or land lovers. You might want to add one of these to your classic collection.


Don’t forget these lesser-known watch brands. Rather than going with the flow and blending in with everyone else, owning one of these timepieces will certainly be a conversation starter & turn heads.

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