Laurent Ferrier Debuts Geneva Edition

Laurent Ferrier has released a new, beautiful and limited-edition timepiece! The watch features a flawless technical perspective with a Galet Annual Calendar. The company has named this high-end watch the ‘Geneva Edition.’

Laurent Ferrier created this timepiece for Boutique Montres Prestige Geneva. Are you wondering if this watch is for everyone? Well, it is a limited edition. So limited that there are only five pieces available. Yes, only five!

Laurent Ferrier introduces a new color in their collection. Geneva Edition features a unique and stylish finish, unlike other models of the company. The watch has a two-toned dial with a grained texture to devote its creation to autumn leaves.

Laurent Ferrier Autumn Inspiration, Geneva Edition

Every season in our lives represents a stage of life. Autumn portrays the sense of maturity and amassed knowledge. This Geneva watchmaking company has been a great manufacturer since the 1960s.

Over the years, Laurent Ferrier has grown and attracted great people who love wearing classical timepieces. The dial of the watch is much warmer and richer than the case. The watch displays all the stages of the autumn scenery.

Laurent Ferrier Geneva Edition
Source: Laurent Ferrier

The dial is sparkled with a sandy matte texture that attracts the eyes. The Galet Annual Calendar is one dominating characteristic of the timepiece. The date is in blue Arabic numerals; the 31st is in red with a white pointer hand.

There are two rectangular perspectives at the top of the dial displaying the day and month. The small seconds are located in the center of the dial at the 6 o’clock position. Known for its iconic hour and minute hands. These white gold hands are shaped like javelins known as ‘Assegai.’ They are polished with dark ruthenium and finished to complete satisfaction.

Laurent Ferrier, The Galet Annual Calendar

Laurent Ferrier builds their timepieces to ensure user-friendliness. The latest creation of the company, Geneva Edition, carries an array of proved qualities. This watch is designed in-house and wounded by hands to distinguish its high-end performance.

The white gold Assegai hands tell the time. And the date is displayed in the periphery of the dial by a white hand. The Geneva Edition indicates quite a lot of information and yet remains a smart and stylish choice by the purists.

Unlike other timepieces, the Geneva Edition consists of easy-to-use grip pushers. The fiddly sticks have become old fashioned and do not give the watch a decent appearance. The watch endows an annual calendar that recognizes the months with 30 and 31 days.

Laurent Ferrier Geneva Edition
Source: Laurent Ferrier

The watch advances automatically to the 1st after the previous month has ended. The only adjustment required by the watch per year is on the 1st of March. To adjust the day display, there is a push key on the left of the case. Other changes can be made by pulling the recessed crown and rotating it to choice.

The ball-shaped calendar portrays the feeling of old-fashioned pocket watches. The crown of the watch is an appealing attraction because it features a domed circlet.

On the back it reads, “Geneva Edition” and a very limited serial number. These unique digits distinguish the watch to be restricted to 5 pieces only. The 40mm case of the watch is sturdy and rugged with 10mm thickness, excluding the sapphire crystal. With the crystal finishing, it gets 12.80mm thick.

Caliber 126.01

The heart of the high-end Geneva Edition is the caliber 126.01. The movement of the hand-wounded timepiece comprises of 235 components. The watch can run amazingly for 80 hours and incorporates a Swiss-made lever escapement. The rim of the balance wheel has fixed screws to balance the variable inertia of the watch.

Purists believe that the Geneva Edition gives superior performance when combined with a simple index-adjusted balance. The rear of the watch has a power-reserve indicator. The whole watch gives an eye-catching appeal to the brand owners. The Geneva Edition incorporates 23 jewels in the whole creation of the watch.

Laurent Ferrier Geneva Edition
Source: Laurent Ferrier

The bridge of the timepiece has thick Genevan stripes. Polished ruthenium steel and brass parts give a contrasting look to the finishing of the watch. The watch features water resistance to 30 meters and polished sapphire crystals on both sides. To tie the watch, there are two options available for the brand owners, double-blade folding clasp or pin buckle.

Laurent Ferrier Verdict

All the 23 jewels in the watch glow with astonishing amusement. The fortunate user of the Laurent Ferrier Geneva Edition experiences incredible expertise in the company. On the whole, the watch indicates the virtue of wisdom and power.

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