Watch Guide: Answers to Common IWC Watch Questions

IWC Schaffhausen makes watches for people who love simplicity. Or better yet, let’s say the word “inconspicuous” sums up the entire collections of IWC watches. An IWC watch gives you everything a luxury watch has, without all the loud-luxurious physical appeal that most others are known for.

It’s a nice twist—but then IWC watches navigates it with in-house technical innovations that reflect in their watches. An example is their detailed movements (whether mechanical, automatic, or quartz), scratch-resistant/durable cases, and options in the form of various bracelets.

If all of these things are the reasons why you love the brand, then you’re in the right place. We have answered some questions that will either make or break your decision at the end.

IWC Portugieser

What’s the common agreement on watches made by IWC watches?

IWC Schaffhausen is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer that was founded in 1868. And concerning its judgment, people generally (including us) think of their watches as a healthy mix of functionality, price, and looks. If we were to give those 3 stats numbers (out of 10), it would be in the order 9-8-7.  It can increase or reduce a bit, depending on the person you’re talking to. But in the end, the brand makes watches that are almost perfect timekeepers, somewhat pricey, and seemingly subdued in terms of looks.

Do IWC Schaffhausen manufacture watches for women?

If you care to take a look underneath the general consensus, you’ll notice that IWC Schaffhausen has a made available a myriad of beautiful watches for women. With this fact, one has to ask this question: Why do people still believe that the brand only makes watches for men?

To that, IWC Schaffhausen changed their marketing strategy in the year 2000. The company decided to promote their collections of watches for men, instead of running promotions for both. The cost of this is that you won’t find a lot of women wearing the brand.

The Swiss company’s watches for women on the market dates to the 20th century down to the 1980s and 90s. In their watches in question, you’ll find materials (diamonds for example) that you’ll never find in the counterparts for a male.

Why do people buy IWC watches despite the price tag?

While IWC watches tell the time, their price tags are individually heavy, so there should be another reason why people buy it. In regard to that, we would have loved to say IWC watches are well-loved by people because they’re good investments. Instead, the opposite is the case. Most people buy IWC watches because of 2 reasons.

The first is the amount of time and thus, people that had a hand in making the watches. The second is the company’s history. Both, when combined, deserve respect, especially since we can all see the result of their union. As a matter of fact, even the IWC North American president, Edouard D’Arbaumont said the same thing.

So, if you’re interested in buying watches from IWC Schaffhausen, you’re essentially buying pure functionality/performance. They make watches that last indefinitely—which in turn gives the entire line up an “heirloom” kind of vibe.

Who are the different models for?

Over the years (since the founding), IWC watches have created different watches to fit different tastes. For men specifically, we’ll be going through some of the models and what they were invented for. Let us know which one you prefer to wear.

IWC Pilot’s Watches

Like the name implies, this collection of watches is strictly for people who’re always on the move. In other words, watches that fall here usually rank high on the toughness scale and are good looking, so you can wear them with different outfits.

IWC Aquatimer Automatic Watches

The Aquatimer line is specifically built for sports lovers. Their collection is built for diving, wherein one of the notable features is the external/internal rotating bezel with the brand’s SafeDive system. It allows divers to easily read the elapsed time when underwater.

IWC Portofino Watches

The Portofino collection is home to dress watches. That includes the iconic round face and soft looks.

IWC Ingenieur Automatic Watches

The IWC Ingenieur Automatic features bold looking watches. They’re the epitome of ruggedness which is right up there amongst the loved characteristics of the average male.

IWC Portugieser Watches

If you’re the type interested in only the most sophisticated of watches in terms of movement, and thus, features, choose any that suits your taste in the IWC Portugieser line.

Our Final Thoughts on IWC Watches

You might have never thought about any of these questions. But at the least, at the end of everything, you know enough about IWC watches to either choose to buy one of their watches or not. Even the question of whether or not there are ladies’ watches from the brand opens up some opportunities. You might want to buy a pair (one for yourself, the other for your partner), or it can be the next gift or recommendation to anyone who prefers being inconspicuous. So, if you later choose to give the brand a try, know that, as we said, you’re buying to keep.

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