IWC Portofino Collection is a Classic

Wristwatches have been known to stand for sophistication and class ever since the 19th century. People love showcasing their love for exemplary style and fashion by strapping on an elegant timepiece on their wrists, like the IWC Portofino. 

Wristwatches came into fashion when battle-worn soldiers came back from the First World War with pocket watches. This fashion spread rapidly, and people worked on finding methods of turning the odd design into a fashion statement. Ultimately, this gave birth to the idea of wearing a watch on the wrist. 

A True American Dream

Way back in in the late nineteenth century, 1868 to be precise, there was a young man by the name of Florentine Aresto Jones. He wanted to marry the creative ways from the Swiss with his ideas and modern technology and create something new. Though his initial plan to establish a factory failed, he later collaborated with the finest Swiss designers and workers and made his dream true.

IWC Portofino

Jones’ hard work, dedication, and love for innovation still ran through the IWC company. IWC Portofino line reflects the true nature of the designer, which is less is more. The simplicity is given precedence over bejeweled timepieces. The bold designs were known for being big and too over-sized for the belt. The boldness came in the form of big dials and overly sized bezels. In true fashion, they were statement makers for the wearers and for the world to know.

With roots set deep in America, the timepiece, has been entertaining men and women alike, with innovative designs and jaw-dropping aura. IWC Portofino decided to stay true to the roots and go down the similar path.

The First Portofino 

The very first Portofino model was numbered ref 5251 in 1984. The wristwatch was somehow able to house all the bold elements within its design. 

IWC Portofino

The watch had a particular design and color contrast, white center dial surrounded by the golden circular dial. Ref 5251 established the moon phase as the most exemplary complication of the Portofino line. 

Innovation in the Portofino Collection

The king of all collaborations came in 2014 for the IWC Portofino in the shape of Peter Lindberg.

IWC Portofino collaborated with the epic photographer, Peter Lindberg. The photographer designed a larger-than-life photoshoot. They called for all the A-listers her had contact with, by the names of Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt, etc. to model the jaw-dropping wristwatches.

This ambitious stunt brought the IWC watches back in center stage with a humongous spotlight catching the eyes of all the millennials.

IWC Portofino

IWC Watches 2015 Makeover 

The company has always had loyal customers. However, to gain a new loyal fan base, it had to attract the millennial. Especially when the wristwatch community faced an almost extension not so long ago. It was important to get the millennials to fall in love with a classic wristwatch.

No one really batted an eye when IWC Portofino revamped itself a couple of years ago. It was understandable. It was as well-loved and appreciated by everyone. The wristwatch pundit did not have a single thing to complain about. The designers were able to keep everything that was the essence of IWC Portofino. 

IWC Portofino, The Grand Celebration 

Just last year, IWC Portofino celebrated a hundred and fifty years of being in business, and of giving people a chance to flaunt their style. IWC has somehow been able to capture the attention and maintain said attention for so long. The company again went all out by producing new designs to celebrate the event. It keeps on churning ideas left and right and has left the world at awe.

IWC Portofino

The timepieces have the color scheme of blue and white with painted Roman numerals and leaf for hands tip, with dashes of red gold and steel. The style and elegance that oozes with each timepiece still leave the wearer in awe and the on-looker star struck, making it a worthy purchase.

Even today, IWC Portofino is a sign of class and purity, a symbol of the perfect amalgamation of classic and contemporary.

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