Why the IWC Portofino Watch Is A Great Choice

Browse online for a new watch and you’re bound to be overwhelmed by a myriad of options. Is there something like the perfect watch? Perhaps not. This means that many people are looking for a watch that offers a balance between various features—price, quality, and looks—so they know they’re making a wise choice. If this sounds like you when you’re looking for a new watch, we advise you to consider an IWC Portofino watch.

Below we’ll discuss the various aspects that impress and make this a winner in various categories. Let’s find out if it’s the one that will win your respect too.

You’re Buying from a Trusted Brand

First of all, you want to make a long-term investment. To ensure this, it’s wise to purchase a watch from a reputable brand. The IWC brand was founded in 1868, so the Portofino watch is part of a 150-year legacy. They’re experts in watchmaking, ensuring quality and excellence as one of their primary values.

Also, the Portofino range itself has been around for a while — for over three decades! The fact that the range stays popular proves that you’re making a valuable investment even if you’re considering selling the watch later on.

The Look: Stylish and Versatile

side view of IWC Portofino Automatic white dial watch

It’s often difficult to settle on picking just one watch, because you may want an accessory that works in various scenarios. Some watches are clearly made for a certain application so they may be too dressy for outdoors or too bulky for the office. The good news is that the IWC Portofino offers a comfortable balance.

You can match the Portofino with almost any attire without it looking out of place. The watches aren’t designed to be trendy, but they’re rather given a stylish timelessness, so you can wear them for years to come. The brand uses quality materials from metals to leather, providing you with eye-catching pieces. The leaf-shaped hands are characteristics of the brand and make it easy to read the time at a quick glance.

While they’re big enough to easily view the time, they’re not bulky. With sizes such as 34mm or 45mm in diameter and some less than 10mm in height, these watches are comfortable to wear.

Exceptional Quality

Of course, you also want it to work well in years to come. No need for concern with this brand because IWC watches are known to help tell the time with precision — staying accurate over time.

IWC Portofino Automatic white dial watch watch on the wrist

With self-winding features and 42 hours of reserve power on models like the IWC Portofino Automatic, you don’t have to be concerned about your watch coming to a stop when you need it most.

Wide Range

This brings us to the wide range of IWC Portofino watches you can pick from. The range started back in 1984 with a Portofino Hand Wound Moonphase model. Over the years, additional models were added to this range and today, you can pick your favorite whether you want an automatic Portofino watch or prefer a chronograph design.

You can also decide whether you want self-winding or a hand wound type, such as the impressive IWC Portofino Hand-wound Eight Days that runs for exactly 192 hours. With this one, you only have to wind your watch once a week.

IWC Portofino blue dial watch on its side

Most models are available in various designs. Whether you prefer a suave metal look or something more natural with a leather strap, there’s something for you. Milanese mesh straps are also available so the brand covers all preferences.

Impressive Features

There’s no lack of features in the IWC Portofino range. You can look for these functions in specification lists and pick the one with the most practical mix of features for your unique application:

  • Water resistance: You can expect water resistance ratings of 3 bar, which means you don’t have to fear wearing your IWC Portofino watch on a rainy day.
  • Sapphire glass: The sapphire glass is strong enough to resist general bumping into objects. Thanks to anti-reflective coatings you’ll easily view the dials even in direct sunlight.
  • Date: Some models offer you the date feature, a handy extra without compromising the watch design.
IWC Portofino Chronograph 18k white dial watch on the wrist
  • Chronograph: For many, a chronograph is a must and IWC incorporated it into various Portofino models.
  • Power reserve: Whether you pick a manual winding watch or an automatic model, you’ll be impressed with the power reserve. 192 hours for manual winding and 42 hours on automatic watches offer you better than industry standards.
  • Informative displays: IWC includes handy extras such as a meter to show how much power is left on your hand-wound watch.


Named after an Italian village, the IWC Portofino watch range could be exactly what your watch collection needs next. A minimalistic design with just enough details to capture attention and impress. Isn’t that exactly what you want from your next watch?

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