Introduction to Zenith Watches

Zenith watches is one of the emerging brands in the horology world. They are among the tried and tested brands. People have loved them for over a century. As a brand, Zenith watches always made sure to come up to the expectations of people. Constantly they are working on updating and remodeling their watches to match the requirements of changing time.

They are widely trusted for their unique production and reliable service. They have extended the best of the services to their regular customers as well as dabblers. Since 1865, they have been satiating the urgings of people. They embody a strong sense of commitment, and they are relentlessly dedicated towards their customers.

This Swiss company dealing with horology and watch-making market has a great repute worldwide. Be it the royals, athletes, car enthusiasts, and car racers, tennis and football players — all of them have considered Zenith a top-notch brand. People particularly intrigued by timepieces are all praise for Zenith watches.

There are essentially 4 main collections of Zenith watches. We have chosen one from each collection to elucidate. The following are some extraordinary pieces of the brand in discussion:

Pilot type 20 Chronograph Extra Special (Pilot Collection)

Look:This Pilot Type 20 Chronograph is inexplicably beautiful with no doubt. The case is bronze in color. This one has a blue dial with prominent white numerals and classically designed hands in white/aluminum color. Two push buttons and one screw down crown are attached to the bezel. There is a leather strap in an oily green color. The strap is stitched with rubber lining to shield it.

Zenith Pilot type 20 Chronograph

Functionality:It is a multi-functioning watch. It has sub-dials coupled with the main dial. There is a 30-minute index at the 3’o clock position and small seconds index at the 9 ‘o clock position. The central dial is there to show hours and minutes like in all watches.

Technicalities:There is a foldable clasp made of titanium. The water resistance it provides is up to 10 ATM. It has a power reserve of 50 hours. The diameter is 45 mm wide, to be precise. The masterpiece incorporates a total of 254 components.

Zenith Watches: Elite Lady Moon Phase (Elite Collection)

When it comes to timepieces, men and their choices grab most of the limelight, and there is no fair share for ladies. Women of this era are as madly in love with timepieces as men are. Zenith manufactures some of the most elegant timepieces specifically for women.

Look:Rose gold is a favorite color of most women for accessories. Diamonds is what they are crazy for. The center of attraction in this Elite Lady Moonphase is the beautiful round dial with a square-shaped casing. There are diamonds fitted in the dial and the case.

Zenith Elite Lady Moon Phase

If we take a close look at the structure of the dial-case, it is rose gold blended with tiny white jewels. It is not limited to the outer surface, but, the inner surface of the dial is also filled with diamonds, and there is little prominence of rose gold color. There is an alligator strap of matte brown color accompanied by a stretchable clasp.

Functionality:The central dial indicates hours and minutes. Along with that, there is a moon phase indication at 6 ‘o clock.

Technicalities:This is an automatic watch with a 36mm wide diameter. The watch has 195 components. It has a power reserve of 50 hours. It tends to resist water up to 3 ATM.

Chronomaster El Primero Full Open (Chronomaster collection)

It is a unisex watch. The watch flaunts a number of features as well as a super-stunning look. Chronomaster El Primero is an all-rounder.

Look:Like most watches, this watch comes in a variety of colors and options. For example, the dial can be plain white with watch markers and hands in rose gold color. It has a leather strap option in brown or black as well as a stainless steel bracelet option. The clasp has a triple folding. The strap has a thin protective lining on the edges. There are two push buttons and a single screw down crown attached.

Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open

Functionality:It is a typical chronograph watch having all the necessary features. It possesses a central chronograph hand, and a 30-min counter situated at 3 ‘o clock, and a small-seconds index at 9 ‘o clock. The large date indication sits at the 2 ‘o clock hand.

Technicalities:It is an automatic watch that has a total of 332 parts. The power it reserves is 50 hours. It has a 45mm diameter and is water-resistance up to 10 ATM.

Zenith Watches: Defy Zero G (Defy collection)

Look:Zenith’s Defy Zero G has a bracelet purely made of titanium. All watches under this category have an open-worked dial which seems largely different than a regular dial. It has a blue main counter and there is a winding crown attached beside it.

Functionality:Not only does it indicate hours and minutes, but it also embodies a self-regulating gravity control module at 6 ‘o clock. It indicates small-seconds like a Chrono watch. The cherry on top; it shows a power reserve indication at 2 ‘o clock.

Technicalities:The diameter it has is 44 mm wide. The power reserve is up to 50 hours. It is a water-resistant watch with a guaranteed resistance of 10 ATM.

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