Introduction to Sevenfriday Watches

Recently, we started carrying Sevenfriday watches. This young, promising brand has been in very high demand lately, and we decided that it was time to meet it. Whether you’re familiar with this company or not, I’m sure there are a few things that you could learn about it. I hope to fill that knowledge gap by discussing Sevenfriday’s brand identity, watches, other products, and more. You can find all of that in the following passages.

Brand Identity

Sevenfriday was founded by a man named Daniel Niederer. Prior to the launch, he had been a highly successful lawyer. His former niche, assisting luxury watch distribution companies, doesn’t surprise anyone. At some point, he decided that he wanted to turn his life in a different direction. That choice led to Sevenfriday, a brand that models their products off of cars, vintage televisions, and other objects that you might not expect.

Sevenfriday watches

To me, this brand is all about the synthesis of originality, vintage styles, and modern innovation. What you get a result is a company with legitimately eye-catching products. Whether you love them or hate them, they can’t be ignored.

A Young Company

As you may have assumed, Sevenfriday is not some watch brand that has been around since the 1800s. Instead, it was founded around 2012. This can be seen as both a strength and a weakness. On the one hand, you might prefer brands with long histories. On the other, you could decide that a newer company appeals to you, especially one that is so unique.

Origin Of Products

Another thing you should know is where these products originate. While the company designs them in Switzerland, they source their movements from Japan and assemble the watches in China.

Sevenfriday watches

This practice has some level of stigma in the timepiece world, but in my opinion, it is unfounded. An excellent product is an excellent product, wherever it comes from. Sevenfriday has high quality standards and wouldn’t let their suppliers cut corners, so being sourced from China shouldn’t concern you.

The Watches They Carry

Now, to the fun part. Sevenfriday has seven collections, each of them with their own unique style. One thing to note is that this brand groups their watches by giving them a one letter designation, not a full name. The following are brief descriptions of my favorites.

  • M – While the cases on these watches are square, their dial design is more like a triangle. Each of them has a unique way of telling the time, too, so be prepared to acclimate to something new. My favorite is the M1B/01, which seems to be one of their most popular models.
  • Q – This is another fresh design that instantly catches your eye. The defining aspect of it is all the circles that are incorporated. You’ll find them in the dial and in two subdials, which is something you don’t often see.

Sevenfriday watches

  • V – To be clear, no Sevenfriday watch is conventional. That being said, the V Series looks at least somewhat like a regular timepiece. As a result, it is probably your best bet if you want something a bit funky, but not so strange that you have trouble using it.

Beyond Watches

Like many modern watch brands, Sevenfriday has expanded their catalog past just timepieces. In the process, they’ve amassed offerings for bracelets, sunglasses, hats, hoodies, and t-shirts. What I like about these additional products is that they all have a similar vibe to the company’s watch, and they have the same quality you’d expect from Sevenfriday. Lastly, they sell watch accessories like straps and protective cases.

Social Media Presence

One of the brand’s strong points is social media, and Instagram seems to be their number one platform.

Sevenfriday watches

It is littered with cool product photos, Sevenfriday restaurants, and people wearing their products all around the world. I definitely recommend giving their Instagram page a look.

Sevenfriday Stories

I always enjoy it when a brand incorporates some culture into their identity. Sevenfriday clearly does this, as evidenced by their involvement in putting on concerts, opening restaurants, and more. They are also very involved in travel culture, as evidenced by their collaborations with influencers in that space.


One of the most interesting things Sevenfriday does is put verification chips in their watches. As a result, you can determine the authenticity of a timepiece by taking to an authorized dealer or simply using an application on your smartphone. While I’m not sure how many fakes there are floating around in the world, a verification chip is a nice feature.

Ultimately, Sevenfriday is a fresh take on an industry that so often is resistant to innovation. They have legitimately innovative designs, impressive craftsmanship, and give you a nice amount of watch for your money. I support any of you adding one of their products to your collection, and especially for those of you who crave originality.

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