Impressive Watch Movements From 4 Leading Brands

The world of watchmaking is a fascinating one to say the least. The level of thought, care, time and effort that goes into crafting a timepiece is truly remarkable. While elements of a watch are important, none are quite as important as watch movements. The movement of a watch is what literally makes it tick. A movement is to a watch what an engine is to a car or a heart is to a human body.

Movements, also known as calibers, are the backbone of a watch. Today we’ll be taking a look at what the leading brands have brought to the watch movement arena and in which watches these movements can be found.

1: Rolex

Naturally we’re starting off our list of impressive watch movements with a brand we all know and love. Rolex has created some of the most reliable watch movements on the market. Those movements include the 3135, 3155 and 3085. Of these movements, one the most impressive is the 3135.

The 3135 movement is found in the Yacht-Master 116622RSO, Submariner Date 116618LN, Oyster Perpetual 115200-0006, and many other Rolex watches.

Rolex GMT-Master II

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What’s so special about the 3135? First introduced in 1988, the 3135 fast became Rolex’s most commonly used movement and remains as such to this day. The movement comes with 31 jewels, a 48-hour power reserve and is praised for its accuracy.

More than 200 parts make up a 3135 and the success of this movement went on to inspire the development of movements 3136, 3175 and 9001.

2: Seiko

No stranger to innovation, Seiko has produced some incredibly impressive watch movements in its time. One of its most impressive is its Spring Drive movement. Seiko was the first brand to truly master the production of watch movements being wound by the motions of the wearer’s wrist.

Seiko Presage

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Even though the brand has produced many more impressive movements since then the 6R15 has truly stood the test of time. This movement is found in three stunning watches: Seiko SARX051, Seiko Alpinist SARB017 Automatic and Seiko Prospex Sea Diver SBDC055.

The 6R15 comes with 23 jewels, has a 50-hour power reserve and has an accuracy rating of -15/+25 seconds per day. Other prominent Seiko watch movements include the 6217, 6139, 4R36 and the 72S6.

3: Omega

Did you know that OMEGA’s name was inspired by the revolutionary creation of the 19 caliber? The brand literally has a name to live up to! OMEGA lives up to its name well and their impressive Co-Axial movement is testament to this.

The escapement within OMEGA’s Co-Axial caliber movement works with less friction than other movements. This means that their watches with this movement will withstand wear and tear better than others & will therefore last a much longer time.

Omega Speedmaster

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Omega’s most impressive Co-Axial movement is the 2500 as found in the Seamaster Diver and the De Ville Prestige 424. It has 27 jewels, a power reserve of 44 to 48 hours and now comes in four variants: A, B, C and D.

Other impressive OMEGA watch movements are the 8500, 8501, 8511 and the 1861.

4: TAG Heuer

No list of the most impressive watch movements would be complete without TAG Heuer on it. Like the rest of the industry-leading brands on our list, the TAG Heuer brand has many incredible movements under its belt. One such movement is the caliber 16.

The caliber 16 is an incredibly famous chronograph movement that was the first computer-designed movement. The automatic movement comes with 25 jewels, provides 42-hours of power reserve and rapid date correction.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

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Watches in which the caliber 16 shines are the Aquaracer CAY2110.BA0927, Carrera CV2A1R.BA0799, Link CAT2011.BA0952 and the Formula 1 CAZ2010.BA0876.

Other notable TAG Heuer watch movements include caliber 5, 6, 17, 72 and 1887.


Isn’t the world of watch movements a magical one? How these brands manage to do what they do, we’ll never know. All we know is that we’re incredibly thankful that they do it.

Do you have a favorite watch movement? Or are there any watch movements that you feel don’t deserve as much acclaim as they get? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below—we love finding out what makes you tick.

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