20 Best Iced-Out Watches

Whether you are shelling out big bucks for real diamonds, or just want lots of stones that sparkle, an iced-out watch is a surefire way to get noticed. So, slip on some shades, apply some high SPF sunblock, and take a look at the best 20 iced-out watches we have vetted for your reference.

20 Best Iced-Out Watches

Best 20 Iced-Out Watches for Men and Women

1. Runway Pavé Silver-Tone by Michael Kors

front view of Michael Kors Runway Pavé Silver-Tone MK5544 watch
Photo from Watchshopping

Covered all over with glittering stones, this sparkling beauty will surely make an impression. For an affordable price of $159 USD, you can add this glamorous Michael Kors Runway Pavé Silver-Tone MK5544 watch to your collection. It comes in a 45mm round stainless steel case. Similar variants are also available in gold-tone and rose gold. Enjoy a bezel and face embedded with crystal pavé stones and the instantly recognizable MK logo that boldly graces the face of this flashy, iced-out timepiece.

This all-silver iced-out watch is powered by a quartz movement. Aside from its glittering stones and logo that decorate its surface, the dial only features a simple, silver-plated handset. This Michael Kors watch works by showing a time display without any indices, and has a handy 100-meter water resistance rating. 

2. J12 Haute Joaillerie by Chanel

front view of Chanel J12 Haute Joaillerie watch
Photo from Chanel

You will have to shell out about $165,000 USD to impress with a Chanel J12 Haute Joaillerie watch. This gorgeous iced-out timepiece has an 18K white gold case, bezel, and bracelet, all of which are adorned with a striking set of 605 baguette-cut diamonds. And the glitz does not stop with the stones, as the bezel is made of gleaming, high-end ceramic that is as brilliant as it is durable.

This luxury iced-out watch displays the hours, minutes, and seconds functions on its bold black dial. It has diamond indices, which perfectly contrast the dial and two-tone bracelet. There have been newer models of the J12 Haute Joaillerie released which are not made out of 18K white gold. As such, these iced out watches come at lower, and much more budget-friendly, prices of around $5,000 USD. 

3. Classic Fusion Diamond Pavé Dial Titanium by Hublot

front view of Hublot Classic Fusion Diamond Pavé Dial Titanium watch
Photo from Hublot

Hublot perfectly combines the lavish world of iced-out watch cases with the understated sophistication of an elegant alligator strap for $22,900 USD. The result is the Classic Fusion Diamond Pave Ref. 511.NX.1171.LR.1704 which features a matte black dial in a polished titanium case set with 218 diamonds. It also comes with another set of 126 diamonds on the bezel, which is also adorned with 6 unique H-shaped titanium screws. The best part is you can easily swap in a black rubber strap if you are going for a more sporty iced-out look. 

4. Bell & Ross Diamond Dial Black Titanium Automatic

front view of  Bell & Ross Diamond Dial Black Titanium Automatic watch
Photo from Bell&Ross

What about black ice? The Diamond Dial Black Titanium watch from Bell & Ross is perfect for formal occasions, or just to show off your dark side. For $33,000 USD, you get a pitch-black titanium PVD case adorned with black diamonds and lighter-colored stones that make up a unique skull motif on the dial. Revel in a total of 413 black diamonds on a square case that brings a distinct edginess to your outfit.

This black iced-out watch comes in a sizable 46mm case, with black-toned hands placed on a 259 diamond-set skull motif dial. If you want to go for a rebellious and modern look, then this watch will be a perfect pick for you.

5. Lab Create Diamond Watch by Master of Bling

front view of Master of Bling Lab Create Diamond Watch
Photo from Master of Bling

With a name like Master of Bling, it is not hard to imagine what kind of timepieces these watchmakers create. They offer models like the Lab Create Diamond Watch, which features a 14K black gold case embedded with lab diamonds. This watch is available for just $75 USD and is excellent for those who want a larger watch, with its 46mm size. While you do not have to shell out thousands of dollars for this iced-out watch, you are bound to look as if you did! 

6. G-Shock Baby-G Super Glitter Silver Watch by Casio

front view of Casio G-Shock Baby-G Super Glitter Silver Watch
Photo from Casio

While the words Casio and iced-out are rarely used in the same sentence, that is not always the case. The G-Shock Baby-G Ref. BG6900SG-8 serves as something wonderfully unconventional, as Casio’s take on a stone-encrusted classic G-Shock. This time-tested G-Shock watch, which can take a serious beating, now shines with a glittery dial and case. 

For $109 USD, it features a digital display with the essential functions of a watch. It is also equipped with an afterglow backlight, adding to its glimmer in low light conditions. This piece is the perfect combination of functionality and elegance in one. It comes with 29 time zones, a full auto-calendar until 2099, a countdown timer, alarms, and a stopwatch. 

7. Kalla Lune by Vacheron Constantin

front view of Vacheron Constantin Kalla Lune watch
Photo from Vacheron Constantin

If you want real diamonds and you happen to have an extra $800,000 USD lying around, then you should definitely get yourself a Kalla Lune from Vacheron Constantin. The Kalla Lune is one of the best examples of luxurious, iced-out watches on the market. Its crown is adorned with one large rose-cut diamond, while 23 brilliant-cut stones and 986 baguette-cut diamonds grace the watch’s face and bracelet. As if all those diamonds are not enough, this iced-out watch is also equipped with 22 rubies.

8. Heavy Metal Band Silver by Metaltree98

front view of Metaltree98 Heavy Metal Band Silver watch
Photo from Metaltree98

Okay, so maybe your budget will not allow for an iced-out watch with real diamonds like the Kalla Lune, but there are still many other options out there to consider, like the Metaltree98. The people behind this hip-hop jewelry brand do their best to cover every millimeter of their iced-out watches with crystals. Across the dial, rim, band, and buckle, all of them are absolutely drowning in bling. 

The Heavy Metal Band Silver men’s watch is sold for just $48 USD. It features affordable materials with great aesthetics and specifications such as a 48mm case with simulated diamonds on the exterior. 

9. Big Bang by Hublot

front view of Hublot Big Bang Steel Pavé Ref. 361.SX.1270.RX.1704 watch
Photo from Watchshopping

The Big Bang Steel Pavé Ref. 361.SX.1270.RX.1704, priced at $14,199 USD, is a well-crafted timepiece, with a classic black-and-white look that never goes out of style. It features a 38mm stainless steel case, bezel, and lugs coated with diamonds. Matching these sparkling elements are the luminous, silver-toned hands and indices placed on the black dial. Lastly, aside from its elegant aesthetics, this Hublot watch also boasts superior accuracy — thanks to its quartz movement.

10. Watch Set by Charles Raymond

front view of Charles Raymond watch set
Photo from Charles Raymond

If you want a more affordable iced-out alternative, you can settle for something like this Watch Set from Charles Raymond. The best part is that the bling comes in a set with a matching bracelet! Each rose-gold piece is completely covered in rhinestones that create a dazzling display. You are still sure to catch some eyes with these flashy showpieces on your wrist for just $29 USD.

This iced-out watch set comes with a 50mm metal alloy case, which is perfect for those who prefer big timepieces. The bracelet is also made of the same material, and both accessories are coated with silver glitter on a gold background. 

11. Oversized Layton Pavé Silver-Tone Watch by Michael Kors

front view of Michael Kors Oversized Layton Pavé Silver-Tone Watch
Photo from Michel Kors

The Oversized Layton Pavé Silver-Tone MK6976 is the best representation of Michael Kors’ identity in fashion and design. It is available for $375 USD and is worth every single penny you have. It comes in a 42mm case and pavé center links for the bracelet. Meanwhile, on its bezel are matching pavé accents which add to the watch’s elegance and dazzle, especially at night. Lastly, it is also built with high functionality, as it has a chronograph and date display for more accurate time-telling. 

12. Camille Pavé Silver-Tone Watch by Michael Kors

front view of Michael Kors Camille Pavé Silver-Tone Watch
Photo from Watchshopping

Another iced-out watch from Michael Kors is the Camille Pavé Silver-Tone watch which is priced at $219 USD. It is a quartz-powered watch with a gorgeous crystal pavé on its dial, bezel, lugs, and bracelet. Instead of the iconic oversized MK logo on the dial, it features geometric indices at every quarter-hour. While it does not have particularly complex functions, this MK watch goes way beyond your expectations when it comes to design and style.

13. GMT-Master II Everose Gold by Rolex 126755SARU

front view of Rolex GMT Master II Everose Gold Ref. 126755SARU watch
Photo from Watchshopping

The GMT Master II Everose Gold Ref. 126755SARU is a beautifully designed watch with a price tag of $173,999 USD. It boasts a 44mm Everose Gold case with a diamond-studded bezel that alternates between white, blue, and pink precious stones. It also has diamond-studded lugs crafted with smooth edges to make it more comfortable on the wrist. 

The bracelet is made of 18K yellow gold Oystersteel which is a popular and tough material frequently used by Rolex. Completing the overall look is the diamond-studded dial as well with matching Everose gold indices and hands. Without a doubt, this Rolex timepiece is one of the most lavish, eye-catching iced-out watches you can ever find. 

14. Gondolo 4972/1G White Gold by Patek Philippe

front view of Patek Philippe Gondolo 4972/1G White Gold watch
Photo from Patek Philippe

This Patek Philippe watch is one of the most costly but elegant iced-out watches on the list. The Gondolo 4972/1G White Gold, priced at $57,485 USD, is a cushion-shaped watch with a silver-toned finish. The exterior consists of a guilloche mother-of-pearl dial, a bracelet with decorated links and a smooth finish, and a case adorned with 130 diamonds. This incredibly slender model also uniquely highlights the 19mm white gold case and bracelet. All of these elements draw inspiration from the Art Deco period, which placed emphasis on distinct designs. In addition, the dial has no indices and numerals aside from the 12 and 6 o’clock, giving it a minimalistic and exceptionally stylish look. 

15. Gondolo 7042/100R-010 Rose Gold by Patek Philippe

front view of Patek Philippe Gondolo 7042/100R-010 Rose Gold watch
Photo from Watchshopping

This iced-out watch is for the ladies wanting to shine and dazzle during their girls’ night out. The Patek Philippe’s Gondolo 7042/100R Rose Gold, worth $259,649 USD, comes in a 31mm×34.8 mm rose gold case. This model is a representation of the brand’s Gondolo collection, which boasts classic timepieces with a modern twist. This particular Gondolo model boasts a traditional Lancette-style handset on an 18K gold dial that is paved with 251 diamonds in a circular pattern. The hour markers come in 12 trapeze-cut diamonds, adding to the watch’s air of luxury. 

On its bezel and lugs are the 78 baguette-cut diamonds that add to the watch’s glamor.  In addition, the crown is adorned with a big Akoya pearl cabochon, making it unique from all the classic watches you see on the market today. Completing its shining looks is the bracelet which is set with 78 Akoya pearls, rose gold decorative links that have 48 princess-cut diamonds, and a fold-over clasp that holds 55 diamonds. This is a full-diamond watch that ups the ante with a collection of exquisite pearls, making it a true head-turner. 

16. Nautilus 7118/1450R by Patek Philippe

front view of Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1450R watch
Photo from Patek Philippe

For an approximate price of $366,667 USD, the Nautilus 7118/1450R is an iced-out ladies’ automatic watch in a rose gold case. The 2,553 Top Wesselton diamonds that surround the watch are the whitest diamonds used in jewelry and accessories. This Nautilus model comes in a 35.2mm rose gold case and matches a rose gold bracelet adorned with diamonds up to its clasp. The face of this watch shows an 18K gold dial plate that uses gold hour markers and Arabic numerals with luminescent coatings. The crown and octagonal bezel are equally studded with diamonds, making this a truly bling watch you would love to add to your collection.

17. Nautilus 5719/10G by Patek Philippe

front view of Patek Philippe Nautilus 5719/10G watch
Photo from Patek Philippe

Another iced-out watch from Patek Philippe is the Nautilus 5719/10G. This is a unisex Nautilus model that is worth a whopping $479,995 USD. It uses a robust, white gold 40mm case and a rounded octagonal bezel to create a sporty-looking look. Plus, it has a date aperture and a sweeping seconds function through its self-winding mechanical movement.

Most people go after this piece because of its sporty and minimalistic look. You will not find any numerals on the dial except for the date display. All it has are a handset, the 255 diamonds on the dial, and the three baguette-cut diamond hour markers. In total, this iced-out watch uses 1,343 diamonds, including those found on the bracelet, case, and bezel.

18. Pearlmaster 39 by Rolex

front view of Rolex Pearlmaster 39 watch
Photo from Rolex

A similar-looking watch to the Nautilus 7118/1450R is the Pearlmaster 39 Ref. 86409RBR by Rolex. This is the most sought-after iced-out watch across the world because of its exquisite looks and constantly rising value. For $207,500 USD, it offers a 39mm 18K white gold and Oystersteel case. Its lugs, bezel, and bracelet are overflowing with bright diamonds. Additionally, the dial has a diamond-pave design, enhancing the watch’s elegance and sparkle.

The functions of this iced-out watch include accurate time display through the large Roman numerals. It also has a cyclops lens, which allows wearers to better read the date — a distinctive feature only from Rolex. 

19. Lady-Datejust Ref. 279459RBR by Rolex

front view of Rolex Lady-Datejust Ref. 279459RBR watch
Photo from Rolex

The $131,100 USD Lady-Datejust Ref. 279459RBR is a 28mm Oystersteel watch from Rolex. This is a recently-released model from the Lady-Datejust collection. It boasts an aura of sheer lavishness and is filled to the brim with diamonds, from its case and dial down to its lugs and bezel. 

This model highlights the Rolex’s President bracelet. It comes with three-piece solid links made of 18K white gold. In addition, it is equipped with a new-generation concealed Crownclasp that is fitted with a hinged Rolex crown. This gives it a clear distinction from all the counterfeit Rolex watches out there. 

20. Billionaire Watch by Jacob&Co.

front view of Jacob & C0. Billionaire Watch
Photo from Jacob&Co.

The famous Billionaire Watch from Jacob & Co. is an eye-catching accessory that will look like a real treat on your wrist. Contrary to its name, it is only worth around $18,000,000 USD, and not actually a billion dollars. The entire watch is fitted with emerald-cut white diamonds on the case, lugs, bezel, and bracelet. It contains a total of 239 diamonds with a contrasting skeletonized black dial. Its modern looks also highlight the 12 baguette-cut white diamonds placed on the sides of the flange frame. The skeletonized blue hands, coated with a ruthenium material, add a splash of color to this all-silver watch. 

Its tourbillon complication makes this iced-out watch especially attractive for men who love fancy watches. The 58mm case and a polished finish give the watch a comfortable fit without having edges that are too harsh. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are making the investment of a lifetime or just looking for fun iced-out watches, you cannot go wrong with the bling we have suggested above. The 20 iced-out watches we have recommended are all timeless pieces. They are highly wearable, regardless of whatever fashion trend is currently in the industry. Plus, some of them, such as the Rolex and Patek Philippe watches, constantly appreciate in value over the years, which makes them truly worthwhile investments. 

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All images from Watchshopping unless otherwise stated.

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