How to Store Your Luxury Watches Safely

So, you have gorgeous luxury watches. Congratulations! Now, you need to decide what you’re going to do with it when it’s not on your wrist. Though this might seem like a trivial factor to you, watch collectors are often very enthusiastic about what storage options they prefer over others. We tell you everything you need to know about this topic in the sections below.

What You Might Want

Top factors to consider when choosing a watch storage strategy:

  • Safety – Whether you’re having a party, inviting your children’s friends into the house, or reading about a string of home invasions in your area, you might worry about the safety of your expensive watch collection. If so, you can store your pieces in a way that keeps them safe from bad actors.
  • Heat and Moisture – One of the things that makes the best watches so expensive is that they are resilient against outside elements. Still, many collectors believe that heat and moisture play a role in decreasing quality over time. If you agree with them, you may want to choose storage that controls these factors.
  • Winding – Those with quartz watches have no use for a winder, but people with manual or automatic movement might. Luckily, many storage options have watch winders installed in them, so you don’t have to worry about your timepiece running out of steam.
  • Presentation – Many people like to make their watches part of their home decor, rather than putting them out of sight. What’s nice about watch storage is that most options are made to look luxurious and beautiful.

Some of our top options for luxury watch storages are listed below:

Storage Case

Watch storage case

The classic choice is a simple storage box. When you buy one, it will likely come with pads to wrap your watches around and keep them safe. All you have to do when shopping for one is consider two factors. First, how many pieces you want to store. Typical models range from housing just one piece all the way up to twenty. The second matter you need to think about is presentation. Some boxes have glass tops to view your watches, while others don’t. Some are made of wood, while others are leather. Ultimately, you will choose your storage case based on the decor of your home and what you find aesthetically pleasing.

Cigar Humidor

Cigar Humidor

People that collect cigars almost always have a humidor in their home. The reason is that temperature and moisture compromise the quality of the tobacco they love so much. The same is true for watches, but to a lesser extent. For this reason, the most advanced watch collectors may opt for a humidor over a basic box due to the added control. Doing so is likely unnecessary for less expensive watches, though.

Watch Winder

watch winder

One of the most useful tools a manual watch owner can buy is a winder. Doing so accomplishes two goals. First, it functions as a storage container, just like the cases we described above. Most winders are made to look beautiful, so the one you pick can become a piece of decor too. Second, they quietly wind your watch for you at night, so you can start the next day without winding it up yourself. This task is not as crucial for the best automatic watches but is an excellent convenience for those who need to wind their timepieces frequently.

A Safe in Your Home

watch safe

Though home invasions are rare, they can happen anytime. This is why people with vast, expensive watch collections often opt to get a safe installed in their home. Doing so gives them peace of mind because they know that a typical burglar will not be able to steal their most prized possessions. One thing to note is that if you choose this option, you don’t need to settle for a standard, boring safe. Instead, you can purchase a watch-specific one that presents your pieces beautifully and has the option of adding winders.

A Safety Deposit Boxsafety deposit box

This is not the option that most regular people will choose. Why? Because they want to wear their watches, not let them sit in a safe day after day. Still, those that both collect and sell large sums of timepieces may choose the extra security provided by a safety deposit box. As you can imagine, having a piece that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in your home might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Now that you know all of the relevant information on luxury watches storage, you can make your decision with confidence. What doing so ultimately comes down to is your priorities. Look through the factors listed above one more time. Which jump out at you as important? Which can be discounted? Once you answer those questions, your choice will be clear.

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