How to Sell My Watch Online

Are you an admirer of luxury watches? Whether you’re an avid collector or own just a few, you may occasionally choose to ask yourself “How do I sell my watch online?” You may also want to sell a quality watch you have inherited or trade-in your old watch for a new one. If you’re a collector, the proceeds can go toward adding a new watch to your collection!

“Preparing to sell my watch”

You may be wondering, “where can I sell a watch?” In this guide, we will explain how to sell a watch online and get the best price for it. Before deciding to sell your watch, you will need to do some research. How old is your watch and is it a collectible brand? What are watches that are the same brand, model, and condition as yours selling for? Carefully consider the condition and document it with clear, well-lit, close-up photographs from every angle.

Gather everything related to your watch: 

Rolex Datejust watch

Having a complete set of everything that originally came with your watch increases its resale value. You’ll also need to know the make, model, reference number, and serial number of your watch.

According to former Christie’s watch specialist Eric Wind, vital information to know about a watch you’re selling includes “…when you purchased it, where you purchased it, how many times you’ve worn it, if it has been serviced, how it’s running and if everything’s original or if anything has been replaced.”

Start reviewing your selling options, along with the pros and cons of each. Try to find reviews of your top picks to make sure they are reputable. Our Customer Service representatives can assist you with any questions you might have about selling your watch through

Patek Philippe watch

Should you sell your watch in person?

You can try to sell your watch to a watch shop, pawnshop, or through an ad. However, you should be aware of the potential downfalls. A consigned watch can take a long time to sell and you will have to pay a consignment fee. Pawnshops will usually offer you much less than you can get elsewhere. You will probably get a better price for your watch if you sell it privately. However, there are safety concerns when advertising a high-value item like a luxury watch for sale.

Sell your watch online

Selling your watch online is easy as long as you choose a reputable dealer like Sell us your watch by filling out a simple form, using the paperwork you’ve already gathered, describe the condition of your watch, and attach the photos you took.

Frederique Constant watch

Within just a couple of business days, you will receive a quote. Use the prepaid shipping label to send your watch to us. After we’ve evaluated your watch, we will make an offer. If you accept the offer, you can begin looking for that new addition to your collection!

Now that you know the steps involved in selling your watch, we hope you will consider selling it at, one of the most trusted online marketplaces for watches. We look forward to doing business with you!

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