A wristwatch is an essential accessory that can complete your look. It is something you should not skip while dressing up. It not only tells time; in fact, the right watch style can be an extension of your personality!

Everyone desires to have a wristwatch that best suits their personality and style. And selecting a good watch that stands perfect with your wardrobe and lifestyle is really difficult. However, it is that important accessory which, if worn, there’s no need of wearing bracelets or any other thing. For your ease, we are here with a little guide with suggestions on how to maybe select watches according to your wardrobe.

Buying a Timeless Luxury Watch

Wearing a fine luxury watch like a Rolex enhances your personality and also connects you with others. Visiting a watch shop to buy a unique piece that you can carry well with any style requires expert knowledge as they are quite complicated with a lot of modern functions. Every other watch is uniquely made having a novel design and look.

Rolex GMT Master II

We believe that the watch you own should reflect your personality, so keep on reading to find out the watch that best meets your needs.

For the Businessmen

For a businessman who is always dressed up in a suit and boots, classic watches with contemporary touch are the best! This is because they go well with your style. A smart leather strap, along with a modern dial, will complement your classic and sophisticated look. IWC watches offer a beautiful selection of classic watches that simply goes with everything.

For Those Not Afraid to be Bold 

Many like to go for bold shirts and bow-ties. They want to keep that retro look forever, and that is their pride. For such people, classic gold watches with mesh chains are perfect. You can find these watches in most brands.

For the Fitness Fanatics

For active people who are gym bound and have to go on running must buy fitness watches. These are the ideal timepieces that will not only track their exercise but will also keep them aware of their heart rates. In addition, they also keep record of the speed-rate, audios, and much more. Also, before buying a watch for yourself, make sure it is lightweight, comfortable, and reflects athletic aesthetics like the Tag Heuer Connected Modular.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular

For the Nature Enthusiasts 

Apart from this, there are people who love and admire nature. For these eco-friendly men, wood-watches are perfect for the personality. They are cool, unique, and because of their brown color, they can be worn with any outfit. Above all, they are lightweight and comfortable and are much more affordable than other expensive watches.

For the Tough Buffs

And lastly, we have tough men, who are strong and need a tough watch according to their personality. If you are a man inhibiting such quality, then go for military and tactile watches that feature masculinity. They are durable and undoubtedly tougher than the watches of different styles. Water resistance, night lights for adventures, and world time features are some of the many things that you’ll find in these watches.

For the Casual Guy 

On the other hand, we have the cool and casual look. This look is simple, but always a classic. A man carrying this cool look must look for classic watches with a black or brown strap. Another great option for the casual guy is a digital watch.

Casio G-Shock

Now you must be wondering where to buy them, and which brands to look for. This is no big deal; we’ve got you covered there too!

While there are watches that can be please one personality a little more than the other, this doesn’t mean you can’t step outside of your comfort zone or change it up once in a while! Some days you might need a dress watch for a fancier occasion. Other days you might want a casual watch that’ll go with jeans and t-shirt.

Watches are an accessory and you should treat it like such by changing it up every so often. With so many different types of watches on the market, there is always something new or something you haven’t been introduced to.

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