How the Seiko Turtle Watch Got Its Name

Seiko lovers have seen many famous designs come and go. Seiko is one brand that has designed the most iconic watches of all time. If you are a watch buff and love to collect watches, you must be aware of many popular Seiko watches. One such Seiko watch is the Seiko Turtle that is pretty popular and very much adored by every watch lover out there. Ever wondered how Seiko got these unique names? Well hang on, and we will tell you all the details.

Introducing the Seiko Turtle Watch

Seiko Turtle has been equally famous in its modern form as well as its vintage form. Both of these designs have been the preferred choice when one goes out to buy a Seiko watch.

Generally, in a lot of cultures, turtles bring luck, and a diver needs a good bit of luck with great skills. This is the general idea behind the namesake of this watch. But that’s not all; it’s the most successful design when it comes to all divers’ Seiko watches.

closer view of Seiko Turtle watch

Exploring the name a bit more, you will be pleased to know that the name of this famous watch didn’t come from the brand, but from the fans. Yes, Seikoholics started calling the SRP773 model “Turtle.” The name stuck as the watch has an uncanny resemblance to a turtle.

More of a sporty watch than a formal one, it definitely suits a wearer who is more of a casual dresser. It’s the perfect accessory for a date night out, or for going out with friends to the club. The watch stands true to its name “Turtle” with a bulky appearance that is loved by the divers, as well as a normal wearer. The Seiko turtle has multiple models with different colored dials. Here’s the ultimate breakdown of the design. This will help you understand the name and the design a bit more.

Design Breakdown

Seiko turtle is a unique diver’s watch that is known for its brilliant design. The breakdown for the design is more for helping watch lovers understand the name of the watch.

Seiko Turtle blue dial watch on the wrist

Seiko Turtle Case

The cushioned-shaped case is the most popular feature of the watch. It is, perhaps, the most remarkable feature. However, the most innovative feature is that the case of the watch has a variety of finishes. Each part has a different finishing. The top has a circular brushing, the sides are polished impeccably, and the caseback has a straight brushed finish. These different finishes are what make the case so unique and attractive. The top is separated from the sides with clear and sharp lines. These textured lines give the watch a very unique shape and a nice side touch. When you compare all divers’ watches, you will find this model the most comfortable one. As this watch has the crown set at 4 o’clock position, it resembles a turtle coming out of its shell, hence the name “Seiko Turtle.”

Seiko Turtle Bezel

It all comes down to the bezel. Whether the design is a hit or not, depends big time on the bezel. The ideal operation, as well as the practicality of the bezel, is determined by the macho grip. The watch is designed with a couple of rows of ‘sharp teeth,’ and these look very nice with the light hitting at the right angle. These sharp teeth look even better from diagonal viewpoints. The insert of the bezel is a bit conical towards the dial, and this innovative touch provides a better connection and link with the markers on the dial. These features make the bezel’s design a very powerful one.

case and bezel of Seiko Turtle watch

Seiko Turtle Dial

The dial has a certain depth that is created through the innovative design of the outer minute track as well as the elevated hour markers. These hour markers are also filled with Lumibrite; this helps the diver have a better vision when underwater. The old version of this watch has more matte hour markers, but if you are into more eye-catching looks, the modern version will suit you perfectly. Also, the trapezoid markers at 12, 6, and 9 positions are what the fans will call the genuine emblem of Seiko.

Furthermore, the Typography of the dial is also pretty nicely done; it fulfills the purpose without overcrowding the dial’s face. The watch has both date/day windows and it’s also in contrast with the huge markers. This makes the design even more appealing. Accurate, unique, and readable hands complete the dial to perfection.

Variety of Models:

Seiko Turtle has as many as seven models, and they all are equally popular. These models include:

  • SRP773 is designed with a navy and white bezel.
  • SRP775 has a black and gold bezel.
  • SRPA21 PADI comes with a Pepsi bezel.
closer view of Seiko Turtle SRPA21 PADI  watch
  • SRPC44 is fitted with a black and gold bezel.
  • SRP777 features a black and white bezel.
  • SRP779 is designed with a navy and white bezel.
  • SRPC95 has a blue and orange bezel.

Seiko Turtle Conclusion:

The Seiko Turtle is the perfect diver’s watch. The design, practicality, and all the perfect features make it a collector’s item for sure.

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