His and Hers Watches for Couples

Let’s be honest – getting matching his and hers watches can be a bit corny. But guess what? Being a bit corny can also be one of the most fun things about being in a relationship! In fact, there is not much better than having a partner who also appreciates the art of horology and wants to share that interest with you. As such, we have put together a list of the best his and hers watches on the market today. The good news for you is that these are not silly watch sets that do not hold up on their own. Instead, they are genuinely well-crafted timepieces that you can both be proud of. 

20 Best His and Hers Watches for the True Romantics

1. Rolex Datejust

front view of Rolex Datejust blue dial 41mm (right) and 31mm (left)

The Datejust is an absolute classic, and luckily for you, it comes in many sizes and designs. If you’re looking for a luxurious men’s watch, you can imitate the style of the famous Dwight Eisenhower, whose love for this timepiece created its “President” nickname. Women will be pleased with it too, as there are smaller versions with more feminine designs. Best of all, both of you will get a masterpiece from the biggest name in horology. That is a win-win situation and it will be extra fun when you wear them out together.

The models pictured above are great examples of watches for couples who want to match. The Datejust 41 comes in a 41mm Oystersteel case and bracelet, with a sunray dial in azzurro blue. Meanwhile, the Datejust 31 features a matching bright blue dial in a 31mm case and bracelet made of Oystersteel and white gold. Both timepieces also have excellent specifications, such as perpetual self-winding movements and water resistance capacities of up to 100 meters. 

2. Cartier Santos 

front view of Cartier Santos Ref. W2SA0011 (right) and W2SA0012 watch (left)

Cartier is another excellent brand that has a fantastic reputation in the watch world. It is synonymous with luxury and upper-class fashion, so if that is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. The shape and dial design on the Cartier Santos is the same for options that cater to men or women. The masculine side of the catalog has larger pieces with dark coloring, while the feminine models have smaller and brighter options. Each Cartier Santos timepiece comes with a reliable automatic movement and top-tier craftsmanship, too. There are even unisex models available!

The Cartier Santos-Dumont Ref. W2SA0011 and W2SA0012 serve as the ideal option for couples who want the exact same his and hers watches. Both timepieces come in a steel case with a rose gold bezel and an alligator leather strap in black. These two also feature the same silver sunray dial with Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands in blue. Lastly, they are both powered by quartz movements and boast 100-meter water resistance ratings. The only difference is that the W2SA0011 has a larger case at 43.5 mm x 31.4 mm while the W2SA0012 is the smaller model at 38 mm x 27.5 mm. 

3. Longines Evidenza 

Longines Evidenza Ref. L2.642.4.73.4 (left)  and L2. watch (right)

Longines has long held the reputation as being one of the best affordable options out there. While many other Swiss brands charge upwards of $5,000 USD per product, this company manages to pack a ton of quality into pieces that cost just $800 USD to $3,000 USD. The Evidenza is a fantastic example of that trend and is perfect for couples seeking his and her watches. Considering that you will be buying two products with this purchase, going with a cheaper option might be the best way to go.

The Longines Evidenza Ref. L2.642.4.73.4 and L2. look very similar at first glance, but they actually have slightly different features. While both have the same tonneau-shaped case, brown leather strap, silver flinqué dial, and date window, the second is presented in a smaller case at 26.00 x 30.60 mm. Meanwhile, the first model comes with a 33.10 x 38.75 mm case and has an additional small second counter above the date window. Also, while they are both powered by automatic movements, the bigger watch has a better power reserve of up to 50 hours while the latter only has a 45-hour power reserve. 

4. Breitling Chronomat 

front view of Breitling Chronomat BO1 42 (right) and Breitling Chronomat 36 watches (left)

Those familiar with Breitling might find it a little strange that they are on this list. This is because the brand is most famous for making large, robust timepieces for men. Still, its women’s options are just as good, especially in the case of the Chronomat. While the men’s variant looks like a typical sports watch, the women’s version is both smaller and more distinctly feminine. Despite their differences, these two timepieces match incredibly well and are great picks. 

The Breitling Chronomat B01 42 and Chronomat Automatic 36 are perfect for couples who want something subtle and not too loud for their matching watches. The B01 42 is presented in a 42mm stainless steel and platinum case with either a rubber strap in black or a stainless steel bracelet. On the other hand, the Automatic 36 comes in a 36mm stainless steel and 18K grey gold case with a black rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet as well. Their dials are offered in a variety of colors for your choosing, including silver, black, grey, and ice blue. That said, although they have similar color schemes, these two models have rather different layouts. The larger model boasts a chronograph display with three sub-dials, while the ladies’ model simply has a date window at 6 o’clock. Lastly, both watches are equipped with self-winding movements, but they do have different power reserves.

5. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso 

front view of Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso  Classic Duoface Small Seconds (left) and  Reverso Classic Monoface (right)

Jaeger-LeCoultre sometimes gets lost in Swiss watch discussion, but it is every bit as skilled as more well-known brands. The Reverso is a representation of that mastery, as it is a perfect hybrid of craftsmanship, quality, and class. The layouts of the men’s and ladies’ models are quite different, as the larger option has a sub-dial. Nevertheless, the aesthetics of these pieces are quite similar, and they make for excellent his and hers watches that you would be lucky to share with your watches.

The Reverso Classic Duoface Small Seconds comes in a rectangular stainless steel case paired with a leather strap in black. It has a simple layout with Arabic numerals, blued steel hands, and a sub-dial for the seconds. Another cool thing about this model is that it also has a back dial with a second time zone and a handy 24-hour display. The other watch featured, which caters to women, is the Reverso Classic Monoface. This timepiece is presented in a matching rectangular pink gold case with a black leather strap. It also has a straightforward dial display with Arabic numerals and exquisite gold hands. These two mechanical timepieces make for lovely couple watches. 

6. Tag Heuer Aquaracer

front view of TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 watches

One of the sportier options on this list is the Aquaracer from TAG Heuer. The men’s version has a classic diver aesthetic and is one of the most popular watches in the world. The feminine variant, on the other hand, is daintier, lighter in coloring, and is studded with jewels on its dial. Together, they create a matching, distinctly sporty look that most couples will love.

The new Aquaracer Professional 300 serves as the perfect representation of the aforementioned description. Available in either 43mm or 36mm, this model comes in a steel case and bracelet with a rotating ceramic bezel in blue. While both sizes feature dials with the usual timekeeping components, the smaller watch actually has jewel-studded hour markers instead of regular ones. Lastly, in terms of specifications, both models are equipped with the Caliber 5 Automatic, which has a 38-hour power reserve. 

7. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 

front view of  Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Annual Calendar 38.55 (left) and Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 30mm watch (right)

Each model in the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra collection is incredibly well-made, has excellent durability, and is fantastic to look at. Those descriptions go for both the men’s and women’s versions, which hold up well both on their own and as a pair. If you are looking for an excellent his and hers watch which will not break the bank, then you cannot go wrong with this gorgeous line.

A perfect example of this would be the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Annual Calendar 38.55, which comes in a red gold case paired with a leather bracelet in brown. Its dial features a horizontal teak pattern, a day-date display, and red gold hour markers coated in luminescent material. Meanwhile, the Aqua Terra 30mm has an extremely similar layout and color scheme. The main difference between the two models is that the Aqua Terra 30mm has a smaller size, and it only features a date window on its dial. You do not have to worry about reliability, either, because both models are powered by automatic movements that are COSC-certified. Ultimately, these watches are perfect for couples who want luxury couple watches that match almost 100%. 

8. Daniel Wellington Sheffield 

front view of Daniel Wellington Sheffield 38mm (right ) and 28mm (left) watches

Daniel Wellington is the perfect brand for couples who want affordable couples watches with minimalist and classy aesthetics. They have a wide range of timepieces that are all versatile enough to be used in both casual and formal situations. While you and your partner can choose individual models, the brand also offers watch sets in pairs, which is perfect for couples who want to really match. 

An example of this would be their Sheffield set which comes with 2 Sheffield models in 38mm and 28mm cases. While they differ in terms of measurements, their designs and technical specifications are the same. Both boast cases are made of double-plated stainless steel, paired with suave leather straps in black. They also have straightforward black dials which follow a simple layout, featuring only rose gold-plated hands and indices. Lastly, both Sheffield models are powered by Japanese quartz movements and are rain-resistant. 

9. Casio Vintage

front view of Casio Vintage  A1000MB-1BVT (left) and the A1000MG-9VT watch (right)

We all know Casio as one of the top manufacturers of well-crafted Japanese timepieces that are reasonably priced. They have a rather extensive catalogue that can be broken down into many different collections. The Casio Vintage line is ideal for couples who want retro-inspired, digital watches that will not break the bank. What makes it even better is that it consists of a variety of options that differ in color, design, and functions. 

The watches pictured above are the A1000MB-1BVT and the A1000MG-9VT. They are the same Illuminator models, but they simply come in different colors. They both feature stainless steel cases with Milanese bands and have digital displays. Some of their functions include super LED light, daily alarm, stopwatch, automatic calendar, and many more. Indeed, these models are perfect for couples who are seeking his and hers watches that will truly make their everyday lives more convenient. 

10. Gucci Grip

front view of Gucci Grip watches

Gucci is a pretty popular brand among lovers who want matching apparel. However, aside from that, they are also a good source of couple watches for those who enjoy and have the money for luxury. One of their most eccentric models is the Gucci Grip, which makes for a unique and unconventional option for you and your partner. 

The Gucci Grip is a unisex model that comes in different colors. These watches are presented in 38mm cases with unique dial layouts that feature 3 windows for the hour, minute, and date. When it comes to technical details, the two models in the photo above are both powered by quartz movements and have water resistance ratings of 100 meters. 

11. Timex Reissue 

front view of Timex Q Reissue TW2U61100ZV (left)  and TW2U81400VQ watch (right)

Next up on our list is the Timex Reissue, which basically consists of watches inspired by the 1970s. Aside from having a lot of options for both men and women to choose from, this collection is perfect for couples who enjoy timepieces with vintage, quintessential aesthetics. What is even better is that all the pieces in this range are affordable, yet also amazing in quality. 

The models in the photo above serve as very subtle his and hers watches. They show that you do not have to match exactly, especially if you have different preferences; getting watches from the same collection works just as well. For example, the TW2U61100ZV and TW2U81400VQ make a great pair, blending well together despite having different exteriors. Both come in 38mm cases with straightforward analog dials that include luminescent hour markers and day-date windows. They both have striking two-toned rotating bezels that fit together well, even with different color schemes. They are also equipped with quartz movements and have 50-meter water resistance capacities. 

12. Tudor Prince and Tudor Princess 

front view of Tudor Prince (left)  and Tudor Princess watch (right)

If you and your partner are willing to splurge on a pair of quality Swiss couples watches, then the Tudor Prince/Princess collection is the perfect thing to check out. Said range offers a wide selection of elegant timepieces that are bound to elevate any outfit. Generally, the Tudor Prince models come in larger case sizes while the Princess has a more dainty exterior. However, in terms of design, they are both very similar. 

The perfect example of a matching Tudor Prince and Princess is the M74034-0002 and M92514-0004. These two models basically have the same design, except one comes in a 34mm case while the other is presented in a 22mm case. When it comes to the dials, both feature silver mosaic patterns with slim indices, luminescent hands, and magnified date windows at 3 o’clock. Lastly, they are both powered by self-winding movements with a power reserve of 38 hours. 

13. Patek Philippe Nautilus 

front view of Patek Philippe Nautilus watches

If you and your partner share Haute Horlogerie as an interest, then getting these Patek Philippe Nautilus watches can also serve as a form of investment for both of you. These watches are ideal for couples who are serious about luxury timepieces, especially if both parties are willing to shell out a huge amount of money. Having matching Patek pieces with your significant other is probably the dream of many patrons and enthusiasts in the watch community. 

The Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A and 7118/1A serve as a great option for couples out there. The 5711/1A comes in a 40mm stainless steel case with a green dial that boasts a horizontally embossed pattern. Meanwhile, the 7118/1A is presented in a slimmer 35.2mm stainless steel case, with a smoke gray dial that has an uneven horizontal teak pattern. Both these models also feature the iconic Nautilus rounded octagonal bezels. Lastly, both are powered by self-winding movements and have date windows at different positions. 

14. Suunto 9

front view of  Suunto 9 watches

Next up on our list is a smartwatch for couples who live active lifestyles and love going outside. Aside from your partner, the Suunto 9 is the perfect companion for outdoor activities like running, biking, trekking, and the like because of how multi-functional it is. If you and your partner often do such activities together, then this serves as a practical option for both of you! 

The Suunto 9 is available in different colors namely: granite blue, birch white, all black, and moss gray. It is presented in a 43mm stainless steel and glass fiber case, with a touchscreen dial. Some of its functions include activity tracking, sleep tracking, a digital compass, weather display, heart rate measurement, and many more. 

15. Bulgari Bulgari 

front view of Bulgari Bulgari watches

The Bulgari Bulgari collection is perfect for couples who prefer accessories that are a balance between classic and contemporary. They offer a selection of models that come in different styles and sizes so you and your partner are bound to find the ideal timepieces for each of you. The cool thing about this range is that even if you do not choose the exact same model, the general aesthetic is the same for every piece in the collection. As such, it is still quite obvious that you are both sporting matching couples watches. 

The Ref. 103226 and Ref. 102942 are the perfect examples of this because they have very different exteriors that still manage to look like they match. The first comes in a 41mm carbon-treated steel case, with a matte black dial and rose gold hour markers. The Ref. 102942 is presented in a 23mm stainless steel case with a black sunray dial and diamond indices. They also differ in technical details, since the larger model is powered by an automatic caliber while the smaller watch is equipped with a quartz movement. That said, what truly ties these two models together is their identical, perfectly round cases and their bezels, which are both carefully engraved with the Bulgari signature in the same font. 

16. Nomos Glashuette Tangente 

front view of  Nomos Glashuette Tangente Reference 131 (left) and 151 watch (right)

The Nomos Glashutte Tangente is a gorgeous collection that would definitely appeal to those who enjoy minimalist aesthetics. This is the perfect range for couples who have the same simple yet artsy preferences. Since they offer models that have different functions and sizes, it will be a breeze for you and your partner to find ones that fit both of your criteria. 

The Reference 131 and 151 can be options for couples who want to go with slightly different styles. The first is a classic piece that comes in a 35mm stainless steel case with a black leather bracelet. The latter is a slightly more fun model presented in a 33mm stainless steel case with a Velour leather strap in brown. The bigger watch features a white dial with a seconds counter and a power reserve indicator. The smaller model, on the other hand, has a champagne gold dial with a seconds counter as well. Lastly, they are both powered by hand-wound mechanical movements, with power reserves of up to 43 hours. 

17. Seiko Presage 

front view of Seiko Presage SRPE19J1 (left) and SRP841J1 watch (right)

The Seiko Presage is a great collection to check out for couples who want well-crafted watches with classy aesthetics. They offer a relatively wide selection of timepieces for both men and women, so if you and your partner want to match perfectly, then it is definitely possible with the models in this range. You even have the luxury of choosing whether you want something from their basic line or prestige line. 

The SRPE19J1 and SRP841J1 are his and hers watches that simply differ in size. They are both presented in stainless steel cases paired with bracelets of the same material. Their dials feature clearly defined sunray patterns in light blue and have date windows at 3 o’clock. Lastly, both models are powered by automatic movements with 41-hour power reserves. 

18. Blancpain Villeret Ultraplate

front view of Blancpain Villeret Ultraplate Ref. 6651 1127 55B (left) and Blancpain Women Ultraplate Ref. 6102 4628 95A (right)

Next up, we have the Blancpain Villeret which is recommended for couples who want quintessential couple dress watches. While the models in this range do have that classy vibe that suits formal events, they are also versatile enough to be used in casual settings. If you and your partner love elegant and subtle accessories, then this is one of the best collections to check out. 

The Blancpain Villeret Ultraplate Ref. 6651 1127 55B is presented in a 40mm steel case paired with an alligator leather strap. It has a very classic dial with Roman numerals, luminescent hands, and a date window. This model has a similar counterpart in Blancpain’s women’s collection, which is the Blancpain Women Ultraplate Ref. 6102 4628 95A. It comes in a slender 29.2mm steel case with a stone-set bezel and a fabric strap in blue. Meanwhile, its dial boasts of bejeweled indices and dauphine hands. Both models run on automatic movements. 

19. Chanel Monsieur Lion and Mademoiselle Privé

front view of  Chanel Monsieur Lion and Mademoiselle Privé watches

Like many other luxury apparel brands, Chanel is also a very popular option for couples who want matching clothes, shoes, bags, and the like. This is why it is not surprising that it is also a great source of couples watches. The models they offer are perfect for those who enjoy accessories that exhibit high-level artistry.

For example, the Chanel Monsieur Lion and Mademoiselle Privé can be unique options for couples. The first model boasts an 18K beige gold case and a unique dial layout that is decorated with a lion sculpture design. Meanwhile, the latter comes in an 18K yellow gold case, with a dial embellished with yellow gold camellias and a diamond-set bezel. These models are both powered by mechanical movements, but one has manual-winding while the other is self-winding. 

20. Bulova Classic 

front view of Bulova Classic 96B312 (left) and the 96P192 (right)

Last on our list, we have models from the Bulova Classic, which is recommended for couples who want straightforward, quintessential timepieces. These watches boast timeless designs that could be excellent his and hers watches for you and your partner. 

The 96B312 and the 96P192 serve as picture-perfect, classic watches. The first comes in a 40mm stainless steel case with a black dial, Roman numerals, and a date window. Meanwhile, the latter is presented in a 32mm stainless steel case with a silver dial, Roman numerals, diamond indices, and a date display as well. Lastly, both are equipped with self-winding mechanical movements. Both models feature the distinctive Bulova logo in lieu of a 12 o’clock marker, tying the traditional aesthetics of these pieces together.

How to Choose the Right Couple Watches? 

After going through that list, you are probably a little more serious about getting matching his and hers watches with your significant other. Here are some things to look out for when trying to find those perfect couples watches for you and your partner. 

  1. Establish a common ground. 

Whether it is a mutual decision or a surprise gift, you have to know the other person’s aesthetic and design preferences before making a purchase. If you both have similar tastes, then it would be fairly easy to find matching couples watches. However, if your tastes do differ, then it would be best to find a middle ground so that both parties can make the most out of it. For example, you can opt to get different watches from one collection instead of getting the exact same model. 

  1. Know your price range. 

As with any purchase, it is important to know your budget. Having a specific price range in mind would allow you to filter your options when trying to find the perfect couple watches. For example, if you have the means to buy luxury timepieces, then you can focus on checking out brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, etc. These are luxury brands that have extensive catalogues with expensive models of different sizes and designs. 

  1. Identify your ideal specifications. 

This is another fairly important step in choosing the right couple’s watches because you want both parties to be able to make the most out of their timepieces. Just like with the price range, knowing your ideal specifications will make the decision-making process a lot easier. For example, if you and your partner live an active lifestyle, opting for a multi-functional sports watch or a smartwatch would be the ideal choice. If you are a couple that loves traveling, then matching GMT models can be a great option as well! 

Final Thoughts 

Looking for the perfect his and hers watches for you and your partner can be a difficult task, especially if you do not know which brands to check out. Hopefully, the list we curated can help in narrowing down your options, so that you both have a better idea of what you want. The models mentioned are just some of the well-crafted timepieces that the industry has to offer, so rest assured that you will find the perfect couple watches sooner or later! 

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