Hands-On with the Omega Constellation

I recently had the privilege of getting my hands on one of the latest Omega Constellation. While this collection does not have the name recognition of the Seamaster or Speedmaster, it has quickly become one of my favorite offerings from this brand. One phrase experts often use to describe products is “everyday watch.” What this means is that the timepiece lends itself to being worn every day, rather than just for special occasions. I believe that the Omega Constellation is one of the best everyday watches on the market, and I explain why in the sections below.


Omega is one of the most recognizable brands in the luxury watch space, and for good reason. They famously put Speedmasters on the first astronauts who went to the moon, outfitted James Bond in multiple movies, and have established themselves as one of the best timepiece companies in the world.

Rolex and Omega seem to always be in the same conversation. The reason is that they are both top-tier brands and have similar price points. Discussing the Constellation is another area where Rolex comes up because this model is so much like the Day-Date and Datejust. All three are everyday watches, have simple designs, and serve the same purpose in a watch collection. The question is, does the Constellation give you more bang for your buck?

As much as I adore Rolex, I do think that most Omega products are a better deal than their Swiss counterpart. The Constellation is no exception, as it does everything that the Rolex models do and still comes in at a lower price.

History of the Constellation

Omega Constellation

This watch is one with some legitimate history, and it all began in 1952. Omega released it soon after World War II ended, with its name coming from a famous Jet that flew during the war. It was a major success right away. While not as popular in Western countries, it was and still is one of the best-selling watches in China and other parts of Asia. The one complaint people have about the Constellation is that the design is a bit plainer than the models of old. While I understand that position, it is also reasonable to enjoy every era of this iconic watch.



While this watch comes in multiple designs, the most popular one has a blue strap, silver case, and blue dial.

Omega Constellation

This color combination flat out works, and it looks fantastic with almost any outfit. I also love the simplicity of the dial. Omega doesn’t crowd it with extraneous subdials or design features. Instead, they give it a simple date window, a classy design, and a texture that is incredibly pleasing to the eye. The last thing to note on appearance is this watch’s fluted bezel, which is absolutely gorgeous and feels great beneath your fingers.


The model I handled has a domed sapphire crystal, stainless steel case, and a leather strap. Each of those three components is a level above most watches that I’ve handled, and I fully endorse them. The one that I was most impressed by was the crystal. It is scratch resistant, anti-reflective on both sides, and has an incredibly charming domed effect.

Omega Constellation

General Craftsmanship

The quality of this watch is excellent from top to bottom. That includes the fluted bezel, case, strap, and everything in between. While not built to withstand a ton of pressure, this timepiece should last you for generations. It is tough against scratches, has 100m water resistance, and is overall resilient against the trials of day to day life.


The movement inside the Omega Constellation is quite good. It has a 60-hour power reserve, automatically winds itself, and has a gorgeous aesthetic quality. My one qualm with it is that I prefer a watch with three days of power reserve at the minimum. Still, it’s hard to complain about machinery that is so accurate and reliable.

Omega Constellation

What Makes it Special

For what makes this watch special, I will go back to our discussion about Rolex’s Day-Date and Datejust. Those are two of the most sought-after day to day timepieces in the world, but their price point is just too high for the majority of consumers. What makes the Constellation special is that it packs in nearly as much quality as those products but is generally a few thousand dollars cheaper.

Omega Constellation

Overall Impression

Omega is famous for delivering a ton of value with their watches. While many other brands of this quality choose to sell for over $10,000, they break the mold by keeping their timepieces accessible to a higher proportion of collectors. The Constellation is a prime example of that trend, and I see it as one of the best buys you can make in the current watch market. If it catches your eye, don’t hesitate. Go get one for yourself.

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