Top 3 Hamilton Khaki Field Watches

Browse through a few watch reviews related to various topics and you’re bound to come across the following name: Hamilton. The Hamilton Khaki Field watch range to be specific.

These watches are marvels in the industry in terms of looks, as well as functionality. The brand got something right with its calibers and as a bonus, there are so many types and designs to pick from.

And that’s exactly where a challenge creeps in: which of these should you have on your arm?

Is there an ultimate winner? Perhaps not. Certain features are similar across all Hamilton Khaki Field watches, such as the quality sapphire used to cover the dials. But you have certain preferences that may guide your decisions. To simplify life for you a bit, let’s summarize the main features of the top three Hamilton Khaki Field watches and see if you can identify your next buy.

The Khaki Field Mechanical

We’ll start off with the mechanical model that certain watch lovers tend to prefer. Winding it yourself offers some sense of control over life perhaps? With the Hamilton Khaki Mechanical range, your watch has the H-50 caliber. You can have as much as 80 hours of power in reserve, so you don’t have to wind your watch every morning.

front view of Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watch

Buy Hamilton Khaki Field Watches

The attractive feature of purchasing a classic mechanical watch from the Hamilton Khaki Field range is this: by no means will you seem to be out of touch with our modern way of life. The brand placed this watch in a striking case, so you’ll look suave wearing this. Also, you can pick according to personal preference, since the brand manufactures both textile and leather straps for this model.

The commonly purchased 38mm case is a comfortable size for most people to wear and you can read the time even in low light conditions, thanks to the Super-LumiNova on certain parts of the dial. If you’re looking for a different size, the mechanical watches also come as large as 50mm.

The mechanical model can be practical for outdoor use since it’s rugged but know that you can only submerge it up to 50 meters. This is a lower rating than the ones we’ll discuss below.

The Khaki Field Auto

If you decide to pick the Auto version of the three Hamilton Khaki Field watches, then you’re probably after the self-winding technology. And thanks to this brand’s H-10 movement your automatic watch can provide reserve power stretching as long as 80 hours. So, if you keep this one to wear at the office, no need to worry that your watch will lose time during the weekend when it rests on the bedside table.

front view of Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic black dial watch

Once again, the brand doesn’t disappoint with its range of strap options. Consider leather or fabric, but don’t forget to check out the stainless steel that’s striking and timeless.

You can pick from cases sized at 38mm, 40mm, or 42mm. With most models, your watch can handle up to 10-bar, so it’s safe to submerge it up to 100m. This makes it a practical watch option for those who are often outdoors, doing sports, or hiking. No worries if this one gets a bit wet.

On the dial you’ll notice the date feature, a characteristic you won’t find on all the Hamilton Khaki Field watches. This may be a deciding factor for some shoppers.

With this model, you’ll also find certain parts are luminescent in low light conditions, so you can easily read the time wherever you wear it.

The Khaki Field Quartz

Here you have the battery-powered option on our list of Khaki Field watches. Of course, you don’t have the benefit of a power reserve with this option, but many watch lovers prefer this to other types mentioned above, so this is still a winning option. With Quartz, you do have the advantage of having a dependable timekeeper on your arm.

front view of Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz watch

This is another Hamilton watch you don’t have to worry about if it gets a little moisture on it since most models in the Quartz range will have a 10-bar rating, similar to the Auto model.

Most of the models have 38mm cases, but the brand also caters for as small as 33mm and larger 40mm options. So, pick the size that’s most comfortable for you.

Once again, Hamilton caters to all personal tastes, so you can pick a leather, fabric, or stainless steel straps.


What will help you make a decision between three outstanding watches? The aesthetics? Or are you after the latest technology found in the automatic model that will give you many hours of reserve power?

Take your pick. Luckily, you’re getting a timeless piece either way. Just make sure it suits your style.

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